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10 Best Circular Knitting Needles

Knitting has been one of the oldest methods of creating fabric from yarn. In more former times, when machines had not taken over handmade work completely, knitting was one of the significant sources of clothing. People made most of the winter clothes by knitting. Women would spend hours and hours knitting a handful of dresses of all sizes. Usually, simple knitting requires two knitting needles and yarn. Later circular knitting needles were also introduced.

Circular knitting also consists of two knitting needles, but both are connected by a flexible cord, making it easier to knit. Knitting is also a well profound hobby; it not only provides you with desired clothes but keeps your mind fresh and relaxed. Specific psychologist prefers knitting as it relieves a person from stress and takes your account off things.

Circular knitting needles are used for knitting on a larger scale. They make knitting less complicated if your knitting more than just a hat or a towel, etc. Circular needles produce different fabrics. These needles are made of materials like wood, metal, etc., and one can use any of them according to their desire.


10 Best Circular Knitting Needles

Budget Pick – CLOVER 3016/16-08 Takumi Bamboo Circular 16-Inch Knitting Needles

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The Clover Needles are designed for customers that need a powerful and affordable knitting tool for carrying out their regular knitting jobs. You can get a knitting needle of various sizes and styles so you can select the best one according to your preferences. The Bamboo material is ideal for circular knits because of its intrinsic capabilities. You won’t get too tired of using the needles and the yarn will also be least likely to slip away during use.

Whether you want to knit a perfect hat or a cute little sweater, the bamboo needles are a perfect choice for any job. While other products are usually inclined towards a specific type of yarn, the CLOVER 3016 Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles work incredibly well with every single type of yarn without fail

Overall, the quality and the performance of the Clover 3016 Takumi Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles are better than what you might expect from such a cost-effective option. The needles are a good basic option that beginners can start using. Some people also prefer this product because they don’t like the feeling of cold stainless-steel on their hands.

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The Knitters Pride Needle Set is the best choice for beginners who haven’t spent that much time on knitting and other similar projects. The entire set comes with nine pairs of needles that deviate in size, color, and other characteristics. You also get several different colored cords, markers, and other necessary accessories that make your job simpler. The cords included are highly flexible and are very easy to use so you can learn and enjoy your projects at the same time.

Cords snagging is a huge problem that novice knitters usually face because they are not accustomed to the process. The cords are equally laminated which prevents snagging and keeps the cords equally flexible. The needles themselves are also very easy on the hands so you won’t have to worry about them being sore after extended use. Finally, the incredible set of interchangeable circular knitting needles comes with a carrying case to keep everything together in one place and reduce the chance of you losing something important due to lack of organization.

Editor’s Pick – Knit Picks Options Square Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

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Our pick for the best set of Circular Knitting Needles is this incredible set by Knit Picks. The manufacturers are famous among the knitting community because of their high-quality materials and versatility. This knitting set is also made for professional users and comes with almost all the required necessities you may need while knitting. The set includes 9 pairs of interchangeable needles that are made up of wood so they do not put any extra burden on your hands. Additionally, you’ll also find cables, end caps, and metal tightening keys in the set that can help you out with complex knitting jobs.

Many reviewers say that using a wooden set of knitting needles in easier on the hands when compared with stainless-steel needle. The manufacturers of Knit Picks Knitting Set not only give you wooden needles but have also designed them ergonomically. The knitting needles have a square profile with 4 flat sides and offer a comfortable and better grip to the users. The wood itself is of premium quality and is laminated to give you the best feeling. You also get a premium nylon carrying case with this knitting set. The case offers a snap-shut closure option along with adequate space for all your knitting supplies. Overall, the Knit Picks Square Wood Knitting Needle Set is a premium option for professionals or people who are serious about going forward with their knitting projects. You’ll get to enjoy unmatched flexibility and optimum performance for an extremely reasonable cost.

Celine lin 11sizes 32 inches (80cm) Stainless Steel Circular Knitting Needles

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The Celine Line 11 Sizes Stainless-Steel Circular Knitting Needles are a great basic option for multiple usages because of its incredible capabilities and versatility. The knitting set comes with 11 different needle sizes and is packed into a convenient case with each needle separated and marked according to its size.

The materials all these needles are made from is extremely durable and is of premium quality. The hard and durable stainless-steel alloy does not break and deteriorates over time so you can keep using this set after purchasing for a very long time. All needles that come in this set are of equal and appropriate length for versatile use.

One drawback of this circular knitting needle set is its blunt tips. The blunt tips are good for precise applications and do not let the yarn slide which can improve your performance. However, beginners make many errors when they start knitting and short-tapered, blunt tips leave a very small margin for error. Additionally, the metal body of the needles is also something beginners will have a hard time to get comfortable with. Other than that, the Celine line Needle Set is a great choice for serious knitters and can be purchased with a very low investment to get you started.

