Best Computer Tool Kits

best computer toolkit

Technology has become a part of our daily lives. The vast majority of the people now either own computers or are looking forward to getting one for either gaming or work purposes. Back in the day, it was extremely difficult to put together your PC and the prebuilt machines were in the premium price section. Nowadays, it is quite simple to install components and the prebuilt market has been made accessible to nearly everyone. However, if you find yourself working with computer/PC components you might want to pick yourself up a specialized computer toolkit.


The Best Computer Tool Kits

Best for Budget – Electronics Repair Tool Kit by GangZhiBao

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Now you don’t need expensive trips to repair centers for your electronics with this electronic repair tool kit! Fix your electronic devices by yourself and saving your personal privacy from any potential risks that can come with giving your device to a stranger to fix. The tool kit comes with a magnetic stainless-steel tip and is made to be as durable as possible in order to avoid stripping and deforming. The tools have a plastic handle with a rubber grip to give you a better hold. The tool kit even comes with an anti-static ESD tweezer! All of this is available at an extremely reasonable and affordable price.

This electronic tool kit is ideal for disassembly, for pry opening and to take and later put together electronics such as a phone, tablet, or even a computer. For cleaning the inside of your electronic gadget or fixing it, this tool kit is ideal. It is even portable and can easily fit in your pocket or backpack, making it an ideal item to carry during travel. The whole tool kit comes with 25 small precise tools of premium quality. This is an ideal gift for you or your friends/family if they’re a DIY enthusiast.

Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-045 Computer Tool Kits for Network & PC Repair Kits with...
All tools are demagnetized to prevent systems and Magnetic media from damage;...

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Going to a repair technician for your electronic devices is extremely risky these days due to the loss of personal privacy and the risk of misuse of information. To protect yourself from this trouble, all you need is the Rosewill Tool Kit! Made ideally for dismantling and reassembling computers and PC, the Rosewill Tool Kit comes with 45 premium quality tools that give you the ability to fix and upgrade your computer and desktop by yourself! All the included tools are ensured to be demagnetized to prevent any damage to the electronic components while use.

Rosewill Tool Kit comes with reversible 1/8” and #0 mini screwdriver as well as a pocket chip! It even has popular tools like #1 Phillips screwdriver, a spare parts box, and even a 5” wire cutter/stripper! All of this is packed together in a compact black zipper case for easy transportation. Rosewell Tool Kit is returnable for 30 days in case you’re not satisfied. For all these reasons, Rosewell Tool Kit is the perfect item to have at hand to deal with any electronic issue and to save yourself a trip to a repair technician.

Editor’s Choice – iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit – Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair

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iFixit Pro Tech ToolKit is the all in one repair solution you need. With tools that you can use to fix any kind of electronics, smartphones, and computers, this toolkit was developed over a period of 5 years with help from hundreds and thousands of teardown and repair guides as well as teardown technicians. Each tool in this kit is designed to enhance and to upgrade your repairing capabilities. The central piece of iFixit Pro ToolKit is the iFixit 64 Bit Driver Kit that is designed with extensive research into current fasteners types being used across the electronic industry, giving you the ability to fix items ranging from an iPhone to a gaming console.

The Driver Kit covers them all and comes designed with premium CNC machined bits as well as a highly durable case that comes with a magnetically attached lid. Other notable items include a small suction cup, different kinds of tweezers such as a Blunt ESD Tweezer, and so much more. Furthermore, if you are new to finding a DIY solution for your broken gadget, iFixit Pro also comes with several guides, provides answers to your questions and even parts!

Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-146 Computer Tool Kits for Network & PC Repair

Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-146 Computer Tool Kits for Network & PC Repair Kits Wire...
STAR BITS: T8H, T10H, T15H, T20H, T25H, T27H, T30H, T35H, T40H; Hex key bits:...

