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BulbHead Review

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BulbHead International is a well-known company that operates through an e-commerce online store. Their store is focused on home equipment and it ranges from the most basic items one can use at home to a wide selection of curious products that one would ever think about.  It is what makes this company so competitive. There are a lot of ways to be successful but one of them is definitely being different and covering market niches that nobody has before.

Honestly, I strongly recommend visiting their website even if you are not looking for something to buy. There are simply so many unimaginable items that you will witness for the first time in your life. Be careful, however, as there is no way that you will not want to buy something in the end.


BulbHead Website Experience

I believe there is definitely a lot of room for improvement on the BulbHead website. I think finding a specific product is rather troublesome unless you already know how it is called in their store. In this case, you can easily use the search option on top of the front page.

Otherwise, you have two or three options. You can take a look at the ‘New’ products on the website or take a look at the variety of weirdly named collections. I will go through each collection in the next section of the article but you need to know that they hold just a small portion of all the products on the website.

If you want to get to the real deal, go to ‘Shop’. Sadly, the shopping section is the main issue I find on this website. All 300+ products are placed together without any separation into categories, for example. You literally cannot search by type or function, you have to go through each product to find something specific.

If that is not a problem for you then you will have a lot of fun going through their shopping area. There really are some amazing curious items that you will see for the first time in your life.


Collections & Offerings


This collection is made out of products by Atomic Beam which is almost entirely focused on lighting solutions for all purposes. Lanterns, flashlights, gloves with built-in flashlights, and so many other interesting items that you can choose from. My personal favorite has to be the Night Hero night vision binoculars.


With the Hurricane collection, you can equip yourself with any possible item that will make your housework a piece of cake. Once again, there is practically everything for cleaning, including the Windshield Wizard for car windows and the Fur Wizard for removing pet fur.


The PedEgg collection is one of those that came a little unexpected. It is a line of products dedicated to foot scrubbers and almost all products have something in common with this purpose.


I believe you already have an idea about this collection. Yes, is somewhat connected to cannabis. It is a line of cosmetics and items made from hemp and enriched with other ingredients. It comes rather curious compared to the other collections in the BulbHead store.

Red Copper

Red Copper is a collection of copper-infused ceramic cookware. You have the option to choose single cookware or a few, or even get the full collection together with every piece that you might ever need to be included.

Pocket Hose

This collection is still included in the list on the website but unfortunately does not open when you click it. What it was will remain a mystery to us but it is weird that they have not removed the link and page altogether. It could be a momentary crash but it seems unlikely.

Egg Sitter

One of the most curious collections is this of the egg sitters. It is basically a variety of cushions that you can put on your chairs to support your posture. They claim that it will support your back so well that you can sit on an egg without breaking it. Obviously, this is where the weird name comes from.

Bavarian Edge

With just a single product available in a few different packages, the Bavarian Edge collection is the smallest. That one product is an impressive knife sharpener. It looks innovative and supposedly works on all types of knives.

Star Shower

The Star Shower collection offers you a variety of lighting projectors that can be used to decorate your house from the outside. It is an incredible idea for a unique Christmas decoration. In addition, there are also projectors that can be used to display movies on your windows from the outside.


Returns & Refund Policies

Returns for refund are accepted but under the strict rules of each distributor as they are a lot. Depending on your place of purchase, as it may also be a retailer, the process will be different. All in all, you can request to begin the returning process from their customer service during their working hours.

The money that you spent will be officially processed back to your bank account from 3-5 days after they have received back their products in their warehouse.


Concluding Thoughts

BulbHead International is definitely a place where you can find smart solutions to the simplest or weirdest everyday problems. The company claims that the products they select are always of the highest quality and that seems to be the case, really.

Overall, it is an interesting website to visit and you can definitely leave it with an unexpected purchase of something rare. Their single major issue has to be their actual website which can be significantly improved. Not only do they need to improve the shopping experience but they need to update it more frequently.

There is a whole collection page that does not open, therefore, it should not exist there. In addition, while spending some time scrolling through the collections, I realized I see the same inaccurate advertisement quote in a couple of different pages that have nothing in common.



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