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Car Rental 8 Overview

Car Rental 8 is a USA based company that offers car rental services worldwide. Founded in 2008, they are most famous for being one of the cheapest car rental companies you could find. Since their inception, they have continuously grown until now they are available in more than 17000 locations in over 125 countries worldwide.


About The Company And Their Services

As we already stated, Car Rental 8 is famous for its low prices and great deals. In fact, the company themselves claim that their prices are the lowest on the market. Furthermore, Car Rental 8 also claims that they will lower the price for you if you find a cheaper car rental and contact them. The company states that their low prices are available through car rental supply agreements and well-executed negotiations for discounts.

One of the more interesting extras you get when you book a car through them is the CR8 Protect Package. What this means it that the company will cover a portion of the fee in the events of a customer damaging the car.

If that is not enough, renting from them gives you other advantages which are not always possible with other car rentals. For example, there are no booking fees. Besides that, the company promises that there are no hidden costs, something really common for expensive car rentals.



Of the hundreds of car rental websites out there, Car Rental 8 possibly has the easiest one to use. There is basically nothing else on their website besides the front page from which you search for a car, their Policies, and their Terms & Conditions on the bottom right corner. This makes it extremely user-friendly.

From the front page, you will need to fill a pick-up location, a drop-off location, and the dates. It is as easy as that. There is another great addition, you can choose a different place for drop-off. This way, if you are planning a trip to various places, you do not need to return to your starting location.

After filling those details, you will be transferred to the booking section where you can choose between a wide variety of cars. If you need something specific, there are options for an advanced search. For example, you can search for cars for up to a specific number of persons.  Furthermore, you can search based on luggage space, fuel options. Finally, you can choose between the following suppliers:

  • Alamo
  • Easirent
  • Enterprise
  • Green Motion

As soon as you have chosen the perfect car, click “Book”, fill in your payment details, and you are done. Of course, we have to mention that Car Rental 8 is a pre-paid service. Finally, we can mention that you can operate the website in various languages and in basically every currency in the world. However, in the end, all payments are done in US Dollars.


Cars for rent

Not only does Car Rental 8 offer the lowest prices, but the range of cars is also impressive. Of course, whether you will get a cheap car is all up to you, but even if you choose a luxury car you can be almost entirely sure that you will not get a better deal anywhere else. With this said, here are the seven types of cars you can choose from:

  • Small Cars
  • Mid-Size Cars
  • Full-Size Cars
  • SUVs
  • Sports Cars
  • Luxury Cars
  • Passenger Vans

As we already mentioned, you can search for cars based on a number of people. Let’s search for cars in London, for example. For this location, Car Rental 8 offer passenger vans for up to 9 persons. There are four vans available, one by all four of the suppliers. As for the brand and model, you can choose between Ford Transit which is the cheaper option and a Mercedes Vito. The Ford goes for around €90 per day while the Mercedes is just slightly above €220 per day.

As soon as you initiate a search on the website, you will see a list with all available cars for hire arranged in price order. Of course, the cheapest offers are for small cars, up to 4 people. If we take London as our search location again, the best price currently is just €8 per day for a Fiat 500. Other small car options include cars by Opel, Ford, Volkswagen, Peugeot, etc. The most expensive choice is once again a Mercedes.

We are not going to go through all types of cars but to give you a better idea of the options we will lastly go through the Sports Cars. While there are no available sports cars in our latest location – London, we will move our search location to Los Angeles. In L.A., Car Rental 8 has three options for a sports car – Ford Mustang, BMW 4 Series Convertible, and the most expensive one, Dodge Challenger.

Cars, of course, differ in the different continents. Car Rental 8 is available in 125 countries and on a few different continents. For example, in America, there are mainly American cars. In France, you will mostly see Citroen and Renault which are French manufacturers. This is one of the reasons why the services are so cheap.


Final thoughts

There are hundreds upon hundreds of options for car rentals in every country. Understandably, if you have not heard about Car Rental 8 before, when you compare their prices to the regular car rental prices, you might feel suspicious. The truth is, they are real. The company was founded over 10 years ago and it wouldn’t have grown to be one of the largest car rental services on the globe if it was not fair.

Overall, Car Rental 8 has a car for every need. While in some locations there might be no sports cars available, for example, there are enough other options to satisfy your needs. Renting a car for a long vacation may get out of hand in terms of cost. In such situations, Car Rental 8 is the single greatest choice.



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