Editors Pick – 5 Best Electric Log Splitters For Home Use

best electric log splitters

Electric log splitters are the perfect solution for those looking to automate the laborious task of splitting logs. If you haven’t read our guide on log splitters, I highly recommend that you take a peak first. However, having said that, this article focuses on electric log cutters that you can use at home. More specifically, we break down our top 5 most-recommended electric log splitters for you to purchase online and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Let’s jump into it!


Editors Opinion – The Best Electric Log Splitters For Home Use

Wen Electric Log Splitter

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Wen electric log splitter is devised to help divide logs into small pieces either for firewood or timber. During winter, a lot of wood is needed to keep the house warm and for cooking and it’s therefore wise to procure this device for efficient cracking of the logs. Also, when constructing houses, timber is one of the materials required, usually for roofing. Owning this log splitter saves on the cost of leasing the machine and of acquiring wood. The splitter is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance for it avails the user with a quick and consistent star-ups. The instrument is smoke-free, thus putting into consideration those allergic to smoke and poisonous gases. Wen electric log splitter has an onboard pull handle and two never-flat wheels that increase mobility, making it easy to ferry from home to the trees plantation. Fortunately, the Wen Company offers a two-year warranty for this product so customers can return it in case of any difficulties in operation.

Features and specs

  1. 15-amp motor: The strong motor provides more than thirteen thousand pounds for wood splitting pressure that simplifies even the hardest logs’ splitting process.
  2. Side-mounted support wings: These protect logs from touching down during the cracking process.
  3. Auto-return cylinder: The cylinder pulls back naturally after the splitting is over, maximizing work efficiency.
  4. 5.5-inch never-flat wheels: The wheels ensure easy storage and portability from one place to another.
  5. 34-inch stand mount: Wen electric log splitter has a stand that grants users a choice to work either while standing or bending. This characteristic enables anyone with health issues, especially those with back problems, to work while standing.

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

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The Boss industrial electric log splitter is made using very advanced technology. It can be used either inside or outside the house since it neither emits smoke nor toxic-gases. During winter, the demand for firewood increases. Owning this product will help cater to wood and timber shortage. This log splitter doesn’t require special training to operate it and can be used by anybody under its manual guideline. This splitter has two wheels that aid its transportation to where they are needed. The cost of acquiring and maintaining this product is very low compared to leasing the splitter’s long-term cost. The Boss electric splinter comes with a warranty of two years, meaning customers can return the products for servicing and in case of accidental breakages. Numerous customer reviews state that” the item has the capability to handle wide and hardest logs with a lot of ease within a short period of time.” This device has a patent hydraulic system that grants it a competitive advantage in the market of electric log splitters.

Features and specs

  1. 2 HP electric motor: The motor is mighty and can break the most problematic trees. The mighty motor makes work on logs easy and can break many trees within a short period.
  2. Automatic ram return: The ram naturally retracts after every split, translating to less time and time used between the logs.
  3. One-handed: It consists of one hand that simplifies trees’ breaking process into firewood and timber.
  4. Side rails: The Boss electric log splitter has rails on every side. The side rails increase the stability of logs while splitting is taking place.


Southland SELS60

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Southland electric log splitter is designed especially for cracking logs for timber and firewood. Its demand rises during cold seasons since people need firewood in plenty to warm their house because it’s the cheapest source of heat. The gadget works efficiently with less energy and time required. Operating the splitter requires no special skills but only following the directives provided in the manual. It is easy to transfer this product from one place to another since it has wheels that aid in transportation and storage. The item is of small size and will require a small area to store it. Southland electric log splitter is friendly to the environment since it discharges no smoke nor harmful gases. The splitter can be used by anybody, whether young or elderly, because it requires less energy to operate. Most customer reviews state that “This kind of splinter is of good quality, easy to operate, and exceeds their expectations.” It is, therefore, necessary to acquire this product due to its high standard and exceptional benefits.

Features and specs

  1. 1.75 HP, 15 amp motor: The Southland electric log splitter contains a very strong motor that capacitates the device to crack hard and wide logs. It thus requires less effort and time to accomplish the task.
  2. Steel wedge: The heavy-duty steel wedge found in this log splitter quickens the splitting process. Also, it breaks the logs with a lot of ease.
  3. Vertical storage option: This feature enables the item to occupy a small space in the house or a workshop.
  4. Stroke limiter: The presence of an integrated stroke limiter shortens the cycle times for small logs, thus maximizing the product’s efficiency.
  5. Wheels: It contains two wheels that enhances its portability and movement to work stations. These wheels also provide maximum stability for the machine while at work.


Yardmax YS0552

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This product is engineered to meet customer needs and preferences. Less energy is required to handle the machine. It enables women and the elderly to tackle the tough considered jobs independently with this gadget’s help. The presence of an adjustable stand ensures one doesn’t suffer from back pains that arise as a result of working while bending. Yardmax electric log splitter is easy to use and requires less effort than manual ones. Its log tray help in holding the already split logs. During the winter season, one needs to own a log splitter due to the doubled want for firewood to warm the houses. The user safety is well catered for since the splitter is two-handed. Assembling the splitter is relatively easy and no second party is required. A two-year warranty supports this instrument for domestic residences and ninety days for business people.

Features and specs

  1. Stroke limiter: Stroke limiter lessens the time taken in splitting shorter logs.
  2. 5 ton RAM force: The mighty RAM force improves the product convenience and efficiency by ensuring that work is done faster.
  3. 15 amp motor: The powerful motor aids in woodcutting and reduces the pressure of cracking the most solid logs.
  4. Cylinder cycle: This splitter has a short cylinder cycle that automatically pulls back after every split hence less energy. In addition, the splitting process is not time-consuming and as a result, one can split multiple logs within a short duration.
  5. Stand: The stand offers a firm working area. Also, the stand allows those who cannot squat as a result of health complications to work while standing working while standing prevents back pains experiences and makes one work for long without tiring fast.
  6. 99.8 pounds weight and 7 diameter wheel: Yardmax electric log splitter lightweight and flexible wheels make the item portable. One can therefore move it indoors, especially during rainy seasons. The wheels render this type of slitter mobile.


Sun Joe LJ603E

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This type of woodcutter is manufactured to cater for your everyday house chores, particularly log cutting. It facilitates firewood and timber cutting with no difficulties. There is a lot of cold in the houses in rainy seasons, and the need for heat arises. Since firewood is a readily available and cheap source of heat, buying Sunjoe electric log splitter is the best solution during such seasons. This device is also used to cut standard-sized timber used in carpentry work and roofing buildings. The operator’s safety is guaranteed due to the existence of an overload circuit button and a two-handed safety switch system. The cutter lightweight and rear wheels render it movable. With this item, the task becomes a pushover, particularly to disabled persons, for the can operate it while seated. Luckily, Sunjoe electric splinter has a two-year warranty.

Features and specs

  1. Rear Wheels: Moving the cutter to different areas is simplified due to its rear wheels’ existence. These wheels give extra support during as the log cutting takes place.
  2. 15 amp motor: A strong motor that engenders a driving force of five tons that facilitates cutting the hardest fell trees at the desired standard size.
  3. Steel frame: Its hardy construction with superior metal prolongs the splitter’s lifespan and consequently minimizes the level of wear and tear. The steel frame provides fantastic stability for the machine and the logs as well.
  4. Weight of 92.6 pounds: The cutter is light and can be carried around the compound.
  5. Switch system: Contains a double-handed switch system, thus a promising safety for those using it.