The Top 10 Best Combination Squares

best combination squares

The Best Combination Squares

Best Value – Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal-Body

IRWIN Combination Square, 12”, 45-90 Degree Marking, Stainless Steel (1794469)
Black precision-etched scales; Durable cast zinc body; Rust proof stainless...

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Don’t be fooled with the price tag of this incredible combination square by Irwin Tools. The tool gets full points for its durability, accuracy, precision, and the value for money it provides.

The rust-proof blade and the cast iron body ensure the best overall experience and make this tool a suitable choice for various environments. Even in a traditional workshop where different coolants and chemicals can facilitate corrosion, this combination performs amicably and keeps on working for a long time. Craftsmen often complain about how hard it is for them to understand precise readings. This combination square comes with precision-etched scales that are very easy to read and addresses a huge problem for some professionals. The distinct lines are quite clear and offer the best overall working experience for the users.

The Irwin Tools combination square is a perfect choice for marking 90 and 45 degrees with convenience. The users can even use the tool to transfer measurements. The square supports both metric and US customary unit systems as well, so you don’t make a conversion mistake while working on it. The Irwin Tools Professional Square is an excellent choice for multiple applications if you want a reliable tool for your projects without spending a considerable amount. Naturally, some aspects of this tool need to be improved, but for such a low price, the current capabilities of the combination square by Irwin Tools are quite impressive.

Most Precise – iGaging Combination Square Set

iGaging Combination Square Set 6" & 12" 4R Steel Blade High Precision
Set of Combination Squares 6" and 12" High Precision; 6" 4R blade and 12" 4R...

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The iGaging Combination Square Set is famous in the market for its durability and unmatched precision. This professional-level set comes with 6″ and 12″ chrome blades that undergo a hardening process for enhanced durability.

The combination square gives users an option to select between the inches or metric system. It does not come with both unit readings in one scale, which is a slight drawback for those users who usually deal with the US and standard measurement systems. Other than that, this incredible product has no known drawbacks as it comes with a 5-star rating on Amazon and other eCommerce stores.

The combination square set comes with an easy to read scale. The measurements are etched with a laser and are accurate to 0.0008″. Moreover, the iGaging Combination Square Set comes with a sturdy storage case with an internal foam padding to keep the square set protected when it’s not in use.

Editor’s Choice – Accusize Industrial Tools 12” 4 Combination Square Ruler Set

Accusize Industrial Tools 12'' 4 Combination Square Ruler Set Protractor Satin,...
Blades are fully hardened and tempered square head has level & scriber point;...

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There is nothing better than this set if you are looking for a complete combination square for your woodworking projects or any other application.

The Accusize Industrial Tools Combination Square Set is a perfect choice for checking measurements, layouts, set up angles, and do much more. The micro-fine blade comes with a chrome finishing that makes the tool last for years after the purchase. The blades are also heat-treated and have unmatched durability when compared with any other product available in the market.

Durability is not the only defining feature of this incredible combination square set by Accusize Industrial Tools. The tool is quite convenient to use and can give you the most accurate angles. This tool’s measurement system is inches, and it uses linear 4R graduations starting from an 8th of an inch.

The entire set comes within a sturdy case that keeps all components organized and secured in one place. It also becomes easier to keep the whole set in your toolbox, making this set portable and convenient option for both regular and professional users.

Starrett 33H-12-4R Combination Square

Starrett 33H-12-4R Forged, Hardened Steel Square Head With Regular Blade...
With reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level; Graduation: No. 4R - 1/8",...

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The Starret 33H Combination Square is an all-in-one tool that eliminates the need for cluttering your workplace with multiple essential items. The combination square can perform all the jobs you expect from a try square set. It also replaces depth/height gauges, level indicators, plumbs, 45-degree miters, and even a regular scale. Many professionals prefer using the incredible combination square by Starret due to operational efficiency and accuracy.

Apart from this tool’s versatility, multiple other features make the Starret 33H Combination Square an excellent choice for professionals. The build quality of the entire instrument is hard to match by most of the alternatives available in the market. The cast-iron square heads are heat-treated and hardened to make them durable and last longer. There is an enamel finish on the square heads as well, which keeps the entire set up corrosion-free and prevents galvanizing or pitting corrosion from affecting the tool’s performance.

To facilitate the readings, the Starret combination square comes with sharp linear graduations. You can even order your combination square with a NIST certificate, which ensures that the measurements are accurate and have a calibrated tool. From the first day, the Starrett combination square will give you the most accurate readings while ensuring your comfort, so you may start working on your projects immediately.

WORKPRO Speed Square and Combination Square Tool Set

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The WORKPRO Speed Square and Combination Square Set is another top-tier product that combines the functions of several tools to boost your efficiency and comfort. The durable tool comes with multiple linear gradations and the ability to work as a framing square, try square, miter square, and many other devices. You also get the value in both the inches system and the metric system, which makes this is an excellent option for someone working with both measuring systems or someone working outside the States where the metric system is dominant.

The WORKPRO Combination Square Set is exceptionally user-friendly and has a very easy to read scale. The brand is a recognized name in the market and has multiple safeguards to ensure its quality. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the accuracy and calibration of this product. A combination of zinc alloy and stainless steel makes this product durable, long-lasting, and allow it to resist all kinds of corrosion. Overall, the incredible combination square set is a perfect choice for any application as it comes with all the capabilities you expect from a premium product. You’ll only have to spend about $25, which is a great bargain when you consider the capabilities and quality of this combination square set.

Other Combination Squares to Consider

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Amazon Basics Dustless Chalk with Eraser, Assorted, 24 Pack
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Amazon Basics Dustless Chalk with Eraser, Assorted, 24 Pack
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SaleRecommendation No. 2
SWANSON Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Speed Square, Blue
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SWANSON Tool Co S0101 7 Inch Speed Square, Blue
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  • FEATURES: Pocket-Sized Swanson Blue Book, A Comprehensive Guide To Help Workers Make...
  • INCLUDES: Features Common To 5 Different Tools (Try Square, Miter Square, Saw Guide,...
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GemRed 82305 Digital Angle Finder Protractor (Stainless Steel, 7inch/200mm)...
7,794 Reviews
GemRed 82305 Digital Angle Finder Protractor (Stainless Steel, 7inch/200mm)...
  • 【Patented measuring technology】Ruler and protractor combination for easy...
  • 【Durable Rulers】Well-made stainless steel rulers and laser etched measurements...
  • 【High Accuracy】Accuracy of this protractor is ±0.3 degree. It is a good choice...
Recommendation No. 4
Violetfox Woodworking Ruler, 3Pcs Precision Pocket Ruler Metal Slide Rule Inch...
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Violetfox Woodworking Ruler, 3Pcs Precision Pocket Ruler Metal Slide Rule Inch...
  • 【Only Authorized by Ufeel Store】Professional pocket ruler is made of top Aluminum...
  • 【Slide Rule with Stop】A fine notch is in the end of the ruler to place a pencil....
  • 【Laser marking】The numbers are engraved by laser, which can be used for tens of...
SaleRecommendation No. 5
IRWIN Combination Square, 12”, 45-90 Degree Marking, Stainless Steel (1794469)
11,638 Reviews
IRWIN Combination Square, 12”, 45-90 Degree Marking, Stainless Steel (1794469)
  • Black precision-etched scales
  • Durable cast zinc body
  • Rust proof stainless steel blade

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