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DAZ 3D is an application designed for people involved in 3D animation and everything related to illustration. Using visual animals and humans, you have the opportunity to create unique digital art of the highest quality, using an incredible amount of accessories and add-ons.

In its entirety, the artist has to choose a subject, setting, and accessories before beginning their creation. DAZ 3D stands out as a 3D animation application because the final results of each design are exceptionally realistic. In addition, it is perfectly suitable for anybody. There are dozens of tutorials that give professional knowledge and can turn even amateurs into good 3D artists. Last but not least, it is completely free and all it requires is a registration.


DAZ 3D is Free but Not as Easy to Use

Of course, you can download the application for free but doing 3D art is not a simple task. The basic version of DAZ 3D gives you the opportunity to learn by yourself. However, even with the dozens of tutorials, you will need an incredible amount of time and dedication to learn everything from scratch.

Having that you cannot dedicate your entire time to learning 3D animation; you will have to buy the pre-made props & accessories. Without them, you will not be able to create entirely finished projects until you learn how to do everything by yourself. Of course, the creation from scratch will always take a lot of time. It is always good to have pre-made backgrounds and accessories that fit your project so that you don’t have to do it all alone. Furthermore, it will give you much more to use during your own creative process.

As for the installation, it can be somewhat troublesome. DAZ 3D is not your usual application, it is an incredibly large mixture of content. How well you will use it depends on the organization of this content. People often find it hard to install and begin using it. Fortunately, there are many guides on how to install and organize DAZ 3D for your convenience.


The Benefits of DAZ 3D

There are plenty of 3D animation applications online. Some are free but offer paid accessories and add-ons such as DAZ 3D, others come at a price. It can be troublesome to find one that perfectly fits your needs and expectations and this is why we need to show you all of the DAZ 3D benefits in advance.

The 3D Creation Tool

This software tool by DAZ 3D gives everyone a chance to get a taste of the world of a 3D animator. It allows access to a variety of tutorials which will give you the necessary knowledge to create photorealistic content of a different kind.

Besides that, you can use the additional GamePrint Plugin which will ensure that each one of your creations can be printed afterward.

Incredibly Realistic Character Designs

The most advanced technology of DAZ 3D is called Genesis. In its entirety, it is a figure platform which however stands far beyond anything you can imagine. With it, you can not only create human characters which look nothing else but as if they were a real person, but also animals and other creatures. It gives you full freedom over your creation.

The platform has morphing capabilities that allow the creation of characters with various types of body shapes and sizes, as well as full control over their masculinity. Last but not least, their latest figure platform – Genesis 8, gives the artist the ability to dress up their characters, of course, according to their gender characteristics.

Morphing Capabilities & Features

The DAZ 3D library of morphs is constantly undergoing an expansion. The creators of the software never stop improving it; therefore, you can browse through an incredibly wide selection of 3D figures of realistic humans. Of course, as mentioned above, the basic software is free but these features come at a certain price.

While simply buying realistic figures to work with is one thing, the capabilities of the program do not end here. With DAZ 3D, you can also apply facial expressions to your characters which will make them look even more genuine. You can also use this for certain sceneries where you need a specific expression.

Last but not least, with Genesis 8, you can, in fact, make your characters move, bend, and pose while flexing their major muscle groups.

3D Animation – Modeling & Rendering

Besides Genesis 8, there is another software product by DAZ 3D which is equally advanced. It is called Hexagon and is used to create the actual 3D animation. It is equipped with the latest 3D animation tools and accessories but is fairly easy to use even for beginners. After all, you can also always take advantage of the incredible tutorials on the website.

You will use Hexagon during the entire animation process until you finally render your content. It allows you to easily build 3D models of humans and creatures while giving you the opportunity to move them and inspect them from each possible angle during the creation.


DAZ 3D Website

The DAZ 3D website is incredibly simple for such a complex technology. The creators have chosen to stay away from the regular flashy designs overfilled with advertisements and needless sections. The entire front page is dedicated to their different software with quick-access links to each one.

Their website is divided into a few simple sections. Depending on what you need, you can go to their “Technology” page and read about each platform/software in depth. In addition, you can instantly go to their download page and get your hands on the incredible program.

From the “Shop” page, you can take a look at all of the incredible accessories, pre-made art, etc. that are available for everyone. Available at a certain cost, of course. The trial version of the program can be downloaded for free in addition to an incredible amount of technologies but if you want to dive deep into the world of 3D animation from the start, you might need to spend an extra dollar on quite a few things.

Of course, there is a “Help” section which can benefit from some improvements. According to customer reviews, the help section of DAZ 3D does not cover enough questions and is not always helpful. On the other hand, their customer service can be reached via different sources and is incredibly adequate.

Overall, this is the perfect tool/application for both beginners and professionals. It is perfect if you are not yet sure that 3D animation is your piece of cake as it comes for free. If you want to seriously advance in this business, you might need to spend some money in the beginning.



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