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5 Best Electric Erasers


As an artist or an architect, you might encounter various occasions where you have to erase a portion drawn for corrections. Using conventional erasers can, however, leave a pencil or ink mark which affects the quality of the drawings. To solve this issue, and to prevent hand fatigue, electric erasers are available in the market that can erase pencil, charcoal, and ink swiftly.


Best Electric Erasers

Editor’s Choice – Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

The Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit is our editor’s choice, owing to it being an amalgamation of the best features that an artist could ever ask for. This particular electric eraser is made up of stainless steel, which makes it a long-lasting product. Because, no matter which surface is it used and for how long, it stays in the same condition for a long period. ABS, which is also a major component in its making, adds to the durability of this product.  With the weight of this product being merely 0.22 lbs., it gets extremely easy for the user to hold it for longer periods.

Apart from these features, the control that the shape of this product offers to the users is spellbinding. With this high-level control, it gets possible for the user to erase precisely what he wants to erase from the written or drawn thing. While drafting and drawing extremely complex figures, the user gets able to keep things well under his control. Using this tool is extremely easy, which makes it our editor’s choice. A single button push makes the action of the artist swift and quick.

Best Overall Choice – Mont Marte Electric Eraser

Mont Marte Electric Eraser comes with as many as thirty refills for the erasing purpose. It makes it the best overall item that one could opt for. As a matter of fact, it offers its users with an ergonomic handle. One can say that it is quite easy to use. An artist always needs to take many twists and turns when it comes to erasing the difficult patterns and recreating the art. A high level of precision is thus a requirement. This would make the erasing process a lot easier and convenient. With this Ergonomic handle providing the artists with the maximum level of control. It is easy for him to use it in whichever complex way does he want to use.

Along with this, the eraser operates with batteries. This makes it an even more efficient system, giving it the status of being the best overall electric eraser. The 2AAA batteries are used in this eraser, which reduces the chances of this eraser stopping its work abruptly. Though the user has to buy the batteries himself, it makes this eraser a cordless system, adding to the ease with which it is used. Along with this, this eraser comes with a single button. This makes controlling the eraser and using it with a higher level of comfort.

Most Popular – Meikeer Electric Eraser Kit

For artists, the most important thing is to use an eraser that is extremely easy to use. Erasers that come with a lot of buttons make the process of changing the already made art extremely tough. It problem arrives when the user has to memorize the usage of every button that is a part of this eraser, further making the process complicated. This particular razor comes with a single button, pushing which does the entire work. All one needs to do is to place the eraser tip on the mark that needs to be removed, and rotate all the part that is not needed anymore. This simple movement of the eraser makes the whole process quite swift and efficient. That features make is the most popular item.

The eraser also has a rotary motor inside it, which makes its functions much more accurate. Along with this motor is a refill system, through which the rubber erasers refills periodically. Using the crumbs that come along with the package, it is easy to clean the brush and keep the eraser working for a long period.

Sakura EE-3000 Electric Eraser Kit

If you are an artist who has to use the electric eraser quite a lot to rectify the mistakes made. You surely need a long-lasting product. The durability of the eraser, in such a situation, matters a lot. Sakura EE-3000 Electric Eraser Kit is surely the best product to opt for when it comes to choosing an eraser. One that will aid the artist for extensive usage. For a qualified and proficient designer as well as an illustrator. It is surely important to choose a product that is extremely reliable and dependable. This is since it is the performance of this eraser kit upon which the overall looks of the art will depend upon.

With a very lightweight of mere 2.8 ounces, the artist can hold it for a long period. Also, can use the product precisely. Along with this, it is a cordless option, which makes it a portable item to opt for. This adds to the comfort and ease with which the artist can use it. Thus, the precision offered surely sets this eraser kit apart from others when it comes to the performance.

Hillento Electric Erasers

Hillento Electric Erasers are self-sufficient, as they come with a package full of all the items that help in making it work well. The extra eraser, rubber clips, as well as refills of varied diameters, come in the package with this electric eraser. Along with this, it is of stainless steel, which gives the feature of durability to this product. Hence, it is easy to say that artists, no matter how long do they use it, can work with a single eraser quite efficiently. As the erasers that come with this package are of two sizes, the user can use them for varied kinds of artworks.

