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The 10 Best Drawstring Backpacks

A drawstring bag is not technically something high fashion, but it is best than most of the other bags. This backpack is the best friend of speedrunners, gym freaks, and travel enthusiasts for obvious reasons. Finding a drawstring bag is not difficult, and when you find the perfect one, it can provide you many benefits. It is one of those products that can be used by everyone and serve different purposes. So, if you are interested in buying one of these drawstring backpacks, then we are here to help you.


The Best Drawstring Backpacks (Carrying Capacity, Durability, Cost, & More Considered)

Budget Pick – G4Free Drawstring Backpack String Backpack

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If you are looking for an excellent drawstring backpack under $10 than the G4Free String Backpack is the best choice for you because of its simple design and an incredible price. Unlike many other products available in the market, a drawstring backpack gets more point for simplicity because that is the USP which has made them popular among sports enthusiasts and gym-goers.

The G4Free does not let you down when it comes to quality and the overall design. The bag itself is made from a waterproof mixture of nylon and other fabrics that make it soft and pleasing. The stitching on this bag is impeccable and does not have any flaws which are surprising when we consider the price of this product.

Drawstring backpacks usually do not have a pocket and you have to manage by stuffing everything inside. The G4Free, however, comes with a large mesh pocket inside and a separate mesh pocket outside as well. You can keep your membership card, phone, headphones, and other devices in the smaller pocket. The inside one is large enough to put a basketball so you’ll always have enough space with this bag.

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Talking about sports gear and not mentioning brands like Adidas and Nike is almost criminal.  Our list also features both of these brands but based on the rating on popular e-commerce markets, the Adidas Alliance II Sackpack is the most popular drawstring backpack as of 2020.

The simplistic design, some awesome add-on features along with the recognition that comes with the Adidas name are some of the major contributing factors of this bag’s popularity. The material used in the bag’s construction is 100% premium polyester that makes it durable and easily washable by hand. The polyester lining is stitched beautifully and gives this bag the ability to carry a lot of weight when needed. You also get a secure external pocket to keep things that you need quick access to, along with enough space to keep your water bottles, shoes, spare clothes, or anything else separately.

The shoulder straps of the Adidas Alliance Sackpack are some of the most durable in the market that has also increased the product’s positive reviews. The straps do not stop at being durable only, they are also extremely comfortable to wear and even if you are carrying a lot of weight, you won’t feel a thing with this incredible bag.

Most Spacious – Legendary Drawstring Gym Bag – Waterproof

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Drawstring backpacks, in general, focus on providing exceptional value to the customers while keeping the design as simple as possible. However, the Legendary Drawstring Gym Bag stands out with the unique design that allows it to come loaded with several features. The bag comes with multiple internal pockets and a large weight carrying capacity. Additionally, the bag comes with multiple external pockets that can be used to keep water bottles, towels, phones, wallets, and other belongings easily.

Perhaps the biggest feature that makes the bag stand out is its top compartment which is separate and large enough to hold a basketball. The internal compartments are also ventilated so your bag won’t retain any unpleasant smells.

Some people might be concerned about the quality but the Legendary Drawstring Gym Bag even gets full points in that department. The material it’s made of is 100% waterproof and cannot be ripped easily. On top of it all, the bag comes with a lifetime replacement warranty and an offer for a full refund within 30 days if you don’t like what you buy.

Puma Evercat Contender 2.0 Carrysack Accessory

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The Puma Evercat Carrysack is known for its customization capabilities and extended space that is hard to find in other backpacks. Designed to perfection with 100% polyester and adjustable shoulder straps, the bag is perfect for anyone. Whether you need it to carry your gym supplies or to keep all your things together for a basketball session, the Puma Evercat will not disappoint you and fulfill your needs.

From the outside, the bag seems very simple but it comes with extra space and internal pockets to keep your items separate. Now you don’t have to keep a separate bag for your gym shoes, your backpack has everything covered! Another unique feature of the Puma Evercat Carrysack is its shoulder straps. In our research, we didn’t find any top-quality drawstring backpack that comes with adjustable shoulder straps so you can wear the bag properly and set it according to your height.

Overall, the bag is a great cost-effective option for customers who like to have extended space in their bags to keep everything neatly organized. You are also given the option to select between multiple attractive colors if you love to accessorize.

Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack

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The Nike Brasilia Training Gymsack is another popular choice among customers who are looking for a simple and convenient bag for their workout and games. The bag is pretty basic if we take a look at the features only. However, its premium quality is something that sets it apart from all the other alternatives available in the market. The bag is made from 100% polyester and can be washed by hand or in a machine. It also comes with a guarantee that the color would not fade away and your bag would always keep on looking fresh and new.

