best danish butter cookie brands

Best Danish Butter Cookie Brands

When it comes to the most famous cookies in the world, Danish butter cookies shouldn’t be overlooked. As the name suggests, these butter cookies originated from Denmark and also known as butter biscuits. There are also other names for these delicious butter cookies such as stables, and Brysslkex. First, these butter cookies were very popular among Danish people only, but now people from all around the world want to taste these scrumptious cookies made from butter. Some people call these crisp cookies or sugar cookies due to texture and sugar content.

For all cookie lovers that plan to buy Danish butter cookies for tea snacking or holiday season, scroll down to know all about Danish butter cookies brands you should at least try once.

Kelsen Original Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookie Assortment, 5 Lbs
Each tin has 5 pounds of delicious Danish butter Cookies; Original and beloved...

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Affordable and delicious, the Kelsen Original Royal Butter Cookies are an incredible addition to your pantry. Danish butter cookies have been an important part of everyone’s childhood and you can now relive those memories without spending too much money.

The cookies themselves are extremely delicious and are baked to perfection. The crispy outer layer with the buttery interior will leave you wanting more. Kelsen understands that you don’t want to make an extra trip to the market every few days and that’s why the cookies come in a large batch of 5 pounds. With the price of 0.02 per ounce, you won’t be spending a lot of money.

When it comes to the packing, the Kelsen Original Danish Butter Cookies leave a lot to be desired. The reason behind it is simple, there isn’t enough padding to protect the cookies inside. Many reviewers like the taste of the cookies but have registered their frustration on the inferior packing of the cookies.

Bettino Butter Cookies – Traditional Danish Recipe with Keepsake Tin

Bettino Butter Cookies - Traditional Danish Recipe With Keepsake Tin - 16 oz (2)
MADE IN MALAYSIA - Made in Malaysia in a controlled and fair trade environment.;...

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The Bettino Butter Cookies are one of the strongest contenders of the prestigious title of the best Danish Butter Cookies available in the market. These traditional cookies are carefully prepared under perfect conditions to ensure the best result for the customers. Every single item used in this product was procured from the finest sources which the strictest requirements of quality. Each cookie you eat will tell you a story of excellence and unparalleled quality.

All of the 90’s kids remember a time when they enthusiastically opened the Danish cookie tin to only be left disappointed because it was filled with various sets of threads and needles. The tradition can continue because the Bettino Butter cookies come in the recognizable blue tin that is packed carefully and is strong enough to keep the biscuits protected. The Bettino Butter Cookies are made from all-natural ingredients and have the necessary certification like Kosher and Halal so people with dietary restrictions can easily enjoy them. The cookies contain some common allergens like gluten, soy, and milk so you are advised to go through the list of ingredients before ordering.

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, 12 Ounce Tins (Pack of 4)

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, 12 Ounce Tins (Pack of 4)
Pack of four, 12-ounce tins (total of 48-ounce); Contains no preservatives or...

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The Royal Dansk Butter Cookies come straight from the land it all started. The cookies are made in Denmark and are transported with extreme care and precision to your doorstep. The manufacturers maintain the highest standards of quality with great focus on hygiene, raw materials, and production techniques. There are multiple checkpoints implemented to ensure that the quality of the cookies remains consistent and the company’s high standards are maintained. The fact that the quality of the product is recognized by internationally acclaimed standard organizations like the BRC and IFC is a testament to Royal Dansk’s unmatched standards.

The cookies contain no preservatives or artificial flavorings. They are made completely from natural materials and that’s one of the reasons for their incredible taste. Even calorie-conscious people and indulge themselves with this treat as it is very light on the stomach and contains only 180 calories per serving.

The packing is also according to the international standards and people rarely complain about the cookies breaking inside. Additionally, the tins are completely airtight and allow the biscuits inside to retain their crunchiness and structure for a long time.

Danisa Butter Cookies 16 Oz Festive Tin

Danisa Butter Cookies 16 Oz Festive Tin
Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, new Years & More

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The Danisa Butter Cookies are made from the finest quality of incredible ingredients that are procured with great care from different parts of the world to make the best quality cookies for you. The butter cookies are deliciously crispy and are light on calories to allow you to indulge yourself without disrupting your diet. The primary ingredients are wheat, sugar, butter, and milk that give each 100g serving of these cookies about 450 calories and some important minerals and vitamins.

Danisa Cookies has been fulfilling your sweet cravings with a wide range of incredible cookies for a long time. These cookies are perfect for every occasion. Whether you are spending your holidays like Christmas and Easter, or want to have a quality snack with your evening coffee, you’ll fall in love with these cookies.

Finally, the Danisa Butter Cookies are extremely well received from people around the globe because of their quality and taste. While the ingredients are free from any artificial flavorings or preservatives, there are multiple allergens inside, so we recommend you go through the ingredients carefully especially if you have a history of allergies.

Sherwood DANISH DELIGHTS Butter Cookies, In a Nice Gifting Tin

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The final addition in our list of the best Danish Butter cookies is the Sherwood Danish Delights that have global recognition due to their incredible taste and unmatched quality. The brand is also known for its chocolate, confectionaries, and other snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth at a very reasonable price without ever compromising on the quality.