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Have you ever delayed fixing your broken PC because you were worried about the potential risk to your privacy? Are you tired of spending dollar after dollar on repair technicians? If so, the Rosewill Tool Kit is exactly what you need to jump into the world of PC repairing. Every tool you could need for repairing your home or office network and PC is included in the kit. It is a comprehensive collection of the most regularly used tools like the reversible Ratch Handle as well as the 33 PC security Bit group packed together in an extremely durable heavy-duty carrying case. The case offers a highly sophisticated organization of tools and even has a built-in handle for more ease in transportation

Rosewill Tool Kit has a total of about 146 components and is extremely versatile in usage as the kit can be used to repair several other items such as furniture, lamps and so much more. Overall, Rosewill RTK – 146 has everything you could possibly need. So if you’re looking to upgrade your repairing skills to a new level, this tool Kit is made just for you.

Royace Screwdriver Kit,119 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

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Whatever you want to fix, you can fix it now with the Royace Screwdriver kit! With a wide range of tools to select from, the kit can fix multiple items including but not limited to electronics, mobiles, glasses jewelry and so much more! The tool kit comes with a total number of 119 components and has large and precision tools. All of this is packed in a shockproof storage box that’s designed to be comfortable and convenient for transport. This plastic box ensures that the equipment is stuck and does not loiter around in the case.

The Royace Screwdriver Kit also comes with a magnetic pad for collecting screws and even has an electronic screwdriver. The silicone handles of the tools allow precise grip and stronghold. Best of all, the tools in this kit have the chrome vanadium head that comes with a hardness of 55 – 60 HRC. The tools even have an adjustable and flexible extension shaft for more ease! The Kit has a 1-year long free warranty to deal with any problem that may arsis after purchase. And for all these reasons and so much more, the tool kit is the ideal repair kit you need to meet all your requirements.

Other Great Computer Tool kits

SaleRecommendation No. 1
STREBITO Screwdriver Sets 142-Piece Electronics Precision Screwdriver with 120...
9,013 Reviews
STREBITO Screwdriver Sets 142-Piece Electronics Precision Screwdriver with 120...
  • 【Wide Application】This precision screwdriver set has 120 bits, complete with...
  • 【Humanized Design】This electronic screwdriver set has been professionally...
  • 【Magnetic Design】This professional tool set has 2 magnetic tools, help to save...
Recommendation No. 2
Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers Set, 5 Phillips and 5 Slotted Tips...
4,829 Reviews
Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers Set, 5 Phillips and 5 Slotted Tips...
  • Top quality magnetic screwdriver set, 10 professional grade screwdrivers that are...
  • Premium materials, the screwdriver bar is made of chromium vanadium steel for...
  • Cushion grip handle for comfort and control,With ergonomic TPR handle, it helps you...
SaleRecommendation No. 3
BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX* Cordless Screwdriver with LED Light (BDCSFL20C)
  • 2IN1 DESIGN – Use as a cordless screwdriver and a rechargeable flashlight.
  • 3-POSITION PIVOTING HANDLE – Comfort-grip handle pivots into 3 different positions,...
  • BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT – LED brightens up dark areas whenever you need it.
SaleRecommendation No. 4
6Pcs Mini Screwdriver Set, Eyeglass Repair Screwdriver, Precision Repair Tool...
  • 【6 Different Size】: 2pcs Phillips sizes(#0, #1); 4pcs Flathead sizes (1.4mm,...
  • 【Good Grip Design】: The gaps of the precision screwdriver set are tightly...
  • 【Easy To Carry】: Our mini screwdriver set are packed in plastic storage boxes to...
Recommendation No. 5
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit - Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair Kit
15,458 Reviews
iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit - Electronics, Smartphone, Computer & Tablet Repair Kit
  • The original electronics tool kit: Designed for computer, smartphone, tablet, and...
  • Intentional selection: All the tools you need, nothing you don't: a 64 precision bit...
  • Secure design: Magnetic case and foam insert ensure secure storage and...

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Should You Buy or Build a Computer?

There is no right answer. Both of these options have their own benefits and drawbacks, and in our opinion, it comes down to these three factors: personal preference, urgency, and budget bracket.