The internal section is separated with a polyester divider you won’t have to keep your dirty and clean thing together anymore. Additionally, the bottom is made from a breathable mesh material that keeps the air flowing and prevents the bag from smelling like old socks.

For your essential things, the bag also comes with an external zipper pocket that is hidden to keep your valuables accessible and safe. The shoulder straps are also very comfortable and keep the weight off from your shoulders so you can comfortably take the bag with you. You get the option of selecting from different color schemes and designs so you can buy the best bag that looks good with your regular workout gear.

Other Drawstring Backpacks That Work Great

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Why should you Buy a Drawstring Backpack?

Reducing Carbon Footprints

All of us are aware of the world’s condition. Due to the excess use of plastic, land and water pollution is skyrocketing. A drawstring bag cannot make all the global issues disappear, but it can reduce individuals’ carbon footprint. Use a drawstring backpack while shopping for groceries and use your backpack instead of plastic ones.

Carrying Books

Anyone who is an avid reader and buys books regularly knows that these books can be cumbersome. Paperbacks are relatively easy to carry than the hardcover ones. And carrying these books in your arms for an extended period can cause muscle strain. Using a lightweight drawstring backpack can help you take the books wherever you want. And it can also fit other stationery, wallet, and phone to the library.

For Gym Clothes

Are you a fitness geek? Well, a drawstring backpack is going to be your best friend. Who likes to carry those huge bags just to pack some gym clothes? A drawstring bag is small and lightweight; it can take as much or as little you want. Just want to pack some clothes? Drawstring bag will do it, but you can add a towel and even soap if you would like to. It is also an excellent option for carrying a swimsuit.

Suitable for Traveling

Either you are traveling with your family, friends, or alone, the most tiresome part is packing stuff. Clothes go in a big suitcase, then toiletries go in a smaller one, and shoes get a separate bag. But you can just use a drawstring bag to pack essentials and put these bags in the bigger. And after unpacking the bag, you can use the drawstring bag as a simple backpack.


DIY Drawstring Backpack – Is it Worth It?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Because it depends on where you live and the skills you have. For example, if someone knows how to sew and have material available, then it is best to DIY. But if you are going to buy $50 worth of material and stitch like an amateur, the bag will not be useable.


Features to Consider

To get the perfect Drawstring bag, it is essential to do research. It does not mean that you would have to spend 5 hours just to buy a bag. But just read the following features and consider them before buying. It will not only make a selection the bag much more comfortable but also the bag would be worth the money.

Size of the Drawstring Backpack

The size of the bag depends on the preference of each individual. If you face carrying more stuff, then get a bigger bag and a small bag for lesser items. It is just like buying any other bag, choose the size depending on the stuff you want to carry.


One of the main factors that make a backpack durable is the material of the bag. A 100% polyester bag would last longer than cheaper fabric. Just make sure the material is strong enough to hold the weight of the stuff you are carrying.

Color of the Material

It is expected to gravitate towards funky colors like neons. But unless your whole wardrobe is filled with bright colors do not buy anything too loud. Stick with the nudes and primary colors such as black and white. It not only makes the bag looks more expensive than it is, but muted colors make it easier to pair up with everyday outfits.

Quality of Construction

The other factor that will guarantee the lifespan of the backpack is the quality. If you observe any loose stitches or broken threads, then it is best not to purchase the bag. This step might be hard for people who are shopping online. So, check the reviews to see if the quality of the bag is good or not.

Additional Storage

This feature is slightly different than the size of the whole bag. Because a lot of the times, you can pack two different types of things together. For example, no one wants their water bottle to leak and ruin their books. So, look for a bag with extra storage. A bag with a separate zipper and a place to hold the bottle can work great.

Shoulder Straps

Usually, the string of the bag work as the shoulder straps as well. But it is possible to get a backpack with separate shoulder straps. So, it depends on you. If the user has no problem with strings shoulder straps, then it is fine. But for other people, there is an option for padded shoulder straps.

Washing Machine Compatible

Using a bag regularly means you have to wash it at least once a month. And if the bag is been used for gym clothes, then it is best to wash it once a week. The bags that are compatible with machine wash takes less time and effort. Just pop it in with other laundries whenever you want.


The price of a drawstring bag depends on a few factors. For example, extra storage, premium quality, and branded backpacks cost more. Cheaper drawstrings backpacks are not hard to find, but those bags will not last long. So, in the long term, it is not a good plan. If a bag is under $30 it is a good deal.



It is safe to say that you can easily find a drawstring bag online. But to get the “perfect” backpack for your need needs a little research. Just read the reviews and look at the stars a product has. Priorities your preferred features to get a bag that is value for your money.

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