The cookies by Sherwood are perhaps one of the most delicious ones in this list. They come with premium quality butter with a hint of vanilla that makes the cookies perfect for any special occasion or even a simple evening coffee. Similar to all the other brands for Danish Butter Cookies, you’ll get about 40 cookies of different shapes and sizes in a single box. Each serving has about 170 calories and contains Vitamins A, C, Calcium, and Iron. For people with allergies, the cookies are made from wheat, milk, soy, eggs, and some traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

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Why Would Butter Cookies Be in Such Demand?

Over several years, Denmark is a popular butter cookies exporter especially to Asia, Europe, and the US. These cookies have a wide variety and sold in air-tight tin boxes that preserve their fine taste and crispiness. One of the most-selling Danish butter cookies brands with high export demand is Royal Dansk. Due to their increased popularity, there are also miniatures and small keychain souvenirs of Danish butter cookies.

But what makes them so unique? Although there are maybe many butter cookies recipes on the internet to try at home, brands like Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies and Royal Dansk make crispy butter cookies, have a natural and fresh taste.

In Europe and North America, these yummy cookies are served during holiday season i.e. Christmas and often decorated with colorful icing. Also, these Danish cookies are one of the most famous gifts among Chinese during their new year. People also love serving tasty butter cookies with afternoon tea while some prefer having them as snacks during school or office recess breaks. Nowadays, many famous bakeries are also using butter cookies as an ingredient for cheesecakes and other pastry items by crushing them. This adds a nice buttery flavor, taste, and texture to all baked mixtures.

Taste, flavor, and shape

To keep the taste natural and buttery, the basic Danish butter cookies have no such flavoring added. Some brands have created special verities that make commercial butter cookies with coconut, vanilla, chocolate chips and currant content in them. Also, some Danish cookies brands make butter cookies with sugary crystals on top. The most common Danish cookies shapes you’ll come across are swirl, pretzel, rounded, square, oval, and ring. However, many cookie lovers are after the twisted shaped butter cookies. Royal Dansk, Danisa butter cookies, and Danish delight have cookies that feature checkered, plain, or marbled appearance. These Danish butter cookies are made available to you packed in tin cans, tin boxes, or paper boxes with each butter cookie in parchment liner so taste and freshness are preserved. Making different shape and sizes of butter cookies depend upon different baking time and temperature of the oven. Most Danish cookies brand keep them simple so that you fully enjoy the butter flavor.


Just like all other cookies, these Danish biscuits are made from 3 basic ingredients which are wheat flour, sugar, and butter. Since the list of ingredients used is too short, every item mixed plays a significant role in the cookie’s outcome; taste, color, and texture. Royal Dansk and Kjeldsens that make rich-tasting yummy butter cookies uses and recommends the unsalted and fresh dairy butter. The powdered sugar and wheat flour is also great quality; this gives butter cookies a great texture and crispiness. Some bakers have also revealed that they add a tint of rose water and vanilla essence to achieve a great tasting cookie. Plus, the high-content of unsalted butter used by famous Danish butter cookies brands helps the biscuits to turn beautifully brown and rise from baking pan more quickly. Moreover, this high butter content, raw dough is directly dropped in the pan without adding shortening or cooking oil in baking pan. Thanks to butter, the butter saturation will react instantly to the heat of the oven and right away releases moisture. Some brands tend to replace half of the butter content with the vegetable shortening for a chewy effect. This is the butter cookie recipe followed by most famous Danish cookie brands.


Royal Dansk and Kjeldsens Danish Butter Cookies

Though there are several butter cookie brands worldwide now, the top most Danish butter cookie maker remains the same; Royal Dansk and Kjeldsens.

Royal Dansks offer butter cookies that are originally made in Denmark. It all started 75 years ago with a little bakery in a small Danish village, it used to produce butter cookies within that specific area. With the increased demand and popularity of these rich-taste cookies, Royal Dansks brand was established in 1966. The cookies come in royal blue circular tin boxes with a picture of Denmark’s old farmhouse; Hjemstavnsgaard.

Kjeldsens Danisa cookies is another top famous Brand from Denmark that is offering mouthwatering delicious butter cookies for many years. It started in 1933 when a guy named Marinus Kjeldsen in a small Danish village fell for baker’s daughter who made delicious cookies. Kjeldsen opened his first commercial bakery to sell these tasty buttery biscuits. Now, these classic crumbly cookies made from fresh butter are enjoyed by people from all over the world with tea or coffee.

Butter cookies Nutritional value

Not just good in taste, the Danish butter cookies are healthy too. 43 grams of butter cookies serving will give you 200 calories. You can easily burn these calories with 10-15 minutes of running or 30 minutes cycling.


Wrap up

Butter cookies have long been there for years and because of their high popularity, Denmark is not only considered as Ireland’s capital but also of the cookie world. These butter cookies are widely available all around the world as Chinese and Indonesian brands like Happy Time butter cookies, WINSUN Danish butter cookies, and KOKOLA Montego Danish butter cookies have also started to make these delicious cookies.

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