CHIAOGOO 7400-C Twist Tip Interchangeable Complete Set

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Our final selection is the CHIAOGOO 7400 Interchangeable Set that comes with incredible capabilities to help you out in all your knitting needs. This is not a set of Knitting needles only. It’s a complete set of every single tool you’ll ever need for knitting anything. From hats to dynamic sweaters, everything you need will be here. The comes in a beautiful and efficient package that properly organizes everything and ensures a perfect experience for you. The surgical-grade needles of the most premium quality are 4” long and that is coupled with three different cables of 8, 14, and 22 inches which make this set a suitable and ideal choice for a lot of applications.

In addition to the cable and needles, the CHIAOGOO Set comes with coded connectors, T-shaped tightening keys, stitch markers, needle gauge, and a set of twist and spin tips for optimal performance at all times.

Other Great Options

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What is the difference between straight and circular knitting needle?

Straight knitting needles are usually for beginners as they are easy to manage, and the loops are easily handled. But consecutive needles are used only for certain types of clothes alone. You can knit a scarf or a small item as sometimes stitches can get tricky with two needles for a large piece as managing and moving the needles between yarn thread becomes complex. While on the other side, circular knitting needles are used for the same purpose as professionals use the straight but circular as they are used for knitting larger products like shawls, sweaters, caps, etc.

Circular knitting needles are specially used for creating round items like sleeves, socks, cowls, etc. in one round. Straight needles become heavy while circular needles are kind to hands. Circular needles give a firm and robust stitch as compared to straight needles.   A variety of cable lengths and available in circular knitting needles and the chances of dropping stitches are to a minimum.


Is knitting good for health?

Specific psychologist prefers knitting as it relieves a person from stress and takes your mind off things. An observation says that when a person starts knitting, that person’s complete focus shifts towards the loops and forgets about the other happenings of his life. He or she relaxes his brain muscles, concentrates on his stitches, and imagines the final product to be his desire. Such an act makes the person happy and satisfied, removing all the worries from his brain for a short period. Knitting can help with hands exercise. Circular knitting needles are gentle on hands and keeps the hands moving is slight rotations.


What are the essential features of circular knitting needles?

Circular knitting needles come in different forms, mainly depending on the material they are made from. Usually, these knitting needles are made up of stainless steel of high grade. The steel is of high quality and thus is corrosion resistant. Furthermore, it prevents the needle from bending or breaking with mere pressures. The snag-free design of these needles makes it easy to use and durable. The other primary type of circular knitting needles is bamboo needles. Bamboo is the right kind of wood and thus provides strength to the needles. Bamboo needles and very efficient when working with wool or some other delicate stuff, while steel needles are beneficial when knitting a big blanket or so. Circular knitting needles come with flexible cables that are often made up of fine threads of steel coiled around each other to give strength to the wire and coated with a nylon covering, so it does not break during bulky knitting. A cable key is present at the junction of the needle and the cable, which provides an attachment. The cable key is essential as it has both the cable and the needle attached tightly to it. The lightweight of these circular knitting needles is yet another critical feature, making these needles easy to handle and store easily. The sleek and slim design of these needles is also worth mentioning. The snag-free design is gentle to the user’s fingers and prevents any disruption in the knitting process.


What is the best length of a circular knitting needle?

The ideal length of a circular knitting needle generally depends upon the product being knit. But some measures are suitable for all purposes. The measurement of a circular knitting needle is made by taking into account the needles and the cable used altogether from starting from the tip of the first needle to the tip of the second needle. However, the cable of the needles is sold separately in various lengths because they are interchangeable. The length of circular knitting needles varies from 22cm (8.5in) to 150cm (60in). It is the range of lengths usually found for these needles, but the ideal length of circular knitting needles ranges from 40cm (16in) to 80cm (32in). But in cases where some dense knitting is required like knitting a heavy blanket, higher lengths than 80cm are suitable.



Analyzing the facts mentioned above, it is not wrong to say that circular knitting needles are far more suitable than straight knitting needles. They are best when working with round patterns. The circular or cylindrical items like round necks of sweaters, sleeves, cowls, hoods, and Raglan patterns. Circular knitting needles are very convenient when it comes to handling due to its sleek design. Also, the metallic or wooden part of these needles is shorter than the cables making them easy to use and lighter in weight. The flexible round cables solve the problem of storing them. Taking all these aspects in view, it can be said that circular knitting needles are indeed the best standard knitting equipment there will ever be.

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