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Digicel is the leading mobile service provider in the Caribbean, Asia Pacific, and Central America regions. Until around a decade ago, countries in these regions were really behind in terms of mobile technology. Nowadays, Digicel offers a variety of flexible talk and text plans at low costs available through both long and short term contracts.


About the company

Digicel was founded by Denis O’Brien in 2001 after he saw an opportunity for selling mobile licenses in Jamaica. His project was an absolute success and in just 100 days they had signed over 100 000 subscribers. This instant success allowed the company to expand to the Caribbean and South Pacific in a matter of years. Today, its services are available in 34 countries in these regions and they have over 14 million users. It is interesting that despite being registered in Bermuda, the company has its main office in Ireland.

Before we continue with their website and services, we have to mention how they succeeded as a company. Instead of focusing towards the large and rich countries, Digicel turned their eyes on the smaller distant countries that nobody else would. This easily made them the largest mobile service provider everywhere they went. This can be easily proven when you see that they have more than 14 million users in a territory span which has around 40 million population in total.


About the Digicel website

The Digicel website has a simple and straightforward design. The main page when you enter the website is relatively short. It has the aim to immediately introduce the strong sides of the company. The first thing you will see are three of the most popular available services. Just below them, there is a display of the strengths of the company itself. Such are the years in business, the number of countries and customers, and an estimate of the total of financial investments by Digicel.

Immediately below the strengths is a list of all countries that Digicel serves. If you are not very familiar with Geography, there is a chance that you have not heard a lot of those countries. Through this list, you can get re-directed to the separated markets of each country. All you need to do is click on the respective country you need.

Just at the end of the main page, you can see the Community section where you can see news from the Digicel network.

Naturally, the website has a quick access bar just below its logo. From there, you can enter all the different informative pages and services available by the company. We will review the services one by one but first here are all the pages available through the access bar:

  • About us
  • What we do
  • Where we are
  • Community
  • Work with us
  • Media
  • Investor relations



Digicel currently offers four types of services that are not always available in all countries. In fact, only mobile services are active in all 34 countries on the list. Let’s take a closer look at what Digicel puts on the table.


The services, costs, and plans vary by country. To begin with, Digicel has a variety of devices available for purchase. You can even choose them together with a mobile service plan. In addition, there are tablets also.

As for the plans, they are separated into two types – pre-paid and post-paid. Plans vary in the number of services included and cost. Besides that, you have access to everything from your own account on the website and you can pay for everything through the website.

Possibly the best available mobile service is the Digicel Online Top Up. It allows you to purchase a pre-paid plan or credit for any active number at any given time. All you need is to choose the amount of data and period and pay through your personal account.

Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment is available only in 10 countries. It is separated into three services but there are bundles as well. Firstly, there is Fibre TV, which logically is a television subscription. There are a variety of plans at different rates. Of course, the more expensive ones give you access to a lot more channels and programs.

Then, there is Fibre Broadband. Through this, you can separately subscribe for internet connection. Digicel aims to deliver the fastest home broadband speed in every country. Although that is not always possible, the overall quality of this service is great. Once again, there are four different plans at different rates. The bigger the plan, the faster the upload and download speed, and overall capabilities.

Live Streaming

Digicel offers a platform for live streaming called PlayGo. You can download it on your computer, your Android or Apple device. Although it is free for download, you need to pay for a subscription. Becoming a paid user allows you to browse through a library with over 4500 hours of movies and TV shows. In addition, you can watch over 15 sports and kids channels that are otherwise unavailable.

Business Solutions

In addition to all mobile and home services, Digicel has a platform for business inquiries. What this means is that you can request a consultation with one of over 250 specialists regarding any type of business questions. For example, if you are a starting entrepreneur and need advice with cost reduction, marketing, etc., you can use this Digicel service and get answers from professionals.


Additional Perks

As we mentioned, all services vary in different countries. In addition, depending on the plan of choice, you can receive some additional perks that you are not expecting. If you are debating whether to use Digicel, here are some examples that might convince you.

Unlimited access to social networks

It all depends on the plan of choice. Some of the more expensive mobile internet plans will give you unlimited access to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. After all, the majority of people spend most of their time on the phone on such platforms.

Data Rollover

Any minutes and data that has not been used get accrued to the plan for next month. This means that you will not be wasting anything with Digicel.

Loyalty points

This service is once again not available in all countries. However, in some, you can earn those points and get discounts in the future. It is another way of giving back to customers.


Final Thoughts

Digicel rose to fame in a matter of months due to starting out at the right place and time, in addition to great marketing strategies. It is a company that chose regions and countries that everyone else decided to omit.

Today, almost two decades later, the company continues to deliver services that stand out in terms of quality and prices in their respective regions. If you live or plan to travel to Central America, Asia Pacific, or the Caribbean, Digicel is the one provider to single out.



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