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the Best Men’s Under-Eye Creams (Dark Circles)

Often times many of us experience bags or dark circles under our eyes when we don’t get enough sleep. This not only affects our self-esteem, but it also makes us look less professional. If you’ve found yourself fighting dark circles under your eyes (or similar blemishes near your eyes), you may want to consider picking up some effective and reliable eye creams that are designed to help you look your best.


The 3 Best Under-Eye Creams for Men With Dark Circles

Baebody Unisex Eye Gel

For those looking for a popular and reliable eye cream to combat dark circles or other blemishes, consider the Baebody Eye Gel. This eye cream/gel is EXTREMELY popular online and has a really good rating. For example, on Amazon its rated at a #1 best-seller and has over 16,000 positive reviews. Note that this product is not created specifically men in mind – its a unisex product but it has clearly proven itself in the marketplace and has been around for quite some time. If you consider yourself serious about fighting your dark circles, take a close look and consider this eye cream.

Pure Biology Eye Cream

Pure Biology did a wonderful job perfecting the formula in this unisex eye cream. This product is extremely popular due to the fact that it’s extremely effective at helping fighting aging and helps bring out the best in your skin around your eyes. Note that users can purchase the Pure Biology eye cream in either a 1/2oz or 1oz container.

Brickell Men’s Restoring Eye Cream

Brickell Men's Restoring Eye Cream for Men, Natural and Organic Anti Aging...
Who It’s For: Men of any age with any skin type who want brighter, more...

The Brickell Men’s restoring eye cream is another popular eye cream that has a considerable amount of positive feedback and reviews claiming the effectiveness of this eye cream. What is interesting is that the formula within this eye cream includes aloe, MSM, and protein peptides. Those who swear by this formula claim that all these essential ingredients help tremendously to bring out the best in your skin. Consider picking up this eye cream if the above 2 recommendations do not exactly meet your needs for whatever reason.


Other recommended Eye Creams



Men Dark Circle Eye Cream Shopping Guide

How to erase the dark circles under your eyes

We all find dark circles or bags under our eyes annoying… because yes, it happens to men too! We also wake up some mornings with unsightly dark circles or bags under our eyes… and they bother us as much as anyone else. Although the dark circle’s corrector is at our disposal, we know it and we are not ashamed to wear makeup, like many women we do not want to have to disguise them – instead we want them to disappear from our faces without leaving a trace!

But first of all… why do the dark circles under our eyes appear?

There are many reasons why dark circles under the eyes appear, and knowing them will help to find the most effective remedy for them. They are usually associated with sleeplessness or fatigue, although I’m sure that some days you have woken up with them despite having slept like a baby.

This is because there are more reasons why these puffinesses appear under the eyes!

For example, genetics or age are also very important factors that can aggravate dark circles, as the skin under the eyes becomes thinner when fat and collagen are lost naturally. However, there are other reasons, such as an unbalanced diet, circulation problems, hormonal problems or fluid retention, as a side effect of some medications, among others.

So… what to do?

Time is unforgiving, and as it goes by, not using dark circles cream shows its consequences. Or, for not to sound so drastic… in the future, you might regret not using a dark circles cream before, because you could have taken advantage of its benefits and good results a long time ago (and with that you would have avoided even more stress in your life, and the feeling that you are already too late!).

The worst thing about dark circles is that many times they appear all of a sudden. When you have a lot of work, times of stress, when you are about to go to a presentation or important event, or you can’t get much sleep… and that’s when you least need to look tired!

Dark circles cream

In addition to dryness, the eye area begins to fill with wrinkles… and worst of all: the uncomfortable bags under the eyes, the deep dark circles! To avoid these the best thing to do is to have the skin hydrated, and for it what we must do is to give it some revitalizing substances.


The eye area needs care and attention. For this reason, it is always best to use male anti-eye circles cream that will help prevent the appearance of dark circles. On the other hand, if they have already appeared, you can provide them with care so that they gradually disappear.

Why use Dark Circle Creams? Learn about the benefits of anti-eye circles creams

The best of all is that with a little care you can improve a lot how the dark circles under your eyes look. Some of the benefits of using anti-dark circles for men are to rejuvenate the skin, make it softer and eliminate a lot of blemishes and pronounced dark circles. In addition, the more you use them the more the effect is reinforced and the face has more to prevent their appearance with.


A summary of the benefits of using men’s dark circles cream are:

  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It improves the person’s look and expression.
  • It eliminates the tired aspect.
  • Balances the color and tone of the skin thanks to the activation of blood flow in the veins of the eye sockets.

Here are some tips you can apply to prevent the appearance of dark circles:

Drink water to stay hydrated

You can’t have perfect skin if you don’t drink enough water. Believe it or not, mild dehydration is reason enough for dark circles to appear.

The recommended intake of water varies according to the physical characteristics of each person, their daily activity, among other things, but it could be established as something basic to drink 2 liters of liquids a day.

Sleep better

If your dark circles are caused by a lack of sleep, try to start going to bed earlier. It’s not just about sleeping more hours, it’s about sleeping them better. This will make your eyes look less puffy when you get up.

Seek treatment for allergy

If you have allergies, you will have to treat them, because they are the cause of many people’s dark circles. Allergies cause dark circles and puffiness. Also, many people who suffer from allergies don’t sleep well at night because of their symptoms, which makes dark circles worse.

If you have an allergy, see your doctor and/or take an over-the-counter antihistamine in pharmacies.

If you feel congestion, relieve it

In addition, you will also need to relieve your nasal congestion and sinusitis. People with chronic sinusitis often have dark circles, because congestion darkens and dilates the veins that drain from the eyes to the nose.

Don’t scratch your eyes

If your eyes itch, you should always keep your fingers away from them, because you could hurt them and cause more dark circles. We recommend that you use lubricating drops instead of rubbing your eyes with your hands.

Don’t smoke, and drink alcohol with moderation

Tobacco and alcohol make the skin look dull, as well as too much caffeine (which also won’t let you sleep, so you’ll get more dark circles under your eyes) and recipes with lots of saturated fats.

Crying also makes your eyes swell

You may have noticed that after crying for a while the eyes seem swollen and sunken, which makes them cast a dark shadow that will look like an earring …

Do you need more excuses to seek more your happiness and get away from what hurts you, or makes you sad or unhappy?

Stress causes dark circles under the eyes

When we are exposed to a lot of stress or nervousness, the levels of a hormone called cortisol in our body increase. As a result, dark circles under the eyes tend to be more marked.

Visit your doctor

If you get eczema, we think it’s a good idea that you see your doctor right away, because you may need medication that needs to be prescribed. It’s important to find out why it’s happening and find solutions.

Dark circles under the eyes are a really common problem among men. They can arise from poor rest, poor nutrition or hydration, and even from the high level of stress that exists in today’s world. It is indisputable that those bags in your eyes are something that completely ruins your image…

So, if you want to make the best impression and look healthier, try these anti-dark circles products for men.


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