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Entertainment Earth Review

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Entertainment Earth is one of the oldest and highly appraised fan gear stores. Founded in 1996, it has become one of the go-to places for fans searching for the latest and rarest collectible items from their favorite franchises.

Today, we will take a closer look at their website, services, and customer bonuses. With this said, what makes Entertainment Earth so successful?


Why is Entertainment Earth the best place to purchase from?

Before we get to their incredible customer services, we can talk about their store. Whenever something significant happens with one of the largest franchises, for example, a new movie or fan gear line, Entertainment Earth is one of the first places where you can order the new products. Once you visit their website, you will see that there are hundreds of items on pre-sale.

Entertainment Earth has always worked towards providing the latest fan products before anyone else. They work together with brands to put out exclusive toys that can be found only on their website.

Entertainment Earth has always aimed at offering the lowest prices on all of their products. In other words, every item on the website is has a wholesale price. If you manage to find a lower price somewhere on the internet, you can contact them and take advantage of their 110% Low Price Guarantee.

What is the 110% Low Price Guarantee?

The Entertainment Earth 110% Low Price Guarantee means that if you find a lower price on any product, you will receive a refund of the difference in prices. For example, if you order an action figure which costs $20 on the EE website and you find it somewhere for $17, they will refund you $3 plus an additional bonus.

This bonus is expressed at a 10% discount on your next order from their website. However, there is a time limit within which you can request this service and quite a few other terms to follow. You can see them here on their website.

What is the Hassle Free 90-Day Return Policy?

Other than the Low Price Guarantee, you also have the advantage to return almost any product if you are unsatisfied with the order or it has been damaged before or during the shipping. There are, of course, a few terms that have to be followed if you want to return a product.

Most importantly, the products have to be unopened and unused, and in the original state that you received them in. Depending on your desires, you can either receive a replacement for free or get a refund.

If you request a replacement and the items have been sold out on the website, you will receive a refund instead.

What is the Mint Condition Guarantee?

Unlike many other retailers and sellers, Entertainment Earth promises that you receive the highest quality packaging in the world. They promise to inspect every item before shipping it and if there are any defects it will not be sent to you.

In addition, they promise that there will be nothing attached directly on the product. For example, some stores put price tags and security stamps which to some extent destroy the value of the original item. With Entertainment Earth, you will see no such accidents unless the items came from other retailers.

This once again shows their understanding of being a collector and their aim to give the best customer service out there.

What is Risk Free Shopping?

As mentioned above, there is a lot to pre-order on the Entertainment Earth website. Also, there are many items that are temporarily out of stock that you can backorder.

The Risk-Free Shopping means that you will not be charged in advance for items that are out of stock or coming out in the future. For example, if you make an order for many items and some are not available at the moment, you will be charged only for the few items that are available and ready to be delivered.

As you can see, Entertainment Earth has thought about every possible problem and aspect of the customer experience and has found a solution for everything. Now, we can take a look at their website.


Entertainment Earth Website

There are over 100 themes to choose from on the Entertainment Earth website. From the most popular ones such as Star Wars and Marvel to all the smaller franchises, there are thousands of fan items.

You can easily work through their website as there is a quick access bar to every possible item type and search option. You can browse by Theme, by Product Type, or by Company. You can check out all newest products from your favorite brands and franchises or check out the Hot off the Truck section which shows the newly re-stocked items.

There is even a section that combines all products that are about to go sold out. It is called Just 1 Left and can be found at the top of the page at the quick access bar.

Their front page combines everything. Just under the quick access bar, there is a second bar that combines the most popular brands and gives access to each one with just one click. Below this feature, you can find the latest deals, the most important newly added items, and new products that can be pre-ordered.

When you continue scrolling downwards, you will see two more sections dedicated to the newest items. The first one combines the latest trending products and the second one once again the newly added ones.

If you are interested in reading their blog, it is available just below the two sections mentioned above. They have their own blog where you can read about news and upcoming projects. If you are interested in the Entertainment Earth story, you can see it at the bottom of the front page.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Entertainment Earth is one of the best places to order fan items from practically every franchise and brand. The website is easy to use and the shopping process does not hold any issues as well.

Entertainment Earth customer service is known to be excellent and extremely fast in resolving customer problems. This, together with all other customer services such as their return policy and low price guarantee make it one of the safest online stores.



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