which emu oil products are the best? learn which emu oil to spend your money on and learn about what benefits are gained from using emu oil!

5 Best Emu Oils

One of the most effective ways to bring out your best look is by applying emu oil frequently. Helping to retain a younger look, reduce blemishes, and make your skin hold moisture, emu oil is a perfect solution on virtually any part of the body. Most commonly used on various parts of the skin, hair, scalp, and even nails, emu oil moisturizers and creams are used frequently around the world. Below, you’ll find a shopping guide and recommended list of some of the best emu oils that you should consider buying if you’re new into the emu oils market.

Emu Oils You Should Consider Buying

Blue Emu 

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This is the most popular emu oil that is sold on amazon, offering some of the most powerful and effective formulas available. Blue Emu oil can be purchased in multiple sizes and ships quickly. Those who use this emu oil report that this maximum-strength topical cream helps pain, swelling, redness, and many other benefits. Note that this emu oil is 100% odor-free and is a non-greasy formula.


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Pro Emu Oil is a perfect solution for looking for a reliable, affordable, and USA produced emu oil. There are 1,000 positive reviews, but the company also backs their products with a LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee. This is a pure, high-quality emu oil that is extremely affordable. Note that this emu oil comes in multiple sizes, 2ox, 4oz, and 8oz, depending on your needs.

Leven Rose Emu Oil

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If you’re looking for affordable emu oil that is offered in a larger size, consider looking at this item. This emu oil created by Leven Rose is offered in a 4oz bottle and boasts 100% pure & organic makeup. Take a look at this emu oil if you’re looking to relieve aches, work on promoting hair regrowth, or reduce inflammation. It has close to 1,000 positive reviews and has been around for quite some time.


Additional Emu Oils to Look At

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Emu Oil Shopping Guide

The emu oil is one of the best oils that exist to improve the health of the skin, in addition to having some other very exciting properties that, to be honest, you cannot miss!

Properties and benefits of Emu Oil:

The properties of emu oil are very varied, and that is why, since ancient times, the Australian aborigines (where this product originates) have been using it. Nowadays you can benefit from it, too!

The first characteristic of emu oil is that it is anti-inflammatory. It has also been shown to have excellent properties to enhance hair growth to the point that it is being investigated if it can be an effective cure for alopecia.

On the other hand, emu oil also has bactericidal and anti-wrinkle properties, in addition to the most obvious function, which is to provide hydration.


Applications and uses of the emu oil:

These are some of the applications of the emu oil, and also a how-to-use-it guide!

 Remedy against arthritis and blows

The first of the functionalities of emu oil is to protect older people from the advance of arthritis. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties, which have been scientifically proven. It will be enough to apply emu oil on the joints or consume capsules containing the oil (sold in herbalist’s shops and natural products stores).

On the other hand, and precisely for the same anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil can be used as a remedy for blows and sprains, being as active as several of the drugs that are usually used on those occasions.

 Hair stimulant

Emu oil has been scientifically proven to be very useful in contributing to healthy hair growth, making it grow more robust, with higher volume, and in greater quantity. This is why it is recommended to use it as a mask at least once a week.

Also, research is underway into whether it can be an effective treatment for alopecia. However, a scientific consensus has not yet been reached on whether it can lead to hair growth where it no longer grows.

 Cosmetic use of emu oil:

The oil of Emu has a lot of cosmetic properties that are beneficial to the skin. Therefore, it is often used for its moisturizing properties to improve the appearance of dry skin, as well as to reduce the depth of wrinkles and, consequently, that they are less visible.

It has proven to be very useful in eliminating acne and stretch marks, to the point of being an essential agent in virtually all products marketed that claim to combat acne and stretch marks!

It has also proved to be very useful in psoriasis, eczema, scars, or burns, due to its refreshing and hydrating properties, which make the skin improve almost instantaneously.

In any of these cases, the way of use is to apply emu oil to the area to be treated.

 Use for baby care:

Another widespread use of emu oil is the application of the oil to babies, to reduce the rashes caused by the diaper.


Emu oil is a natural product made from the refined fat of Emu (a large non-flying bird originating in Australia). Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (including omega-3 fatty acids) and antioxidants, emu oil has long been used in aboriginal medicine to treat skin conditions.

Widely promoted as a remedy for a range of conditions, advocates claim that personal care products containing emu oil offer a variety of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Taking Emu oil orally may help treat mucositis, according to preliminary research published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2010. (A severe disorder marked by inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract; mucositis sometimes occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy).

When looking at a group of rats recovering from chemotherapy, scientists found that animals fed with Emu oil experienced a decrease in inflammation in the intestinal tract. However, it is not known whether Emu oil could have the same effect on humans. It is also essential to keep in mind that very little is known about the safety of consuming Emu oil.

 Radiation dermatitis:

Emu oil applied to the skin may help reduce radiation dermatitis in people undergoing radiation therapy to the breast or chest wall. According to a pilot study published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics in 2015. For the review, participants applied Emu oil or cottonseed oil twice daily during radiation therapy and six weeks after completion. At the end of the study, there was a trend toward reducing skin toxicity in participants using Emu oil.

 Dry nipples in breastfeeding women:

Hydration and skin pH is essential to prevent damage to the skin barrier during lactation. A study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2016 found that the application of an Emu oil-based cream on the areola skin of breastfeeding women significantly improves skin hydration.


In animal trials, the authors of a 2016 study published in Dermatology Research and Practice found that applying Emu oil to burns resulted in slower healing and prolonged inflammation compared to no treatment. Emu oil, however, had some positive effects on wound healing, such as increased hair follicles at the wound margins and a positive impact on collagen synthesis.


In conclusion, Emu oil has many benefits for the skin, like hydration, hair-grow, anti-wrinkle, and stretch marks. It is as well useful in treating various disorders and is also worth noting that it’s a potent anti-inflammatory that can significantly improve arthritis cases.

As you can see, emu oil has some of the most exciting properties of the oils-world, which can contribute to improving your health and your physical appearance in a natural way! This is why in recent times, the demand for this product has skyrocketed!

If you want our recommendations on where to buy this incredible product and the brand, here are a few that we think you’ll like!

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