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Using contact lenses instead of spectacles is not only a fashion these days, but they are also convenient and easy to use. But wearing contact lenses can lead to serious problems if they are not disinfected or cleaned properly. There are many contact solutions available that are used for cleaning and disinfecting them. Selecting the best contact solutions for your contact lenses is a difficult task as not all contact solutions suit all lens types. Contact solutions are recommended for the lens which is not disposable and is supposed to be used for a month or so. In addition to disinfecting or cleaning the lens, contact solutions are also required to store the lens.

There are various multipurpose contact solutions introduced by different companies that can be used for cleaning, disinfecting or even storing the contact lens. The usage of contact solution ensures the elimination of bacteria and protein from your precious contact lenses which can cause serious complications and can even result in the loss of eyesight. The contact solutions are made up of different chemicals, thus the doctor’s recommendation is also necessary before choosing the right contact solution so that the chemicals do not cause allergies or irritation in your eyes. Even with the usage of contact solution, precautions and following the right step is crucial to protect your contact lens and enhance their lifetime.


Top 5 Best Contact Solutions

Editor’s Choice – Opti-Free Replenish Disinfecting Solution with Lens Case

Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution with Lens Case,...
Exclusive formula gets rid of microorganisms that can cause eye infections;...

Opti-Free Replenish Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is a fantastic contact focal point arrangement that intended for typical everyday cleaning. This solution arrangement highlights choice cleaning and sanitizing power, and gives enduring dampness and solace throughout the day use.

The selective 2D equation containing Polyquad and Aldox sanitizes and wash away microorganisms that could bring about eye diseases and bothering. The TearGlyde reconditioning framework that works with tears to help make an obstruction of agreeable dampness and steady solace.

The TearGlyde reconditioning structure puts forth a concentrated effort to the focal point permitting a thin layer of humidity from the patient’s healthy tears to stay on the focal point, taking into account a persistent shield of moisture to shape between the focal point and the eye.

It works with silicone hydrogel and delicate contact focal points. For the best outcomes, flush and rub each side of the focal point. A short time later, wash each side of the focal point with a constant flow of solution for 10 seconds. At that point, place the contact focal point for the situation with the answer for in any event 6 hours or medium-term.

These focal points might be left in the arrangement and an unopened case for as long as 30 days before cleaning and purify once more. Opti-Free endeavors to keep furnishing patients with the freshest and best contact focal point items available for dry and bothered eyes.

Editor’s Alternative Choice – Bausch + Lomb ReNu Multi-Purpose Advanced Formula Eye Contact Lens Solution

ReNu Advanced Formula is the primary contact focal point arrangement with a propelled triple disinfectant framework. This formula arrangement includes the most recent developments in focal point care science to successfully battle germs, clean focal points. You can utilize every day to clean your focal points, store them in a contact situation, when not being worn, or purify and wash focal points.

This contact solution multi-reason arrangement described for use in the everyday molding, cleaning, evacuation of protein stores, flushing, synthetic (not heat) sterilization, and capacity of fine (hydrophilic) contact focal points, including silicone hydrogel contact focal points, as prescribed by your eye care practitioner.

This multipurpose contact solution is a combination of three strong chemicals that are capable of killing most of the germs and bacteria on your contact lens. This product can be used with most of the lens types and is recommended by the specialists for the people who suffer from dryness after using the contact lens. This solution not only cleans, disinfects and stores the lens but also provides the required moisture to eliminate the dryness issue.

Our most current contact focal point development, this multi-reason arrangement has a triple disinfectant that works in just 4 hours to kill 99.9% of germs1. You can hydrate your focal points throughout the day comfort with this 12-ounce solution bottle.

This Renu Advanced Formula is the most current development in focal point care. It replaces both renu new and reNu touchy with one arrangement made to help upgrade your focal point wearing experience. It is available at a reasonable price so you can have it undoubtedly.

