10 Best Composting Toilet Reviews

Best Composting Toilet Reviews

Gardeners and Farmers are well aware of the fact that compost is important for plants. It is filled with nutritious elements for your plants. But the only disadvantage is the process of making compost. Many people do not do it at home because it is time-consuming and tedious. But what if you can get all the goods of compost without going any work at all? Sounds too good to be true? Well, the answer to your question is composting toilets.

You might be wondering what is a composting toilet? To make it simple, it is a regular looking toilet. But it does not use any water to flush the waste and instead use it to make fertilizer. This process might take electricity but it depends on the unit you have chosen.

The process of composting is simple here. It uses the natural decomposition process to do all the work. Human waste is 90% water. So, this device evaporates the water using the ventilator which helps create the compost. This ventilator is also helpful at controlling the bad odor.


10 Best Composting Toilet Reviews

Budget Selection – Portable Toilet Camping Porta Potty

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Rather than a self-composting toilet, the PortaPotty Camping Toilet is a portable option that comes with a large storage tank which can be emptied in a compost bag and processed for remote composting. This product is designed for those customers who do not want to spend too much money on a toilet for their remote cabin, RV Camper, or outhouse but want to have a reliable and hassle-free toilet solution.

The toilet itself is incredibly sturdy and is guaranteed to last a very long time after your purchase. The seat size is optimal for use by adults and children alike and the toilet also comes with a 3-gallon freshwater tank to give you a familiar cleaning effect as a regular toilet in your home.

To store the waste, this portable toilet comes with a 5-gallon waste tank that is mechanically sealed to prevent any leakages or to stop the odor from spreading. You can disconnect the water tank and connect it again after cleaning with extreme ease and the side latches ensure that you do a perfect job every single time. Overall, this toilet is a great option for environmental enthusiasts and people living in an off-grid area with limited access to running water. You can submit the waste for composting later and also use the toilet easily as the function is very similar to any regular toilet you encounter.

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You must take note that the different composting toilets are made for a certain environment. Factors such as the area of use, temperature, and available space must be considered before you make a choice. The Villa 9215 Composting Toilet is an extremely popular product among people who live in remote areas a limited or no access to running water and plumbing services.

This composting toilet is very compact yet still functions on the same level as any regular toilet you encounter. The toilet is perfect for your cabin, off-grid home or camping site as it does not too much maintenance and can be easily installed by anyone without going through extensive manuals and ‘how-to’ guides. Everything you’ll need to install the composting toilet perfectly will already be included in the delivery pack and you’ll be done installing it in a very short time.

This is an electric powered composting toilet so you’ll see that the operation will be more efficient and convenient for you. The internal fan can run on both battery power or electricity. Additionally, the product comes with a 5-year warranty so you can purchase it with confidence that it won’t fail you.

Our Choice – Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

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The unusual shape and size of common composting toilets is one of their biggest drawbacks and takes some time for people to get used to their operations. Nature’s Head Self Containing Composting Toilet eliminates that problem because it’s shape and size is the same as any regular flush toilet everyone is already used to.

Apart from its shape, many other additional features make this product a top contender in the race for the best composting toilet available in the market. The toilet is extremely lightweight and is suitable for almost every single surface. Additionally, installing it and setting it up will hardly take a few minutes, and maintaining it is similarly easy.

This toilet also requires electricity to operate so the composting operation remains efficient even when all the environmental conditions are not that suitable. Additionally, the toilet is guaranteed to remain 100% odorless even after a long time. The stainless-steel body is another factor that enhances the durability of this toilet and makes it a great choice for anyone.

Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Composting Toilet

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The most unique characteristic of this toilet is its extra-large storage capacity so you won’t have to worry about emptying it for several weeks. Perfect for an off-grid dwelling where 4 to 5 adults reside, this toilet will not need any maintenance and will only need to be cleaned after a period of 6 to 8 weeks which is extremely impressive.

Any off-grid resident will know that unless they spend a considerable amount on solar panels, getting an interrupted supply of electricity is hard and you certainly can’t waste any power to run your composting toilet. That’s why this model works efficiently without consuming any electricity. Although having no fan affects the composting abilities of the toilet in extremely cold areas but you’ll hardly notice a difference in an area with a regular climate.

The entire body of this composting toilet is made from fiberglass and the manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty on it. There is a separate 3-year warranty on the parts as well so you can purchase this product with complete peace of mind.

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting Toilet

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This composting toilet is compact and efficient. It is efficiently designed for consumers that focus more on getting the best functionality in a very limited space. The compact, self-contained model is designed to provide you the most convenient experience without taking too much power and space. The toilet operates with a standard 110V power source and has a power rating of only 125 watts.

