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The 7+ Best Electric Staplers

With new inventions and enhancement in the technological sector, standard stationery products have also attained an upgraded level. A most common stationary item, such as a stapler to bind papers together, to keep the files organized and make our work mess-free. With time the stapler was shaped into a more available and upgraded version. Electric staplers are an invention making our lives more comfortable than ever before. These staplers can staple piles of papers in no time with any effort.

An electric stapler is a user-friendly device saving one’s time and energy with having absolutely no noise. Some electric staplers can staple up to 20 to 25 pages in a blink of an eye. Once you’ve put your money on the electric stapler, it saves the rest of your pennies for a long time. You do not need to go to a stationery shop for stapling your files. Not only some electric staplers can staple paper, but some are powerful enough to staple through a cloth or even wood. Just plug the switch and watch the magic happen.


The Best Electric Staplers to Own

Budget Pick – YoRiBo Electric Stapler, Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

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Our first pick is designed to provide customers with all the best features they see in premium electric staplers at half of the average price. The YoRiBo Electric Stapler is perhaps one of the few budget options that perform even better than some of the premium models because of their design and features. The stapler comes with the capability of handling up to 25 sheets of paper at a time which is an accepted industry standard of medium use staplers for offices, schools, and other similar environments.

The compact stapler operated on 4 AA batteries and comes with an AC power cable as well so you are free to use it permanently on the desk or on-the-go according to your need. The stapler as a built-in sensor that allows automatic operation. Simply put the papers inside the opening and the stapler will do its job in minutes. This is a perfect product for you if you work in a file room or your job requires you to handle several documents in a day that need to be stapled. You’ll save time and be more efficient with this product’s effortless operations.

In addition to all of its features, the YoRiBo Electric Stapler offers you a 100% risk-free purchase. It comes with a 3-year extended warranty that offers both replacement and refund so if you don’t like the product, simply contact the manufacturers and you’ll be good hands.

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The EX-25 Automatic Electric Stapler by EcoElectronix is a popular choice for professionals due to its efficient and quiet operation along with a lifetime warranty. The stapler can handle up to 25 sheets of paper at a time and allows you to choose between wired and wireless operation. The stapler works on AA batteries that can last a long time and give you a quick and portable stapler to be used in the office, copy room, staffroom, or a file room.

The stapler operates quietly and automatically so you can make use of it without even touching it at all. With this product, continuous noise coming from different tables whenever someone used a stapler will become a thing of the past. You’ll also save a lot of time that you can now spend productively rather than spending it on jammed staplers.

Some electric staplers available in the market promise convenient operations but fail to provide you a hassle-free refilling process. The patented design of the EcoElectronix stapler allows you so simply pull and push the stapler tray at the top to refill the staples. It also does not need any special type of staple and comes with a depth adjuster to give you more control. Overall, the EX-25 is a great hi-tech option for professionals who regularly deal with staples in their jobs, the effortlessness, convenience along with the confidence it gives with its lifetime warranty is unmatched by some the most high-end alternatives available in the market.

Best for Heavy-Duty Use – PraxxisPro Electric Stapler

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While most of our selections are fine for regular office use but they have a capacity of handling a maximum of 25 sheets at a time. If your work requires you to handle more sheets than that regularly, we recommend using the heavy-duty PraxxisPro Electric Stapler. The stapler is one of the finest electric staplers out there and can do a perfect job. The clinching design gives you greater strength and unmatched sheet capacity. It can handle up to 40 sheets at the same time and comes with 5000 premium staplers with every purchase for free.

In addition to the pack of free staplers, the PraxxisPro Electric Stapler also comes with a premium staple remover so you get a complete set for your desk. The stapler is powered by an AC adapter and allows users to even perform the job manually when required. The users also get a lifetime warranty against any kind of manufacturing defects with this product so you can make your purchase with confidence as you’ll be protected in case of any major defects.

Jiraph Electric Stapler with Staple Remover and 25-Sheet Capacity

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The Jiraph stands out in the market as one of the best electrical staplers because of its functional capabilities and the value it delivers to the customers. The quick and quiet stapler comes loaded and ready to be used from the box so you can start using it as soon as you get your hands on this incredible product. Jiraph gives a guarantee of its electric stapler’s jam-free design. The body is also made from premium quality ABS plastic that contributes to the longevity and durability of this product.

