best cigarette roller machines

Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

Google is filled with blogs talking about the harmful effects of cigarettes but this is not what this article is about. If you are a huge fan of smoking who is always trying to find new brands to know which one is the cheapest then you must have read the phrase RYO cigarettes.

So, what are RYO cigarettes? It is the short form for “roll your own cigarettes” and is a cost-effective way of smoking. On average a pack of cigarettes is about $6.80 and it contains 20 cigarettes. Meanwhile, if you roll your own cigarettes at home you can spend the same amount of money but get more cigarettes. Which makes hand-rolled cigarettes a much better option for people on a budget.


The Best Cigarette Rolling Machines

Best for Budget – M&M MM 16941, Powermatic Mini Hand Tamping Machine

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If you are one of those smokers who do not like store-bought cigarettes and like to roll their own without spending a lot of money, then the M&M MM 16941 is your best choice. The roller is extremely strong and can last a long time. It’s made up of strong and high-quality material and has a sturdy connection so you won’t be able to break it easily.

When it comes to convenience, this roller is an incredible choice. The smooth and quiet operation of this rolling machine is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. The compact size also allows you to store the roller safely when it’s not in use. The value for money this roller gives is also incredible. Its operations and functions are greater than its cost which is a practical example of how the manufacturer’s focus on creating the best overall experience for its users.

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Made from incredible stainless steel that does not break under normal circumstances, the Top – O – Matic Rolling Machine will last for a very long time after purchasing. The machine works with incredible ease and can be maintained without a lot of hassle. The cigarette rolling machine also allows users to make cigarettes of different sizes. The machine can make king size cigarettes as well as 100 mm cigarettes depending on your preference. Reviews on amazon indicate that the overall time it requires to make a carton with this rolling machine is quite low, so this machine saves both time and money for you.

The new design on the Top – O – Matic Rolling Machine is its short spoon and chamber reducer. Since the machine is made up of stainless steel, you can also be sure that pitting and fouling won’t affect your machine. However, you are also required to ensure that the machine is oiled at regular intervals so that the moving parts remain operational all the time. Finally, this rolling machine also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that your purchase remains protected.

Editor’s Choice – GERUI Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Automatic Roller

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When it comes to the best cigarette rolling machines, our choice is the GERUI Electric Tobacco Roller simply because of how incredible this device is. It completely reduces the work you have to do when rolling a cigarette and allows you to simply enjoy your smoke. The machine works on any home socket as it comes with a wide range of operating voltage and allows users to make multiple sized cigarettes with the press of a button.

When it comes to operations, the Gerui Electric Rolling Machine is the best. It comes with adjustable settings to allow different tobacco types and has a stir bar to help you out. The machine also comes with safeguards to prevent the machine from being affected by Cherry fail. It also comes with a free maintenance kit to allow convenient handling of the machine and ensuring it remains operational for a long time.

lcfun Rolling Machine,Hand Operation Roller

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The Icfun Rolling Machine is another option available in the market that you’ll find suitable for any smoker irrespective of their experience. The machine is quite compact and gives users complete freedom over how they want to roll their cigarettes. This rolling machine comes with an operational know at one end that allows them to conveniently choose the size of their cigarette. While many machines give users the option of choosing between two different sizes, the Icfun Roller allows users to choose between regular, 100 mm and king size. This machine also has a non-slip base to make the rolling operation as accurately as possible. Most beginners mess up in these machines because they sometimes slip on the surface which results in wasting time and tobacco. The nonslip base of this cigarette rolling machines diminishes the chances of this problem affecting your process.

Apart from all the other capabilities and functions of this cigarette rolling machine, it also has an excellent after-sales program. The machine has a 60-day ‘no questions asked’ return policy and has a support program that allows you to contact the manufacturers and ask for support if there is any problem in the operation even after the warranty period.

Electric Rolling Machine Automatic Roller Machine

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The last listing is a cigarette rolling machine that is convenient, operational and extremely aesthetic at the same time. The machine rolls up incredible king-sized cigarettes for you in the shortest time possible and allows you to make a pack within minutes.

While the machine is rather bulky when compared with the other options on this list, you’ll find that it’s a good thing because of the convenience it offers and its design. The feed hopper on top of the machine not only looks awesome but also makes it very convenient for you to make multiple cigarettes for you and your friends. In other machines, the users had to constantly load the material in the machine multiple times, but that’s not the case now because the hopper can store as much as a pack of cigarettes worth of tobacco at a single time.

