Eyeconic Eyewear Review

Eyeconic Review

Eyeconic Discounts

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Online eyeglass shopping has developed in the latest years and people continue to turn to it instead of the traditional physical store. We witness these changes due to a range of reasons. Glasses online are not only cheaper but you have so many more options. In addition, the majority of stores offer customization options and you can often create your own unique pair of glasses.

Eyeconic is one of the most popular eyeglass stores in the world. Although it can be considered as one of the newcomers in the latest years, their excellent service quickly rose them to fame and put them next to the big names in the business.


Pros of Eyeconic

  • An incredible virtual try-on tool on the website
  • A wide selection of frames and contact lenses
  • Insurances
  • Great online shopping experience through the website
  • Great customer service & return policy

Cons of Eyeconic

  • The website lacks product reviews and media
  • Some products may seem overpriced – On this note, Eyeconic promises that they will come up with a lower price of their products as long as you find a competitor that has a better price than theirs. You can issue this in the first 30 days after purchase.


Things To Consider Before Buying

Eyeconic promises all the necessary insurance with every purchase. However, you need to have two things prepared before making a purchase. The first one is a prescription that you can purchase eyeglasses from the website. The second one is your PD measurement.

PD Measurement is the distance between your eyes. It is the distance between the centers of your two pupils. If you have your prescription ready you can see this measurement there. If you haven’t got your prescription you will have to contact your doctor to get a copy of it.



With a wide selection of eyewear, you can choose from something regular or choose from a range of widely known brands like Nike, Gucci, Calvin Klein, etc. These can be accessed through the website under ‘Our Brands’. It is located at the top of the front page.

Eyeconic does also have a wide selection of contact lenses available on the website with over 20 of the most well-known brands worldwide. However, the shopping process is far simpler than that of glasses and we will not go in-depth. Here is the process of buying glasses:


Your shopping process begins by choosing a frame which cannot be added to the shopping cart before you actually also choose lenses. Glasses are divided by category of Gender and there are other categories separately for Sunglasses.

The searching process is extremely user-friendly. You are allowed to add a range of filters to narrow down your results. You can use filters for genders, sizes, lenses, and so much more.


There are three types of lenses you can choose from. Once again, there is no way to add a frame to the bag before choosing one of the three options. They are the following:

  • Non-prescription – Maybe I forgot to mention that but you can also buy glasses without a prescription. These are for people who just enjoy wearing glasses but have no medical need from them.
  • Single Vision – Single powered lenses for different prescription reasons. You may need them for issues with seeing up close or at distance, or simply because you work in front of the computer and you need more protection due to all the dangerous rays.
  • Progressive – These lenses have ranges of different power and can be used for the same reasons as single vision ones. They, however, are the more advanced option.

Lens Material

As soon as you add the frames and lens to the bag you have to go to the bag location and click ‘Continue’. You can continue as a guest or create an account but you will be redirected to a page where you can decide your new lens package.

  • Silver – The usual polycarbonate lenses with scratch-resistant coating and 100% UV protection. It is not a regular glass and it will not shatter upon light impacts.
  • Gold – These lenses are lighter than polycarbonate and are called Trivex lenses. What makes them better is their improved visual clarity. Otherwise, they have 100% UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating as well.
  • Platinum – 1.67 high-index lenses for people with much stronger prescriptions. The difference between these and the previous two options is the anti-reflective coating which otherwise needs to be ordered additionally.


You have three enhancements that you can ideally add to your glasses if you desire. These are not a necessity but can be useful under certain circumstances.

  • Anti-Reflective Coating – It helps reduce reflections and glare. It improves visual clarity and actually the overall look of the glasses as they are stripped of the reflecting glare.
  • TechShield Blue – The more advanced version of the anti-reflective coating does not only reduce reflections and glare but also the HEV blue light which we are all surrounded by through our phones and computers.
  • SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses – If you are not familiar to photochromic lenses, they darken under the exposure of UV and lighten indoors.


Warranty & Return Policy

With Eyeconic you can return your order for refund in the first 30 days after receiving the delivery. In addition, you can return and change them for another pair as long as it does not exceed the price you paid for the original order.

Warranty is applicable for 1 year after purchase as long as it is about defects in the products from workmanship. Warranty does not cover any customer abuse or the items wearing out from improper conservation.


Final Thoughts

Eyeconic rose to fame really quick after being founded in 2011. They take a different approach than the majority of other eyeglass stores out there by not selling frames alone.

Whether you need the simplest glasses or a pair prescribed after a tiring session of medical examinations, you will find the perfect pair for yourself on the Eyeconic website.



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