Budget Choice – Clear Care Plus Disinfecting & Cleaning Solution

Clear Care Plus Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution, Travel Pack, 3-Ounces...
Safe for all Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Clear Care Plus with focal point cup is the cleaning and sterilizing focal point care arrangement that is ideal for any contact focal point client. Clear Care Plus is the most specialist suggested hydrogen peroxide arrangement available. With its licensed Triple Action Cleaning recipe and uncommon case, patients with the most delicate eyes feel alleviation and get the ideal clean.

Clear Care Plus gives a similar cleaning and sanitizing intensity of Clear Care, however with an additional wetting operator called HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix. This HydraGlyde wetting specialist has utilized to recondition excellent focal points and encompass them with enduring dampness throughout the day comfort. This Care Plus utilizations hydrogen peroxide, to murder unsafe germs and microbes that have found on contact focal points to forestall eye diseases and inconvenience.

The cleaning and purifying arrangement enter the focal point for a profound clean, and the percolating activity assists with expelling protein stores and another outside issue. Leave focal points in the Clear Care Plus works for at least 6 hours. It gives the arrangement time to clean the focal point altogether and for the peroxide in the solution to become killed to stay away from aggravation. It stores focal points in an unopened Clear Care focal point case, for as long as seven days and dispose of the old arrangement before utilizing once more.

Clear Care disinfection solution promises to be without additive with no additional synthetic substances, maintaining a strategic distance from the chance of causing eye aggravation. This travel pack solution comes in 3 ounces bottle and is safe for all types of contact lenses. Alcon’s vision is to be the most believed pioneer in eye care and anticipates proceeding with the pattern of bringing the best new contact arrangements and flushes to their patients around the globe.

Voted Most Effective – Equate Contact Lenses Solution – Multi-Purpose 

Equate - Multi-Purpose Contact Lenses Solution - 12 oz Each (2)
For Soft Contact Lenses.; Disinfects; Cleans, Rinses, and Stores.; Removes...

Usually paying for contact focal points is as of now pricier than making suitable once for glasses, so getting a good deal on contact arrangement can assist you with compensating for any shortfall.

This contact arrangement expels protein stores from your focal points each day, keeping your delicate contacts clear and without germ. It decreases the requirement for a new enzymatic cleaner. On the off chance, you have long-wear contacts, or you use connections that can be-reused for half a month. Moreover, Equate’s solution has the entirety of the sterilizing fixings found in pricier brands without the sticker stun.

This contact arrangement expels protein stores from your focal points each day, keeping your delicate contacts clear and sans germ. It is a multi-reason (cleaning/stockpiling) solution to keep up your contacts. I have utilized this brand for a long time with no terrible outcomes. It is as agreeable and sturdy as the considerable name brand.

This is best for soft contact lenses. It completely purifies the lenses and makes it clear and reusable. Its two twin packs come with 355 ml bottles of solution. This contact solution evacuates protein daily.

Explanations in regards to dietary enhancements have not assessed by the FDA and have not expected to analyze, treat, fix, or forestall any sickness or wellbeing condition.

High-End Choice – Refresh Contacts Lens Comfort Drops

Refresh Contacts Contact Lens Comfort Drops, 0.4 fl oz (12mL) Sterile
Every drop creates a liquid cushion that comforts and protects for long-lasting...

Regardless of whether you utilize the best contact focal point arrangement around and clean your focal points strictly. You, despite everything, may encounter dryness or inconvenience during long days at your PC or in dry, dusty open-air situations. Rewetting drops can assist you with wearing your contacts longer without disturbance, and Refresh’s Contact Lens Comfort Drops have intended to alleviate dry eyes.

Revive’s dampness creamy recipe soothes the distress you may encounter when wearing your contacts. Each drop makes a fluid pad that saturates and ensures your eyes, and the helpful multi-portion bottle makes it simple to reuse as frequently as you need. It very well may be utilized with delicate or hard focal points, and Refresh is the leading specialist prescribed counterfeit tear brand. Its solution bottle comes with a 12 mL solution in it.

Each drop makes a fluid pad that saturates and secures your eyes, and the advantageous multi-portion bottle makes it simple to reuse as frequently as you need. Revive Contacts arrives in an advantageous multi-portion bottle, which has protected to use as frequently varying so your eyes can feel great whenever anyplace. Cause your dry eyes to feel better with drops specialists suggest. It has recommended by most Eye specialists because it helps to protect your eyelid to get damage from Lenses.

