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Best Fantasy Football Magazines

There’s absolutely no question that fantasy football is loved by millions. Some people simply cannot get enough of the updates, player stat predictions and more. Thus, many people actually subscribe to fantasy football magazines. If you’ve ever been curious about what the best fantasy football magazines are, we’ve got your back. Continue reading to learn more about what the best FF magazines are!

Almost every fantasy football player or fan wants to know what’s happening in the fantasy football world. However, we all are so engaged with daily life work that we don’t realize how fast things can change. But, the experts have got you covered, they constantly expect such changes in the fantasy football community. If you’re a fantasy football enthusiast, you must be very familiar with fantasy football magazines. For those who don’t know much, these magazines give you a good idea of the current football situation and change to foresee.

Participating in fantasy football means that you’re the owner, manager, and couch of your virtual team. This team competes with other fantasy teams in the league. A Fantasy football magazine is usually written by a team of field experts that are known for making accurate predictions about every football match. So beginners or soccer lovers can see the upcoming changes and enjoy the competition. Plus, there are plenty of other reasons to grab a fantasy football magazine. Scroll down to know!


The Best Fantasy Football Magazines to Purchase

Best for Up to Date Information – DTP’s 2020 NFL Draft Guide: The Ultimate Football Draft Resource

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Excelling in fantasy football and maintaining a consistent performance requires a lot of analytical skills and a tendency of knowing the rights things at the right time. The DTP’s 2020 NFL Draft Guide is your best friend as it comes with all the latest on-season and off-season news about the NFL. The guide is extremely detailed and has a lot of ‘hard to get’ insider information that can help you out.

Some other features of the DTP guide are the same as any fantasy football guide you’ll find in the market. It comes with all the latest Mock Drafts, player and team statistics, profiles, recaps, updates, and other necessary information. What makes this guide unique is that the evaluations are extremely thorough and ‘in-depth’ so you won’t miss out on anything.

The entire guide is written in extremely simple language that is easy to relate to and understand so everyone can enjoy it. There are further details included for the ‘die-hard’ football fans and a scouting glossary as well to accommodate newcomers who recently started following football. Overall, the DTP 2020 Draft Resource is a ‘must-have’ for any fan involved in fantasy football. It comes with all the latest information you need and is the most recent addition to this list.


Best for Beginners – Lindy’s 2020 Pro Football Draft

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The Lindy’s 2020 Pro Football Draft is a great option for beginners who haven’t been following or playing football until recently. In addition to player profiles, team history, analytics, and other information, this draft comes with several features like season recaps, team profiles, and cheat sheets that make it a great selection for beginners.

The 2020 Pro Football Guide is sold by Lindy’s Sports that is a nationally recognized brand for sports news and magazines. The updates and news you get from this magazine are verified and will allow you to excel in fantasy football.

According to the reviews by customers on Amazon, there is a little left to be desired in terms of the number of prospects being featured. The coverage is awesome and you’ll some valuable insider information and updates in this magazine that will help you out.


Editor’s Choice – Athlon Sports NFL Draft Guide 2020 – Covers Vary

Athlon Sports NFL Draft Guide 2020 - Covers Vary
Athlon Sports NFL Draft Guide 2020 - Covers Vary

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The Athlon Sports Draft Guide for 2020 is arguably one of the best football magazines available in the market. The magazine comes with more than 3000 statistics, expert analysis, season insights, and a ton of other information that allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire season in a short time. The language and delivery mode of this magazine is extremely easy to understand and suitable for all ages which makes it an ideal choice for all football fans. Whether you want to excel in fantasy football or impress your friends with detailed knowledge about football, the Athlon Sports NFL Draft Guide is your best friend.

One unique aspect of the Athlon Sports Guide is its Player Comparison Feature that allows readers to gain further insight into the top player of the season. This feature is also ideal for measuring youth players as well. This magazine comes with accurate and detailed reports of about 400 players which is more than enough for you to improve your fantasy league. Additionally, the magazine is also extremely affordable so you don’t have to worry about the cost. It can be easily found in multiple stores near you or on Amazon!


Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football 2019

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Anyone remotely associated with anything sports would recognize the publisher ‘sports illustrated’ as a credible and reputable source of information. The Fantasy Football Guide is a single-issue magazine that can turn dedicated fans into one of the most formidable fantasy football players around. The magazine prides itself on providing an unparalleled and in-depts analysis of every player it features and takes help from the past patterns to predict their performance and results in the next season. Another unique aspect of this magazine is the help from the NFL source of this magazine that will help you get the off-season happening of the NFL community. It also contains a mock draft as well which is very helpful for many people involved in fantasy football.

One more great feature of the Sports Illustrated Fantasy Football Guide is the level of insights and expert analysis it provides on all the news. It discusses the latest updates in the league and how these happening would affect the teams moving forward to give you a greater ability to predict what you can expect from the season. The overall price of the magazine is also very low, so you can get an accurate and reliable source of information for your fantasy football league at a great bargain.


