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5 Best Collapsible Laundry Baskets

If you have a small apartment where there is less space to store thing or go to some laundry shop to wash your clothes, you might need some product which is portable and requires less space for storage. A collapsible laundry basket is a product that can be folded when not in use making this product suitable to be stored in small apartments, homes, laundry rooms, or even the boot of the car. The basket unfolds to become like a standard laundry basket that can be used to transport or store the clothes, books, shoes, toys, etc.

When not in use, you can fold the basket, and after folding, its thickness becomes about 2-3 inches, which are suitable to be stored in a cupboard, under a couch, behind the doors, or even the boot of the car. The collapsible laundry basket is made up of high-quality rubber or plastic, which can carry heavy loads. A laundry basket is also available without holes, which can be folded, which can be used to cool the beverages on a hot summer day or hand-wash some delicate clothes. This trendy product is now readily available on any grocery store and can also be purchased online on any e-commerce website.


Top 5 Collapsible Laundry Baskets

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Some standard features of the collapsible laundry basket

A typical collapsible laundry basket is made of rubber or high-quality plastic, specially designed to support heavy loads of soaked clothes, books, shoes, or toys.

The laundry basket is available in both with and without holes design. A holed laundry basket can only be used to store or transport the garments while a laundry basket without holes can be used to hand wash the clothes. Moreover, a collapsible laundry basket without holes can be used to cool down the beverages on a picnic.

The best selling point of this collapsible laundry basket is its folded ability when not in use. You can fold the basket and reduce its thickness to about 2-3 inches, making it a portable product that can be carried to the laundry shop or can also be used to transfer different things from one place to another. This thickness is suitable for the product to be stored in a cupboard or under a couch. Many collapsible baskets are being introduced in the market, which can be folded to be carried in a suitcase.

Some collapsible baskets also add to the aesthetics of the room. The colorful basket can be folded and hung on the wall hook, which gives a gloomy and bright look. Many laundry baskets are available in the market with which a carry handle is offered, making it easy to be transported from one place to another.

Product best suited for

If you have a small apartment and are searching for products that can sort and organize your dirty clothes to be washed, a collapsible laundry basket is a best-suited product for you. This sturdy basket is made up of lightweight material such as rubber or plastic, making it easy to be carried by you or even your children.

Its ability to support heavy loads makes it possible for storing and transporting your books, shoes, and clothes from one room to another. If you are looking for a product that can carry the item, a collapsible basket with holes is suitable for you.

But if you are expecting more from this product, purchase a collapsible basket with no hole. This basket can be used to store and transport items as well as to wash some clothes or to cool beverages on a hot sunny day beach picnic.

The user manual with the product contains the ways to fold the basket when not in use, so wrap the hoop and hang it on the wall; keep it in the cupboard or under the couch, which also solves your storage problems. Thus, this innovative product can save space by storing a variety of items inside a small apartment or house.

Things to look when buying a collapsible laundry basket

There are many choices available in the market when you are going to buy a collapsible laundry basket making the selection process a bit difficult. But if you look for the below-mentioned things in a basket, the choice could become relatively more comfortable:


A collapsible laundry basket is available in different sizes ranging from 15 to 30 inches. But higher the volume, the more space it will require for storage. The selection of the right sized basket will depend upon the usage. Most of the people prefer laundry baskets of 18-20 inches which is suitable for both storage and carrying the items. Your available storage space will also help you decide the optimum size of the bucket you want to purchase.


There are different designs available when it comes to a laundry basket. It is available with a hole, with mesh designs, and without holes. Generally, the holes help remove the moist and dirt odor of the garments. A basket without holes can be used to cool the beverages or hand wash the garments. So again, the selection of the right design will depend on the type of your usage. A holed basket will serve the purpose if you want the basket to store and carry the item. Otherwise, you can go for the bucket without holes, which can perform other duties as well.


Price is another factor that must be considered by you when buying a basket. Some collapsible laundry baskets are made up of sub-standard material and cannot withstand heavy loads of clothes, books, etc. Thus do go through different products when buying one so that you can get the best one in the price range.

The points mentioned above might help you make a decision when buying a collapsible laundry basket.

Final thoughts

Thus a collapsible laundry basket is a cheaper solution to your storage and carrying problems. Buying a suitable basket for your usage will make it easier to wash the clothes and to send them back to your home or room. The folding feature also makes this sturdy product to be stored easily without consuming much space.


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