Brinks Home-Security Review

Brinks Home Security Review

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Brinks Home Security is one of the largest and most known companies in residential security and protection. Imagine the incredible security gadgets and technologies you see in movies. With Brinks Home Security, you can now have similar futuristic security technologies in your home as well, incorporated in a few simple devices, depending on the grade of security you decide to pay for.


Brief History of Brinks Home

Brinks Home was founded when Brinks joined forces with two other famous security companies – MONI and LiveWatch. If you are not familiar, both these companies have been among the top-rated ones in the home security business.

On its own, Brinks has over 150 years of history in technology and innovation. Needless to say, they have enough background and success on their own but the real groundbreaking success came after Brinks Home Security was founded.

Today, they offer a variety of systems that combine the best of the previously existing three companies. Currently, there are four different services that sit at a discounted price so this might be the best time to strike a deal with them.



Nest Secure

If you already have a Nest Secure System, you can simply sign up for a professional monitoring service from Brinks. If you are still debating whether to get a Nest Secure System in the future, buying it from Brinks is possible the best option. They often offer discounts and have long-term financing options. However, these options are not always favored by customers as signing a contract means that they have to stay with Brinks no matter if they are satisfied or not.

The Nest Secure package from Brinks includes two Nest Detects, two Nest Tags, and Nest Guard. It also includes smartphone control and cellular backup while the monitoring will be 24/7.

Smart Security Essential

The smart security essential is the basic system that you can purchase from Brinks. It includes Brinks Home Touch, a Wireless Motion Sensor, and 2 Wireless Door Sensors. You can take advantage of their financing options and get it with monthly payments but have to sign a 36-month contract in each case.

The control panel is simple to use and can be easily attached to any wall for convenience. The system uses an extremely fast LTE cellular signal which means that the agents of the company will get notified instantly about the alarm. Needless to say, the monitoring is 24/7 as with all their systems.

Smart Security Complete

Recently, they changed their packages and introduced new cheaper prices as well as a brand new Ultimate package. As for the Smart Security Complete, it includes additional sensors (an additional Motion Sensor and a Door Sensor) as well as an indoor camera with night vision.

The indoor camera allows you to see everything in its view angle live on your smartphone whenever you open the Brinks app. Of course, it also includes the regular Home Touch control which can be attached to the wall and used to control all sensors. This alarm panel can be used as a live voice assistant in case of emergencies. This way, you can contact the monitoring center by voice immediately.

One of the many benefits of the security systems is that you can instantly call off false alarms from the app and contact emergency contacts if necessary.

Smart Security Ultimate

The ultimate package by Brinks includes everything from the complete package apart from the indoor camera but also two additional high-end devices – an outdoor camera that can be accessed live 24/7 from your smartphone and SkyBell Slim Line Video Doorbell. The latter gives you the opportunity to watch whoever stays in front of your door in a high-quality video picture.

Unlike the other systems, this one requires professional installation, therefore, an expert will be sent to your home to do the work for you.

Additional devices & sensors

Brinks Home Security offers a variety of additional sensors that can be purchased separately from their main systems. If you feel like you need a specific type of security sensor or device, Brinks has everything for your needs. Here are our personal favorites:

  • Home Automation Devices
  • Indoor & Outdoor Cameras
  • Freeze & Flood Sensors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Glass Break Sensors


Customer Service

There is no way for a security company to succeed without focusing on their customer service. Once, when the company did not yet exist and there were three separate ones, MONI had a bad reputation due to their weak customer service.

Fortunately, Brinks has successfully made it their priority and really prides itself on its service. There are a few different ways to contact them including chat, text messages, and via phone calls. Other than that, their monitoring service is 24/7 365 days of the year.


Additional Information

Unlike some of their competitors, the Brinks app is free to use. It is available for iOS and Android smartphones and can also be used to connect all the smart home devices which you own.

One of the main concerns with potential customers has always been the long 3-year contract. Understandably, they prefer to engage their customers with long-term partnership but that is not always what people want. Fortunately, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you will have enough time to install the systems and see if you like them or not.

In addition, one of their strong customer services is the ability to switch homes and not pay additional charges. Other home security companies have long and problematic processes if you happen to change your address. With Brinks, however, all you need to do is notify them and re-install all your devices to your brand new home.

Last but not least, the ultimate package comes with free installation by an expert but you can also pay for the installation of the lower-cost packages as well. Generally, it is not really cost-effective as this service costs $199 but in the case that you have purchased a lot of additional sensors, it might be the better choice.



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