2019 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide

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The 2019 Fantasy Football Almanac and Draft Guide is one of the most popular sources of accurate and important information for fantasy football buffs who want to be ready for the league in advance. The comprehensive guide comes with all the necessary details and latest news of the top players of the previous seasons and uses the news and performance analytics to predict how the next season would go for them. The draft guide comes with all the news, rumors, and dealings of the NFL circuit to ensure that you stay on top of the news at all times and select a dream team for the upcoming season.

The magazine works like experienced coaches and scouts who focus on newcomers and debutants as well. All the analytics and sections are designed to encourage newcomers to understand get on top of their game in a short time. Rather than making bad choices and learning through experience, this guide can be used by newcomers to understand and excel in the game from the start. Despite the awesome features and the most reliable information, the Fantasy Football Guide is extremely affordable and is worth every penny you spend on it.


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Things to consider before buying fantasy football magazine

From the past few years, fantasy football magazines have become very common. Since the number of these football magazines have undoubtedly continued to soar, keep in mind not all of them have been written or designed equally. Some have a few fantastic features which set them apart from other magazines giving a better perspective, layout, and organization. To get your hands on the best one from a plethora of magazines, consider the following things:


When it comes to fantasy football magazines, history plays an important part in the magazine’s success. Look on the internet for magazine history before you purchase. The term history here refers to the successful and accurate analysis of team and players win made by magazine’s experts in the past. Moreover, the top magazines with its experienced experts are famous to give the most accurate advice. So, it’s better to go for a reputable fantasy football magazine with a reliable and trusted expert source.


Not every magazine targets the same stuff or features similar content. To enjoy reading fantasy football magazine to the fullest, look for these few important things:

  • Among the first things, you’ll be seeing is a mock draft in the magazine. Here the team of experts tells their predictions about which players will be selected to play in a team or league.
  • Secondly, some magazines also provide you with the accurate stats and information of current players and even of college football that is helpful and not easy to find.
  • Another thing to not forget is the team profiles. Fantasy football magazines that use stuff such as depth chart will make a massive difference and make damn sure that it’s easy to keep track of the current players. One of the newly released magazines has a high-school football preview with local team profiles along with features of great teams in the past.
  • If it was a terrible fantasy year, something like season recap wouldn’t be a delight to read. However, a season’s recap gives you a clear idea about mistakes and how to prevent them in the future.
  • Then it’s the insider information that predicts accurately the draft’s early rounds. Though hard to find, it’s better to buy one with insider information. This allows you to make the draft a bit differently for a new experience. Besides, some magazines feature in-depth knowledge of specific league players.
  • Some of the magazines are also affiliated with a website or an app. This helps to make you aware of the current fantasy football updates during offseason that you might miss if you rely on the magazine alone. You’ll be able to know if there’s a ban or injury regarding shortlisted players.
  • The last important element is the cheat sheet which every magazine has its own. This can make a huge difference when picking or drafting players.

A comprehensive magazine is what to really need. Although some of the top fantasy football magazines are a bit expensive, they provide you with much more information and true knowledge so you play better.  One of the top magazines also comes with an almanac so you don’t miss out on anything.

Reliable Expert

The addition of credible experts is fantast foot magazine’s one of the most significant elements. Though not every magazine you encounter will have expert opinions section, but those with trusted experts offer you more information and knowledge to work with. Justin Boone, Bon Lung, Joseph Dolan, and Jake Ciely are among the top experts and fantasy football analysts. However, such experts are pricey to add, look for famous and reputable brands that have top experts prediction and advice from those playing for years so you can have the right knowledge.

Reputable, Yet Unique

If every fantasy football player is after the same famous reputable magazine, there’s a high that you’ll end with a pretty similar draft and score. So, you also have to look for unique content.


Price is another consideration you should keep in mind. Since you’ll be using a fantasy football magazine for a year, it is not wise to spend lots of dollars; not worth it. However, it is said that more magazines imply more and more tips and advice. But, it may be a little expensive for you to buy loads of magazines, we advised you to stick to a few commercial and reputable ones to save bucks. Combining inputs of two or more magazines can result in good output.


Is A Fantasy Football Magazine ALWAYS Correct?

These magazines are published every year for your guidelines only to help you play, enjoy, and win fantasy football league. Similar to tabloid newspapers and magazines, a football magazine is never 100% correct as it is exclusively based on experts, experienced players, and author’s opinions and predictions. To get better results, you should tally information with other magazines since no forecasts or assumptions are based on true evidence. Much of the content comes from personal opinion and sometimes inside information.



An estimated 50 million people play fantasy football. You just sit on the couch and play sports to escape every day’s rush. So, all these magazines out there help you make a good win in the fantasy football league. Many of the players claim their ratings increase with the help of magazines.  Therefore, you need to buy these as well if you are among those 50 million fantasy football players.


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