Botanic Choice Health Solutions Review

Botanic Choice Review

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Botanic Choice has been one of the largest nutritional supplement retailers for over one hundred years. It all started with a simple passion for herbs. Today, the company has an enormous selection of high-quality health and wellness products of all sorts and continues to be driven by that same passion.


History and Growth of Botanic Choice

It all begun in 1910 when the original founder, Joseph Meyer, decided to combine his knowledge in printing with his passion for herbs and plants. He created a catalog of herbs and started growing and harvesting a variety of plants near his home in Hammond, Indiana.

Their expansion began in 1918 when his first published book, The Herbalist, became a success. Then, the low-volume production moved to a far larger building. In addition, Meyer was able to purchase a large piece of land with an abundance of wild herbs and plants. There was built the center of their business.

It was until 1990 that the company grew their own herbs. Today, they are buying them from the most reputable suppliers in the world and their selection continues to grow. The company is now run by Meyer’s great-grandson, Tim Cleland who has been the president since 1990.


Website Experience

The Botanic Choice website is extremely user-friendly. Their inventory can be searched by either category or brand. Each product has an in-depth description including what it does, a list of all ingredients that will impact your health, and other details. You do not only see the ingredients, you can read about them and also see their proportions.

One of the strengths of the company, besides their massive selection of products, are the prices. Botanic Choice is known as a company that offers sufficient discounts. Not only can you purchase items at the lowest cost compared to other retailers, but the majority of products are available for bulk purchase which provides additional discounts.

The first thing you will see when you visit the website is the current best discount which is placed just below the access bar. What follows are other deals and tips on purchasing, then followed by the trending products and a small brief on the strengths of the company and their incredible customer service.

If you require assistance with your order or, in fact, choosing the most suitable products for yourself, you can contact their customer service via email, phone, or live chat.

Overall, the Botanic Choice website offers a variety of product search options based on the most popular customer requirements. In the access bar below the logo, you can also search for items which are on Clearance, Best-Sellers, or new to the website.


Ingredients & Quality

Although I already mentioned the ingredients which can be accessed on each product page, there is more to discuss. There is little to no information on the process of selection and actual origin on the ingredients. It seems like the company has decided to keep it for themselves. They provide substantial details on each ingredient but you will have to dig really deep to find out where they come from.

This may seem like a downside but based on the incredible customer reviews and almost no negative feedback, I think that we can easily trust the company on their selection. In addition, it is not a coincidence that Botanic Choice is the largest nutritional supplement retailer that ships worldwide.

To be fair, the fact that they provide such comprehensive information on each ingredient and its effects makes Botanic Choice stand out compared to its competitors.

The high quality of their products has been approved worldwide by the largest non-profit organizations and associations that deal with the research or production of herbs and plants. Such are, for example, the American Botanical Council and Natural Products Association. Although Botanic Choice does not give any information on the origin of their ingredients, a membership with any of these major organizations can be acquired only if your production has the highest quality.

Last but not least, if you continue to have mixed feelings about their products, the majority of ingredients in use have undergone clinical testing. Although Botanic Choice has decided not to include any research information on their website, you can easily search it out online by yourself. Besides that, you can always contact their customer support and get full information about certain ingredients or products.


Return Policy & Shipping

Botanic Choice has made customer service a primary focus. All products that are available on the website can be returned for a full refund if one is not satisfied. This means that you can actually try them out and return them even used. Then, you will receive a full refund on the purchase price excluding the shipping and handling costs. You can return the remaining unused products within one year of the date of purchase.

Shipping is available worldwide and the company promises to ship all orders made before 1 PM CST on the same day. For orders that exceed $50, shipping is free.


Botanic Choice Auto Refill Program

One of the additional services by Botanic Choice is their Auto Refill Program. If you find one or several products that you enjoy and want to continue using, you can join their program from your personal account. You will then have to choose how often you want the product and the company will send you new refill packages according to your schedule with discounted shipping.


Final Thoughts

Botanic Choice is a company which has successfully maintained its position as one of the premium retailers of high-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, remedies, and anything else related to health and wellness.

Their products vary from the basic supplements for immune system stimulation to remedies for specific health conditions. Their website holds one of the largest selections and items that cannot be found anywhere else. With an abundance of product information, impeccable customer support, and a variety of money-saving offers, they have grown to be one of the few worldwide suppliers in this market niche that you can ultimately trust.



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