Whether you want to power the Jiraph Electric Stapler with an AC power source or with a couple of batteries, you are free to do so. The automatic stapler also does not need any kind of buttons or similar things to operate. The internal sensors of this electric stapler are advanced and initiate the process as soon as you set up the papers in the tray. For reloading the stapler, you won’t need to go through a tiresome process because every single aspect of this design prioritizes your convenience. The manufacturers also follow a policy of always ensuring 100% customer satisfaction even years after the purchase. Simply reach out and your concerns will be addressed. You can even ask for your money back without any questions or limits, which further increases the number of reasons why you should select this stapler.

Build-in Staple Remover, Electric Automatic Stapler by CNASA

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The all-in-one electric stapler by CNASA is a perfect choice for those customers who focus more on portability and functionality. The compact stapler has similar capabilities when compared with other premium models available in the market but it is also significantly more affordable. You can easily handle about 10 sheets at the same time and the automatic operations allow you to use the device without pressing any buttons.

The compact electric stapler also comes with a built-in staple remover for your convenience. You will also find it very easy to reload the stapler with pins by using the extendable staple tray. For power, the stapler comes with an internal battery that can be charged with a USB cable or an AC adapter. Moreover, you can also charge your stapler very easily by using a power bank or connect it with a laptop. The stapler’s 180 mAh battery lasts a long time and can give you a convenient and portable overall experience.

Other Great Electric Staplers

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How to use an electric stapler?

An electric stapler is easy to use devices having simple steps and not so tricky features to understand. Most electric stapler comes in a box wrap containing the stapler, different sizes, and shapes of staples which one can use according to its need and an instruction manual. You can read the manual if you want to else here are a few simple steps:

  • The first pile up the papers you want to staple.
  • Chose the size of the staple.
  • Also, select the depth of the staple depending on the number of papers you want to staple.
  • Plug the switch and place your pile of sheets between the given space.
  • Press the button and your pages and stapled together in no time without any mess.
  • In case a staple is misplaced, and you can quickly fix it as some electric staples have staple remover at their back.

Some electric staples have sensors for which you do not need to press any buttons. You place your sheets, and the device staples them automatically.


For whom electric staplers are most useful?   

Electric staplers are a luxury, and its everyday usage is in offices, schools, stationery shops, homes, etc. A common man sitting at home can organize his piles of paper within seconds by using an electric stapler. Stationery shop owners can earn a handful of money using this simple device as it is most commonly needed to bind stuff together.

In schools, the majority of the work revolves around the sheets of papers, including assignments, test papers, or even exam sheets, they are all stapled easily with an electric stapler. Pinning a bundle of notes and papers is very difficult and if you have to do it regularly. Electric stapler steps in there to save your day from separate file attaching hassle. Even in offices, an electric stapler is a life-saving device, making your bosses happy with organized archives and mess-free files.


Are electric staplers used other than stapling paper?

Some electric stapler has found a higher purpose than just stapling sheets together. Some are even used by the artists to staple their canvas as they are powerful enough to staple through the wood. Nowadays, most of the furniture-making workers use an electric stapler to staple the cloth and wood together.

This device has a typical application as a replacement for a hammer and nail in wood crafting. It also serves the purpose of binding books, notes, and other stationery requirements, like attaching things to the softwood boards.


 Is it worth it in its price range?

Regular stapler might be an easy and cheap option to have as an alternative, but its benefits are nowhere near as that of an electric stapler. An electric stapler can be super-efficient when it comes to being worth it in its price point. These high-power staplers usually range between $19 to $60. It might sound high as for a stapler, but it can ease up your daily life stationary related tasks to a great extent. Looking at its robust features and the usages, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s a good deal.


Who should use this device?

This device has multiple usages, and yet it is effortless and convenient to handle. An electric stapler is an essential item in a stationery kit, so it’s handy for school students for a daily life notes arrangement purpose. Besides, it is also used for professional purposes by photocopiers to bind all the notes all at once.

Furthermore, an electric stapler has office usages, like people who cater to files and archived storage. It makes life more comfortable to manage files and folders. Not only this, but electric staplers also allow integration of heavy art material like wood and cardboard sheets.



The electric stapler is a fantastic product overall. It has rendered exceptional ease to institutional, official, and professional usage. This device has also brought real advancement to the stationary world, with its robust features of stapling a whole line in multiple forms.

Pinning, attaching, nailing, and binding, it can do it all in just a glimpse. It helps to expedite the compilation work with efficient file management options — moreover, its handy and easy to use for all professional and home tasks.

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