5 Best Comfort-Height Toilet Reviews

Best Comfort Height Toilet Reviews

Comfort height toilets are superb and their significance can’t be denied or undermined. They are especially recommended for use by ADA and several other competent authorities for disabled persons.

The height of such toilets is akin to that of a chair and they are available in various forms and designs. This makes comfort height toilets one of the most stylish and attractive of toilets in these modern times. The normal height is about 15-inches while those that are recommended by ADA are about 20-inches.

Comfort height Toilets aren’t just for people with disabilities, however. They can be used with equal effectiveness by everyone. The structure and functioning of this form of toilets are unrivaled and they look simply stunning in a washroom.


The 5 Best Comfort Height Toilet Reviews

Best Value – TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet with Elongated Bowl

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The TOTO Drake Toilet with Elongated bowl is a great ADA compliant option for customers on a budget. The toilet costs almost half of what you would pay for any other premium brand with similar features. This toilet has a very simple and traditional shape and has elevated height to make it easier for everyone including people with disabilities and the elderly population to use it without any issues.

The material this toilet is made up of is of extremely high quality that ensures durability and makes the toilet long-lasting. The toilet also features a wide flushing system that ensures maximum cleanliness and covers the whole bowl to keep the whole surface clean. Additionally, the TOTO ADA Toilet also comes in multiple attractive color options to make the choice easier for you and make this a perfect choice for any bathroom style you have.

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American Standard is a premium home care brand that takes pride in delivering the best quality products that increase the value of your home and provides you with the utmost convenience of operation. Just like their other products, the 2988101.020 Cadet 3 Comfort Height Toilet is made up of premium quality materials and is designed to ensure efficient and convenient cleaning. The entire surface is treated with quality chemicals that do not let any stain remain on the surface. Additionally, the toilet is also designed with smooth curves that look aesthetic as well and can be cleaned with a swift wipe.

The American Standard products are made to provide maximum comfort to all users, that’s why the manufacturers have selected a proper height for the toilet after careful consideration. The toilet also has a mechanism installed to close the sear very slowly to prevent any slamming and the flush uses the PowerWash feature to scrub every single corner of the bowl clean.

From an ecological perspective, this toilet is a really good choice as it comes with water-saving technology. While it provides an effective clean through its PowerWash feature, the toilet also uses only 1.28 gallons per flush which is 20% less than other common toilets available in the market.

Editor’s Choice – Signature Hardware 447347

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Our choice is the 447347 Compact Toilet by Signature hardware because it is both compact and ADA compliant. This is a great choice for you if you live in a small apartment or your bathroom has very limited space. Being compact does not mean that lacks any other functionality. You’ll see that this toilet works as well as any premium quality toilet you can buy from the market.  The one-piece toilet has an incredible aesthetic design that is built to ensure maximum convenience of the user whether it is during use or while cleaning it. The whole body of this toilet is made out of porcelain and it comes with a glazed surface that looks shiny all the time and fights of permanent stains naturally.

The seat of this toilet will never slam shut and closes off elegantly. The toilet is also WaterSense certified which means that each flush uses significantly less water than other commonly available models so you save money off your water bill in the long run and be ecologically responsible at the same time.

KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston Comfort Height Two-Piece

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The KOHLER K-3754 is a premium two-piece comfort height toilet for users who want a reasonably priced option with all the necessary features one can expect from a high-quality product. This toilet comes with an elongated bowl that is extra comfortable to sit at and has a medium frame so it won’t take up as much space of your bathroom. The comfort height feature of this toilet is the most important as it makes this a suitable product for people with disabilities or households with an elderly member. You will see that the height of this toilet is similar to that of the char which does not put too much strain on your knees and joints while sitting and the elderly users won’t need to install any additional frame to help them get up.

The internal parts of this toilet are also quite sophisticated. The flush is designed specifically to take help from gravity during operations which reduces the chances of a short flush. Similarly, the entire mechanism is leak-resistant and has universal applications so you’ll be able to replace any faulty part quickly by yourself without spending too much money on the plumbers.

Miseno MNO1500C Bella Two-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet

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The Miseno MNO1500C is another premium quality product designed for small bathrooms that do not have enough space. This toilet has a round bowl which makes it quite compact and comes in the two-piece configuration. The toilet seat itself installs in the floor-mounted position so it’s easier for you to install the product without any help.

