The Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners For Your Money

Are you in the market for a new electric pencil sharpener? If so, you’re likely wondering which one is the best option for your needs and budget. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best electric pencil sharpeners available on the market today. We’ll also provide tips on what to consider when making your purchase. Let’s get started!


The Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners You Can Buy

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1) Bostitch’s Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener


The Bostich Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener is a top seller in its category. This compact design has equipped with HHC cutter, proven to last four times longer than standard motors. The HHC cutter has also designed to prevent stalling resulting in Hassel free sharpening for each use.

Another feature that comes along with the Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener is a safety switch. This switch is to prevent injury when the tray has opened for cleaning.

This electric sharpener has also equipped with a high capacity pencil shavings tray. You do not need to frequently empty plate.

Last but not least, this device is a wired device. No batteries are required to operate. Simply plug the electric sharpener into an outlet and insert a dull pencil that needs to be sharpened to perfection.

At A Glance:

  • Backed by an extremely popular brand that has shown product quality in the marketplace.
  • Easy to use electric pencil sharpener – built to last you years on end
  • Works great for personal use or in a professional or classroom setting


2) Bostitch’s Personal Electric Sharpener


At A Glance:

  • Another personal styled electric pencil sharpener by Bostitch, a durable and well-known brand in the pencil industry.
  • Easy to use – Simply plug in the device and insert your dull or unsharpened pencil (or colored-pencil) into the main hole
  • Super easy to throw out the pencil shavings – just pull out the shaving draw and empty it in your nearest recycle bin


3) Aogwat’s Pencil Sharpener (Portable)


At A Glance:

  • Completely portable – operates on batteries
  • Easy to use electric pencil sharpener that offers a fresh design on the pencil sharpener
  • Works exceptionally well and can be used on both pencils and colored pencils


4) AFMAT’s Electric Pencil Sharpener


The AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener is truly an electric sharpener that fits the heavy-duty class. You will be sure to get your money’s worth. This machine is UL listed, making it a safe electric sharpener for the classroom. The AFMAT has also colored pencil friendly; the electric sharpener will not dull out with such pencils.

The dimensions of the AFTMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener are 6.5 inches long X 3.15 inches wide X 3.55 Inches high. It has furnished with a heavy-duty helical blade, this blade in comparison to most electric pencil sharpeners have made out of complete metal. This will increase durability and the life span of the unit. Most electric pencil sharpener blades have made with a mix of plastic and metal. This is not the case with the AFTMAT.

One neat feature that comes along with the AFTMAT is overheated protection. This will prevent the machine from causing internal damages after heavy use. The sharpener will automatically shut down for 10 minutes to allow it to cool down. Another great feature is the safety switch that has incorporated into the shavings tray. Once the shavings tray has removed, it will seize all operations. It is equipped with non-skid foot pads, to avoid slipping around.

At A Glance:

  • AFMAT’s electric pencil sharpener is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a durable and reliable electric pencil sharpener
  • this electric pencil sharpener works fast, is easy to empty the shaving drawer, and is backed by thousands of positive reviews online
  • Perfect for personal/home environments, classrooms, or even in professional settings


5) X-ACTO’s Pencil Sharpener


School going children are not the only ones that work with different pencils daily. Many professionals like engineers, architects, artists, and designers also rely on different types of pencils to create and improve their work. The pencils they use are a little bit different than what we regularly see in schools, so their requirements will also be different. The X-ACTO Electric Pencil Sharpener is designed specifically for these professionals.

The first thing you’ll see in this electric sharpener is a unique design. The sharpener is designed for dealing with pencils of any size. The sharpener inlet can be easily adjusted according to the size of your pencil. It comes with six different sizes. Additionally, the electric sharpener comes with various other features as well. The large receptacle tray for shavings, auto reset technology to prevent overheating, and the safe start feature that stops operation as soon as the receptacle is removed, are some of the incredible qualities that make this electric sharpener popular among professional artists.

At A Glance:

  • Easy to use electric pencil sharpener (must be plugged into the wall to operate)
  • Cool design and easy to use on a regular basis
  • Designed for durability in mind – expect this electric pencil sharpener to assist you for years on end



A Practical Shopping Guide For Electric Pencil Sharpeners

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But… Why Buy An Electric Pencil Sharpener?

