Carousel Checks Discounted Checks Review

Carousel Checks Review

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Carousel Checks is one of the most well-known check service companies out there. Are you tired of seeing basic and dull checks? Are you struggling to find a high-quality but cheap alternative? Carousel Checks is widely known for exactly these two company strengths. They offer one of the largest selections of designs for checks while always maintaining a fairly low price compared to the majority of their competitors.


Carousel Checks has been a family-owned business since it was founded in 2003. People choose their services due to their low prices and vast selections of designs but they have other strengths as well. Such is the impeccable customer service and excellent security over personal information.

The website is entirely safe because it is McAfee Secured and all your information will be SSL protected throughout the entire website. With confidentiality being paramount, no wonder they are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

With over a few thousand designs, you can easily find something that matches your desires. You can decide between the more basic and straightforward business options or go to something rare and elegant such as animal and stylistic checks. In addition to those, you can always go for laser computer checks.

The most popular service is, of course, the option to have a custom check made only for you. This can be achieved by sending them a personal photo of your choice which will then be used by them to create a unique check. Imagine having a family picture on your checks or a picture of your pets.

Overall, I suggest going through a few different companies before you decide to use Carousel Checks. However, I can almost guarantee you that you will find the lowest prices here. Besides that, there is only one other website that has a wider selection. Last but not least, Carousel Checks claim that by using their service you will save up to 80% of the regular bank prices for the same service. This, together with the fact that banks will not allow you to customize anything to that extent makes Carousel Checks an extremely worthy option.


  • Thousands of designs
  • Cheaper than the majority of other services of this kind
  • You can have an entirely customized check with your own personal photo
  • A wide selection of fonts and styles to choose from
  • Top-notch Security
  • Big Discounts on large orders


  • Shipping fees may be larger than usual\
  • Check Registers have to be bought separately
  • Delivery may take up to a few weeks
  • Customer Service has received a fair amount of criticism

Overall, the positives of Carousel Checks definitely exceed the negatives but only if you have no problem with waiting for a little bit longer for your delivery. As for the shipping fees that often happen to be more expensive than usual, they are smaller for larger orders.


  • Refunds are applicable only if your order hasn’t been printed yet. If it has been printed and you wish to cancel you have to pay the full price still. If your order has not been printed yet upon cancelation you have to pay only $5.00.
  • Your information will be secured by all CPSA standards which is almost as safe as using a bank for the same service. Have in mind that banks often use third-party services for printing as well.
  • If any problems occur with your order i.e. delivery or the final product has issues like off-centered printing you have 90 days to file a complaint that has to be resolved by Carousel Checks.
  • You can follow the processing of your order through your account on the website. You can track the printing and afterward the shipping.

The website is overall pretty simple and straightforward. Services are easy to find either through the front page which represents the majority of check options or through the service access bar located on the top right of that same page.

All products and services are divided into four categories which have their own lists of subcategories.

  • Personal Checks
  • Business Checks
  • Deposit Tickets
  • Accessories

New designs and options are being added weekly and you can see everything new through the ‘What’s New’ shortcut on the main website page. You can also go through the ‘Valued Price Checks’ and the ‘Top Laser Checks’.

Although there is no discount and special offers section and this page has been carefully hidden at the bottom of the front page under ‘Helpful Links’ → ‘Special Offers’ they actually have some excellent options if you happen to find them.

All four available offers are applicable with a coupon code which is listed next to each one. Currently, you can take advantage of the following ones:

  • If you purchase 3 boxes of personal checks, you will receive the 4th one for free.
    • You can save $3 per box of personal checks priced above $7.99.
    • You can have 10% off of any product and service on the website.
    • You can have 20% off on Business and Computer Checks.

It is quite unsettling that these offers are literally not shown anywhere on the website but at the very bottom. Therefore, if you plan to use Carousel Checks in any point in the future make sure you take a look at every bit of the website and specifically at the ‘Helpful Links’ section at the bottom. You may find an incredible discount that many others have missed out on.


Final Thoughts

Carousel Checks definitely offer some amazing services at fairly low prices but it appears they could learn a thing or two about customer service. If you take out the obvious cons I listed above, you will hardly find a more diverse selection of designs and options for a service of this kind.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying their personalized checks unless you need them delivered in the shortest period of time.



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