Powered with a battery, this electric eraser work efficiently and doesn’t tend to stop midway. 2 AAA batteries are a part of this eraser, which gives it the feature of efficacy, making it a must-have item for an artist.

Other Great Electric Erasers to Consider


Common Features of an Electric Eraser

An electric eraser is designed so that it can be held like a normal pen or pencil while the motor inside rotates the eraser at the front end, correcting the errors in the drawings or writings. The eraser can be easily operated by a button and is made up of high-quality materials which prevent the wear of the casing. The electric erasers can be operated by AAA batteries as well as AC current through an adapter. Some electric erasers also come with rechargeable batteries which add an additional feature of portability in this innovative product. The erasing substance in the electric erasers is generally made up of plastic or synthetic sticky gums which provide a better erasing experience without tearing the paper.

An electric eraser is designed for artists and architects to provide them with a comfortable erasing experience. This product is supposed to be used as a pen. The integrated textured feel is meant to provide a better grip to the user, making it easy for them to erase the errors in drawings and writings. The body of the product is also manufactured with high-quality plastic resins that improve the lifetime of the product.

The erasing part of the machine is made up of either plastic or synthetic gums, allowing it to erase the errors without leaving marks or tearing the paper. The erasers are mounted on the axis of an electric motor and are mostly of circular or cylindrical shape. They are grasped by a metal holder inside the plastic body, allowing users to pull the dirty erasers out or switch them out on a plain paper. New models of electric erasers are operated by rechargeable AAA batteries, increasing the portability of the product while also making it more accommodating to use. The shape of the electric eraser also enables the artist to erase details in complex parts where conventional erasers cannot be used. The button on the electric eraser is also situated as such so that it is easy to use, making the product more ergonomically suitable.


Who is the Target Market for Electric Erasers?

An electric eraser is best suited for architects, artists, and writers that can easily be used to remove errors and add details to the drawings, writings, maps, etc. The added texture of the product provides a great grip to the users. The grip enables the user to relieve hand fatigue which can affect the quality of the drawing. Moreover, the electric eraser is also suited for people who are suffering from arthritis or some other issues due to which they cannot use a conventional eraser.

The lightweight and compact design of the product also increases its adaptability. The eraser in the machine is of circular or cylindrical shape so it can be used in complex parts where the conventional eraser cannot erase much effectively. Due to its high erasing speed, it is also suitable for writers who are short on time. An electric eraser prevents the drawings from getting dirty and messy so it is widely popular in artists who want to add details to the drawings or paintings. The electric eraser can erase ink or charcoal as well as simple pencil marks so it is suitable to be used by different kinds of users.

Thus an electric eraser is not specially designed for some particular users. It is equally useful for all users who want to get rid of the mess created by conventional erasers, make quick corrections without wasting time and those who want to add details in their drawings.


Features to Look for When Buying an Electric Eraser

When buying an electric eraser, the vast variety of options available in the market can make the selection process difficult. Ranging from differences in motor speed to the erasing quality, finding the right product suitable for you can become an issue. This issue can be easily dealt with by keeping track of the following characteristics:


Electric erasers are available in the market in various sizes. The size of the product will depend upon the usage. Mostly the electric erasers with the size of the pen are the most suitable ones. If you are buying an electric eraser to be used in drawings or maps, a small one is usually preferred by artists to highlight the minute details. Similarly, for corrections in writings, the electric eraser of any size can be used.

Battery timing

The battery size may differ in different electric erasers. Some electric erasers have larger batteries offering more usage time as compared to other similar products. However, it is important to remember that the size and speed of the motor will also affect the battery of the eraser. So do understand the kind of usage you require before purchasing an electric eraser to have the most optimum experience.


Price is another deciding factor that will make the buying procedure easy. Some electric erasers are available in the market whose quality and features are not in accordance with their price while others provide a brilliant experience despite having a low price. As such, before making a final decision, always check the reviews available online.


Concluding Remarks

An electric eraser is a handy and must-have product if you’re someone who works a lot with paper. It can get rid of hand fatigue, is more effective than conventional erasers and does not tear the paper. Its capability to erase errors in unusual spaces is also a huge factor of consideration that is increasing its demands by artists, writers, architects, etc.

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