Manual pencil sharpeners not only waste your time and effort but also break the pencil’s tip that results in pencil wastage. This can be prevented with the use of an electric pencil sharpener.

An electric sharpener features a cutter blade that runs thorough electric motor powered by battery usually AA batteries to sharpener pencil’s tip automatically. The carbon steel blades make for the smoothest and sharpest tip points of even the low-quality cheap lead pencils. With so many benefits and ease of use, it’s hard to say no to an electric pencil sharpener.

Saves your time

This handy stationery tool saves your time by sharpening dull pencils in just a few seconds. An electric pencil sharpener is very fast; it can sharp 5 to 6 pencils in the time you take to sharpen one pencil with a traditional manual sharpener. It is essential for classrooms and offices where each minute is important. Students can sharpen their pencils without wasting any time. The Same is the case with the office; you don’t want to lose concentration, focus, or time during work just to sharpen pencils.

Less effort and less mess

Unlike hand-operated manual sharpeners where you have to put so much effort to sharp your broken pencil tip. No more sore fingers and hand with constant pencil sharpening, electric pencil sharpeners like Tihoo and OfficeGoods provides automatic pencil-sharpening without any effort. Plus, they are easy to and safe to use by everyone even small kids. Moreover, there will be no mess; electric sharpeners come with built-in removable reservoirs that collect the sharpener’s shaving and dust.

Saves Money

Instead of buying many traditional pencil sharpeners that break easily or have a cheap-quality blade, it is better to invest in a reliable, effective, and durable stationery product. An electric sharpener is a one-time purchase to sharpener your writing implements for many years.

Better sharpening with a quality tip

The fineness and quality of the pencil tip play a great role in writing. Manually sharpening the pencil gives you uneven tip with a blunt border as mechanical traditional sharpeners are not that powerful. However, electric sharpeners offer better sharpening performance with a balanced, fine, and sharp point pencil tip that is easier for writing and drawing.


Important Features To Consider In An Electric Pencil Sharpener

Though very useful, most people end up buying the cheap quality electric sharpeners as there are many brands in the market. To invest in a good electric pencil sharpener, make sure to carefully consider the following things before your purchase.

Most of these devices feature an automatic operation sensor that senses that a pencil is inserted and sends a signal to the feedback system to turn on the motor to sharpen the pencil. After achieving the perfect trimming and tip, the sharpener automatically shuts off. Modern manufacturers have also introduced options to sharpen the pen according to the user’s convenience.

These options include the sharp, medium, and blunt sharpening, which can be selected by the user according to his usage. The design of the electric sharpener is quite sturdy and is designed to be carried around. They are also offered in different colors, which can add to the aesthetics of the office or classroom.

Electric pencil sharpeners can be operated through an AC adapter, AA batteries or a USB input. Some of the sharpeners incorporate rechargeable batteries, which can be carried around and can be used in case of electricity cut off. As young students mostly use a pencil, so the safety features of this device are also important.

The manufacturers also kept this thing in mind and have introduced some safety features in electric pencil sharpeners. The steel blades are covered with a shaving cover made up of plastic or some other material. The sharpener is incorporated with sensors that are capable of shutting down the operation in case the shaving cover is removed or damaged. The design of the sharpener also reduces the operation time considerably.

A standard electric pencil sharpener is designed to complete the operation in about 15 seconds. Some pencil sharpeners also can sharpen multiple pencils at a single time. The electric pencil sharpeners can also grind the color pencils and the regular lead pencil, making this device useful for the artists and students.

Pencil size

Most of the standard pencils have 8mm diameter but some pencils can be a bit thick with 10 or 11mm diameter. If you work with different sizes and shapes of pencils that include hexagonal, triangle, or circular, make sure to buy an electric sharpener with multiple sharpening dials with various sizes to accommodate every pencil size. Nearly all pencil sharpeners have a standard 8mm hole or dual holes. However, X-Acto ProSharp, Westcott iPoint Axis, Bostitch QuietSharp, and Ledah electric sharpeners have a rotating disc with 6 holes for different pencil shapes and sizes.