The flush mechanism of this toilet is ideal as it does an excellent cleaning job without spending a lot of water. The toilet comes with the prestigious WaterSense certification which shows that the toilet saves as much as 20% more water when compared with other models available in the market. The comfort height feature also means that this is the perfect product for households with any member with disabilities as it can be used without any additional levers or stands for support. The chair level height of this product also reduces the strain on your knees and joints as you can sit more comfortably and finish up your business with more convenience.

Other Comfort Height Toilets Worth Looking At

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Look For These Details When Comfort-Height Toilet Shopping:

If you are interested in purchasing a comfort height toilet, there are certain parameters you need to consider. These will be instrumental in deciding as per your requirements. These aspects can be listed as following for your perusal:


The first thing that you need to consider before purchasing this type of toilet is obviously the height. It should be the primary thing you should look for before any other.

To be precise, you should look at those toilets that are at least 17 to 19 inches high from the seat of the floor. This makes them about as high as a normal chair would be and if you feel that you might need extra height then go for the ones that are even higher than the aforementioned specifications.

General Appearance:

The appearance and design of the height toilet are also imperative. There are a few details you need to bear in mind to check appearance. The first of these is the color of the toilet. You need to make certain that the color you decide on matches the requirements and overall theme of your bathroom. If you want a toilet that doesn’t get dirty too fast then you should opt for neutral colored ones.

Secondly, you should decide whether you want a toilet model that evinces either a single-piece or two-piece design. For those of you that aren’t aware of these terms, a single-piece model is made up of a single unit where the bowl and tank are connected. This entails a more stylish and modernized appearance. Moreover, the prospect of cleaning these models is much easier and convenient.

On the other hand, the two-piece models are more pervasive for usage. They are pricier than the one-piece model. They also evince different systems on the inner side. They prove to be difficult from a cleaning and maintenance perspective. However, if you want to conserve water during the flushing process, then this model is the one for you.

The System for Flushing:

There are two systems for flushing from which you can choose. These will ensure that you get the results that you want with a comfort height toilet.

The first flushing system is the pressure washing system. The latter creates very high water pressure. The toilet can be cleaned very easily after each flushing system. This system also prevents blockage and clogging as there is more room for waste. A toilet with a pressure washing system is more eco-friendly as it saves more water. But, they are pretty loud when being flushed.

The second type is the toilet with gravitational force flushing. The tank of this form of toilet opens in a downwards direction. The rest is up to gravity which then pulls the water downwards. This produces tremendous force but causes loss of large quantities of water. These toilets are also much quieter when it comes to flushing but are considerably more expensive.

The regular toilet flushing system contains a lever or pop-ups. They don’t save water but give the most pressure for water. Some flushing systems come with a dual switch where each attributes to the cleaning of smaller or larger waste. They are more effective when it comes to saving up on water while flushing.

The Bowl’s Shape:

The shape of the bowl doesn’t matter much but if you are buying one for a disabled person then it becomes an issue that demands immense consideration. There are two types of bowls available for these.

The first one is the round bowl version. Don’t be perturbed by its apparent large shape since it takes up very little space in actuality. They are pretty great for those households that have got plenty of children. They are straightforward in functioning but don’t offer much space for waste.

The second option is the elongated bowl version. It is the finest option for disabled individuals or the elderly. It offers greater comfort to these persons and has got a greater room. There is more room for waste management in these toilets and that is why these are the best option to go for in comfort height toilets. There are compact elongated bowl toilets available if you are looking to save space.

The Width of the Passageways:

Get the toilet that offers the best width in the passageways. A larger and wider passageway allows for a more efficient plumbing system and makes the toilet much more resistant towards clogging. Similarly, get a toilet where the passageway is concealed. This gives the toilet a neat and stylish look as opposed to visible passageways. However, these are difficult to clean and maintain as well.

Comfort Height Toilets are pretty amazing and get the job done effectively as well. These are especially recommended for the elderly, sick, and those that have disabilities. So, if you are thinking of getting such a toilet for your use then make sure you follow the aforementioned guidelines. It will certainly ensure that you end up with a toilet that matches your specifications and requirements.