Buying a prebuilt machine can be quick and easy while being reliable for some people. It can offer a warranty, customer service, and peace of mind that your machine was made and tested by the people who know the job better than you.

Building a computer can be cheaper and offers additional customization options. It allows you the freedom of hand-picking every component according to your budget and performance requirements. You can buy on-sale or refurbished components which can save you extra money. It opens endless possibilities to create something unique and entirely of your liking.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. If you are not confident enough in building your machine or you just want for work purposes, buying a prebuilt machine can be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a gaming enthusiast and would love to keep upgrading your computer time to time, building it yourself is the better choice.


Do I Need a Tool Kit?

Whether you build your PC or buy a prebuilt, it is imperative to learn how to perform basic repairs or maintenance tasks. Contrary to the common belief that all computer repairs require immense technical knowledge and skill, some of these tasks are fairly simple. Performing minor repairs yourself or upgrading it yourself can be both time and money-saving.

However, you cannot rely on your butter knife to perform the job. You will always need the tools apropos to the task. Your penknife, without a doubt, can help you in loosening some screws but it won’t make the job easy and you might end up harming the motherboard. Using the appropriate tool for the given job not only makes it easier but it also improves the quality of the finished product.


What Does An Effective Computer/PC Tool Kit Include?

Computer tool kits come in different sizes and qualities depending upon the price. You must choose a product that is ideal for your operations. A well-equipped tool kit ensures the quality of the finishing product. It also allows you to do perfect repairs without causing damage to your machine or your hands. Here’s a list of tools your tool kit should have.

1. Screwdriver and Nut Driver

Normally, a no. 2 Phillips screwdriver should be compatible with the vast majority of computers. But, as you start dealing with diverse hardware components and accessories, you will need different size screw and nut drivers. It is always good to have an array of screwdrivers and a bit-driver at hand. Hence, the kit you are buying should have screwdrivers with comfortable handles and a bit-driver for versatility. The magnet in it is important because it ensures that the screws don’t fall off; and even if they do fall somewhere deep in the case, it helps you locate them.

If you are going to be constantly upgrading your computer, it would be a good idea to invest in a power screwdriver. They’re available for different prices, but make sure the one you choose has an adjustable clutch and a handle that can flip to various positions.

2. Pliers and Cutters

Pliers can be proven useful during repairs that require you to move jumpers on the circuit board. It is very common to find extra connectors or wires in some cases and you can also see some cooling fans with multiple connectors dangling around. Removing unnecessary connectors will only clean up the system and also eliminates the confusion during an upgrade or a repair. Wire cutters can come in handy for cutting off those extra wires or zip ties.

You can also look for a wire stripper if you are planning to do some advanced modifications.

3. A Light Source

Although it sounds obvious, it is often overlooked. The insides of computer cases these days are usually black or dark-colored which can make spotting small components and screws extremely hard. A flashlight, a head-mounted light, or an adjustable clip-on light is very useful while building or upgrading a system.

4. Straps and Zip Ties

Adhesive tie-downs and straps are always necessary to ensure effective wire management. A cleaner machine ensures a cooler system and smoother performance. You will need patience and creativity to tie down all the wireworks inside your system using a different type of tie-downs and straps.

5. Cleaning Materials

Whether you’re working with new parts or an old computer, you will always need cleaning material in your tool kit. Normally, lint-free soft cloth will be good to clean the monitor and other parts of the system. You can also have cotton swabs and cans of compressed air to clean up the fingerprints and dust from the inside machine.

And that’s pretty much it. These are the basic set of tools your computer tool kit should have. Other tools that can be necessary are wrist straps, spare crews, and clamps, etc.



Whether you want to upgrade your maintain your PC or upgrade it from time to time, you will need the appropriate tools to do so. Every computer owner and builder needs a set of tools to complete any PC build. Or even to perform minor repairs with the precision of a surgeon. Some of the tools can be obvious but often overlooked, others less so. Make sure the tool kit you buy has those basic yet necessary tools included.