Lead point and sharpening angle

Some people like sharp pointy tip while others prefer round or blunt lead tip, so the sharpening angle is an important factor to consider when buying an electric sharpener. To prevent wastage to time on shaping your pencil tip, it’s better to go for an electric sharpener that offers multiple nib adjustments from a sharp, medium, and blunt tip depending on your various writing needs. Such electric sharpeners include OfficeGoods, LATOW, RUIYA, and TENWIN offer different adjustments of nib thickness.

Automatic shut-off feature

This feature prevents over-sharpening of your pencil so it lasts longer. The sharpener stops automatically when the right tip is achieved to avoid wasting your pencil. This pencil saver technology not only extends the pencil’s life but also prevents the need to manually stop sharpening operation. Also, the sharpener will turn off automatically to prevent overheating when used excessively. Plus, the auto-shutoff and safe-start are great safety features that prevent injury and make electric sharpeners safe for classroom use.

LINKYO, Stanley Bostitch, and X-Acto electric sharpeners virtually alert you with built-in light on front when a pencil is sharpened.

Large shavings reservoir

In order to create less mess, look for an electric sharpener that has a large size receptacle to hold the shavings and lead dust. Moreover, large container rarely needs emptying and limits the need for emptying container every day. Almost every electric sharpener on the market comes with a transparent receptacle so you can see when it needs to be cleaned. Although emptying the receptacle is hassle-free, just pull it out when full and dump it in the trash.

Power source

Almost all electric sharpeners are battery operated; some run through AA type batteries while others have a power cord that charges it but some are powered directly by the main electrical socket. For better portability and speed, a battery-operated sharpener is a good option. Tenwin and Tihoo electric sharpeners have USB charging features whereas some have an all-charge mode (USB, electricity, and batteries) like OfficeGoods electric sharpener.

Overall Design

The electric pencil sharpener is available in different designs. Some are designed to be operated in a horizontal configuration, while some are designed to be vertical configuration. The choice of the setting depends upon the user’s ease. Similarly, the design of some electric pencil sharpeners can incorporate only one pencil at a time for sharpening, while some can incorporate multiple pens at a time to sharpen them.

Fantastic video talking about some of the popular electric pencil sharpeners and how well they work against colored pencils!

This will again depend upon the usage of the consumer that which sharpener he will choose. The sharpener’s design and color will also add to the aesthetics of the office or the room, so this aspect is essential in making a purchase decision.


Safety features

As students mostly use the sharpeners, so the safety feature is an essential aspect of this device. Mostly electric pencil sharpeners feature sensors that automatically shut off the operation when the shaving cover is removed. Thus, look for the safety features before making a purchase decision.


Which Brands Should You Look For?

There are a lot of popular brands online nowadays. If you’re looking for some long-term brands that have developed a solid reputation with their product’s durability and usability, continue reading. The top electric pencil sharpeners brands that are best in performance and durability for students, artists, business people, and teachers are:

  • OfficeGoods
  • School Smart
  • Tripworthy
  • X-Atco
  • Artist Choice
  • Bostitch Office

All of the above brands are reliable, powerful, fast, and quiet in operation. They feature a high-grade stainless steel helical blade with a 360 ̊rotation spiral drill design that only takes 3-5 seconds to sharpen dull pencils into perfect point tip. Their compact size, sleek, and stylish design fits and complements all desk sizes.

Sharpen your regular pencils or colored pencils quick and easy without any mess with an electric pencil sharpener. A great stationery item!

An electric sharpener is just like the ordinary ones only with the addition of a motor and some circuitry with batteries. The blades are made up of high-quality stainless steel, which is operated through a powerful engine. Some electric sharpeners are designed to be used vertically, while some are designed to be used in the horizontal direction. Almost all of the electronic pencil sharpeners incorporate a waste reservoir that stores the waste, which is created as a result of sharpening the pencil.




If you’re looking for an electric pencil sharpener, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the research and put together a list of the best electric pencil sharpeners on the market, as well as what to look for when shopping for a new one. So whether you need an electric pencil sharpener for your home office or your child’s school desk, we can help you find the perfect one. And if you have any questions along the way, our team of experts are always here to answer them.