This cigarette rolling machine is also a great option for those users who care about the environment and prefer green practices. The entire machine is made up of environment-friendly and non-toxic materials so you can easily purchase it without any worries. Similar to the last listing, this electric cigarette rolling machine is also developed by Icfun who takes pride in their after-sales services, so you can always count on their support in case anything is wrong with your machine.

Other Notable Cigarette Rolling Machines

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Why Do People Prefer RYO Cigarettes?

It is a common misconception that handmade cigarettes are less harmful than commercially selling one. Well, this is not true because a cigarette is a cigarette. But rolling your own cigarettes has some other benefits other than it being cost-effective. And the following are the reasons which are making people switch from branded ones.

  • Smoker or not, the taste is an ever-changing phenomenon. What you like today night is not interesting the next day. This makes buying cigarettes a tad bit difficult but the RYO method makes it slightly convenient. Because if someday you want a lighter nicotine dose while the other day you are craving something a bit strong then it is easier to make a cigarette that caters to your current preferences.
  • Yes, cigarettes are harmful but during the hunting of the cheapest option you might end up smoking something with toxic substances. You never know what kind of stuff goes into your bud but if you roll it at home you can be sure. With RYO it is easier to stay in check with the material and get the high-quality tobacco that is available in the market.
  • It is a fun little exercise to do when you are bored. Some people who are into rolling their cigarettes even claim that this process can be meditating and they use this “me-time” to do some self-reflection.


How to Roll Your Own Cigarette?

It is normal to feel lazy and tired just by the thought of rolling the cigarette at home but the process is easier than most people expect.

There are some ingredients you would need, first is loose tobacco. Second, some sort of cigarette cone. Most people like pre-rolled cigarette paper as it is time-efficient and give the end product a nicer body. Also, it is noticed that rolling paper yourself can result in the cigarette falling apart. And last but not least a cigarette rolling machine.


Why Do You Need a Cigarette Rolling Machine?

Rolling cigarettes has been popularized a few years ago but it is not a new phenomenon. Because, even before the invention of the cigarette rolling machine, people used to roll it with their hands. As now we have the privilege of better technology, the following are the reasons why a machine must-have if you are planning to roll your own cigarettes.

  • The rolling machine makes the process a lot easier, all you have to do is load the loose tobacco, place the cigarette cone and push the lever. On the contrary, doing the same process by hand is tiresome.
  • It takes less than 10 seconds on average to produce one homemade cigarette. Which makes it easier to fit the new RYO cigarettes in your daily lifestyle without compromising on other activities.
  • The RYO produced with the machine has a nice body, looks just like the commercial ones and feels good between fingers. While the hand-rolled ones require a lot of practice or a newbie might end up with a limp paper cone.


What Features Should You Consider?

The following are some of the main features that you should consider before placing your order.

1.      Motorized, Manual, or Battery Powered Cigarette Roller:

So basically there are three types of machines in the market for rolling cigarettes. One is completely manual and needs you to do most of the work. The manual rollers work slow and it makes the process feel tedious but it is a better choice for travelers. Meanwhile, the one that most RYO users recommend is the motorized machine. This device makes the process faster and on average you can produce up to 7 cigarettes a minute after a bit of practice. The middle road option which means a device that suits travelers and does not need any manual labor is a battery-powered roller. It generally costs more than the other two. But if you are still planning for a device that runs on battery check the run-time.

2. Stainless Steel Body:

The reason why having the device of stainless steel is that it increases the longevity of the machine. Stainless steel has a longer lifespan than other metals and plastic. Also, the stainless steel does not get rusty which is a good feature. Because having rust in your cigarette is obviously not good for your health.

3. Cigarette Tray:

Most of the devices lack a cigarette tray which is rather important for a few reasons. First, when the tobacco is filled in the cone the pressure pushes the product out. So, it is always good to have a tray underneath that catches it. Another importance of a tray is that it catches some of the loose tobacco. However, you can also fill it with the fallen tobacco and use it to refill the machine.

4. Dual-Voltage Motor:

This feature is not a “must-have” but more of a bonus feature if you are a traveler. As it was mentioned above the travelers love manual hand rollers. But if you are one of those people who love seeing the world but also gravitate towards a motorized machine then with 110-240 V motor suits you best.

5. 1-Year Guarantee:

No matter how good the deal is, do not buy a product that does not offer a guarantee. A 1-year guarantee looks short but it is better than having nothing. In case the device stops working then getting a new one is easier.



So in short, the cigarette roller machine can make the life of RYO cigarette fans easier. This device has made rolling cigarettes quicker and a fun process. But always remember to read the review so you get the best product possible.

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