Toilet leakages are a messy business and despite all the precautions, they might happen and become troublesome for you. The Sun-Mar Compact Composting Toilet comes with an added contingency that will give you the most protection from any leakages. Additionally, the toilet also comes with a variable bio-drum and many other common features that are present in most composting toilets.

Because of its focus on taking up minimum space, the composting toilet has small waste storage and is rated to be used by a maximum of 2 adults unless you want to empty it too many times. Both NSF and ANSI standards certify this toilet. It comes with a regular Sun-Mar warranty that covers the fiberglass for 5 years and the internal parts for 3 years.

Additional Composting Toilets Worth Viewing

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Benefits of Using Composting Toilets

  • On average a regular toilet consumes 3.16 gallons per a single flush. In short, where some countries do not have water to drink using this much water to flush seems morally wrong. But with a composting toilet, you do not have to feel guilty anymore. This toilet does not use water to flush out the excrement. This means you save at least 3.16-gallon water every time you use the toilet.
  • Have you ever thought about how to turn waste into something useful? Many people do not think about it. But in reality, just like animal excrement, human excrement can be used for compost. You do not have to do anything manually. The toilet will take care of that. And by the end of the week, you would have useful compost ready to use.
  • The regular toilet units are difficult to install. The process needs to hire a professional. Because without their help the seat would start leaking or flush will not work. But the composting toilet is each to install. Most of the units come with an instruction manual that makes the process even easier. Which is why anyone can install this toilet with the hello of a few tools.
  • This type of toilets is best for areas where there is no water available. For instance, campsite, cabins, and even RVs. This the rain why many owners of “house on wheels” prefer composting toilets.
  • It is a common fact that vegetables and fruits are good for health. But most like the flesh is nutritious so are the peels. With a composting toilet, you can not finally use the peels for a good reason. Just dump the kitchen waste in the composting bin. This will not only help you decrease waste production but also increase the quality of the fertilizer itself.


Features to Consider

Buying a composting toilet is not difficult. All you have to know is the main characteristics to look for. The following are some main features you should consider before placing the order.

1. Size:

Modern toilets come in all different shapes and forms. This makes it easier to choose the toilet for your need. But unlike them, a composting toilet is rather bulky. So, before getting the toilet to check the dimensions of the unit. Because sometimes it is difficult to fit a chunky toilet in small toilets.

2. Weight:

If you are searching for a toilet for home then weight does not matter that much. But people who want to install a composting toilet at a campsite it cabin should pay closer attention. A lighter weight of 100 lbs composting toilet is best suitable for upstairs cabins and campsite. Most of the smaller-capacity models are usually lightweight.

3. Self Contained or Central Unit:

The composting toilet comes in 2 different types. You can either come to a self-contained toilet or a central unit. So, what is the difference between both of these? Well, a self-contained toilet is the one that composting that waste in the built-in tank. Meanwhile, a central unit store the waste in a different tank at a different location. Both are good but self-contained ones will suit a small group of people better.

4. Electrical or Non-Electrical:

Many composting toilets used electricity to create a better environment for fertilizer. Whether the electric toilet is best for you or non-electric, it depends on the location. If the place you want to install the toilet has electricity then get an electric toilet. Otherwise, a non-electric toilet works great too.

5. Capacity:

The capacity needed is determined by how much the unit will be used. Which means it depends on users’ personal needs. For instance, if someone is getting a toilet for home then the bigger capacity is better. But for a hunting cabin or beach but, a smaller capacity will work too.

6. Installation Process:

Regular toilets are usually difficult to install because you have to deal with it. Otherwise, the tile will start leaking and ruin the bathroom. Unlike that, a composting toilet is easier to install. Just make sure you get the unit that comes with proper instructions and does not need any fancy tools.

7. Safety:

Here safety means your health. Many poorly made compete toilets do not compost the waste effectively. And become a habitat for bacteria and pathogens. Which is why you should get the best toilet possible to avoid infections.

8. Price Range & Warranty:

Well, just like any other product, composting toilets are available at different prices. The larger one with a bigger capacity is usually expensive. So, get the toilet that suits you. You should also get a toilet with at least a 1-year warranty. Obviously well-made and regularly maintained toilets will not malfunction. But a warranty comes in handy under unforeseen circumstances.



If your goal is to make some great fertilizer while saving water then the composting toilet is for you. It creates fewer footprints on the earth, does not waste water or electricity. So, this is an overall good deal.