Abbott Medical Optics Complete

AMO Complete Multi-purpose Solution - 16 Fl. Oz., 2-pk.
Two 16oz Sterile Bottles of Complete Multi-Purpose Solution and Lens Case; Easy...

This contact solution is introduced by renowned multinational company Abbott.  This medical solution is capable of cleaning, disinfecting and storing the lens. The usage of Poloxamer-237 removes the possibility of infection or irritation and kills a wide range of bacteria to enhance the usage of the contact lens. The medical contact solution kit also offers a storage case for your contact lens which is an extra bonus.

Other Noteworthy Contact Solutions to Consider


Types of contact solutions

There are many kinds of contact solutions available according to your usage. Usually contact solutions are used to clean, disinfect and store the lens. In this modern era, there is no need of buying different solutions for different purposes. Following are the major types of contact solutions which are used nowadays:

Multipurpose Contact Solutions

With the development in the medical fields, such solutions have been introduced which can serve the multipurpose of cleaning, disinfecting and storing of the contact lenses. Such contact solutions are called as multipurpose solutions and are available in the market under different brand names. These solutions contain both qualities of detergent and the disinfecting agents which not only cleans the contact lenses but also disinfects them. The same solution can also be used for soaking the lens in the sterilized container for storing them when not in use. The correct way of using the multipurpose contact solutions is to remove the lens from your eye and place it on your palm. Then the multipurpose solution is poured onto the lens which is rubbed with the finger and then rinsed. The same solution is then poured into the sterilized container and the lens is soaked in them. For females with long nails, such multipurpose contact solutions have also been introduced in the market which cleans and disinfects the lens by just rinsing them and not rubbing them. However, the clean only multipurpose solutions are less common and are not recommended by many eye doctors.

H2O2 Contact Solutions

Some people might face the problem of irritation or allergy in their eyes when they use simple multipurpose contact solutions. For such people, eye doctors mostly recommend H2O2 contact solutions. To use the hydrogen peroxide contact solutions, usually, the simple contact solutions are used to clean the lens and then the hydrogen peroxide solution is used to totally disinfect and store the lens. But the H2O2 contact solution is tricky to use as it is a toxic chemical for eyes. To prevent the reaction of hydrogen peroxide with eye cornea, neutralizing agents are used to neutralize the H2O2 into water. Neutralizing can be done by storing contact lenses in such cases that contain the neutralizing discs. However, the neutralizing discs need to be replaced after 90 uses.

Saline Solutions

Saline solutions are also available in the market which is used to clean and rinse the lenses. Saline solution alone is never a replacement of multipurpose contact lens solutions and is always used with other chemicals to maintain the pH of the solution. Saline solution, when used alone, can only work as a cleaning agent and does not disinfect the surface of the lens. Saline solution is also used to clean the contact lens stored in the hydrogen peroxide solution with no neutralizing discs. They can neutralize the remains of H2O2 so that the contact lens is ready to wear.


How to use a contact solution?

Contact solutions are easy to use. The process of cleaning and disinfecting the lens is quite easy and one can do it without any supervision. After removing the lens, place it on your palm, squirt some solution onto the lens and then rub the lens with the finger of the other hand. After rubbing, squirt some more solution onto the lens and clean it with a clean cloth. Rubbing will disinfect and will remove any dirt from your lens making them clean and bacteria-free. Similarly to store the contact lens in the case, you will have to pour the solution into the case and soak the lens into the case. Soaking will remove any chance of contamination and refresh your lens to be used for another day. The hydrogen peroxide solution is quite similar to use just with an added procedure of neutralizing. The neutralizing of hydrogen peroxide before storing the lens can be done by neutralizing discs inside the containers or by some external catalyst.


Final Thoughts

Hence the contact solution is a mandatory item for you if you use contact lenses instead of glasses. However, do go for the solution recommended by the eye specialist rather than buying any multipurpose contact solution from the market or eCommerce platform.

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