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FlyDubai was launched in 2008 as a budget alternative to the major airline company in UAE – Emirates. Until then, it was not common for people in Dubai to use low-cost airline services. Needless to say, FlyDubai quickly gained reputation due to its wide range of flight destinations until the tragic events of 2016 which stroke the company hard.

If you are unfamiliar, this was the unfortunate crash of Flight FZ981 on March 19, 2016, which was traveling from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don. It happened after the crew was unable to land after two attempts and lead to the death of all 62 passengers.

Apart from this tragic event, FlyDubai has been widely appreciated and has always aimed to satisfy its customers with low-cost economic and business class flights with impeccable on-flight services. We are going to review their services and list out why they are a worthy choice.


FlyDubai Economic & Business Classes

The economic class is, of course, the cheaper option of the two. It does not include the obvious perks like the special adjustable seats in the business class, the additional space, and the special pre-flight business class lounge at the airport.

Nonetheless, it does not stand far behind the business class in terms of services and entertainment. In fact, both classes will be served a full meal service and have access to the exceptional entertainment system. It includes high-quality noise-canceling headphones and a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and games available in a variety of languages.

One of the other special offers of FlyDubai is their high-speed WiFi connection on board which has to be purchased additionally but the price is extremely low. You can easily turn your flight seat into a home office and do whatever you want or need to do.


FlyDubai Website

Needless to say, the FlyDubai website is absolutely easy to use. This is really important for customers as many will book their first-ever flight and need the process to be simple and user-friendly. You have the option to find flights in a matter of seconds by filling in the city you need at the Book a Flight section. Of course, if you already know your destination.

If you are not yet certain about the travel destination and simply want to check the prices for any potential locations, you can easily go to their “Destinations” page and explore. Fortunately, FlyDubai can be used to reach places all over the world. They constantly work towards adding more available destinations.

If you need help with your decision, FlyDubai has a page with travel ideas based on the purpose of your trip. Even if you have already decided on your travel destination, you can take advantage of their in-depth travel guides and articles regarding each place.

Everything you need to know about the flight experience and services of FlyDubai can be found in the “Flying with us” section on their website. Whether you need information for their cabin classes or some part of the flying process, it is there waiting to be read.


Why Choose FlyDubai?

The tragic events from 2016 should not change your mind about using the services of FlyDubai. The company has always strived towards providing the best flight experience and keeping their customers satisfied. It has been like this before and after the accident, and will surely continue until the company exists.

We believe that there is a no better option to fly from Dubai if you cannot spend a fortune on flight tickets. Therefore, we have prepared a shortlist of the good sides of FlyDubai.

Extraordinary Destinations

Few low-cost airline companies can boast such a wide variety of destinations that cover the whole world. With FlyDubai, you have the option to fly to some of the most exotic places on Earth for the lowest price possible.

Their Business Class is Extremely Affordable

Most business class tickets cost a small fortune and are only accessible if you are, to some extent, wealthy. With FlyDubai, you can experience luxury at an affordable price and it does not really stand behind the business class of the airline giants out there. Few other budget airlines can offer such comfort and exceptional services at this price point if any.

Amazing Food

Airplane food is not usually one of the strengths of budget airline companies. On the contrary, most low-cost flights do not offer much apart from snacks which come at incredibly high prices as well. FlyDubai, however, offers a rich menu that combines all dietary preferences as soon as you board the plane. There is a variety of meals, drinks, and desserts which, in fact, taste great.

In-Flight Entertainment

Needless to say, in-flight entertainment is not common for budget airlines. The FlyDubai entertainment system named “Maya”, however, has everything that you may need to make the long flight pass before you know it. From the wide selection of movies and shows to a variety of different games, you can occupy yourself for the entire flight.

In addition, you can also pay the small fee for their in-flight wifi connection and use your own devices entirely.

Business Class Amenities

There is more to be said about the business class option offered by FlyDubai. Besides the obvious in-flight luxuries and amenities, you get many more services.

For instance, every ticket owner will be sent to the separate business class lounge and gate before the flight. Of course, this lounge will be accessible to all business class ticket owners from different flights but it is large enough and never crowded.

Besides that, there is a separate gate for the business class and a different bus which will take you to the airplane after the economic class passengers have taken their seats. We all hate entering the plane and waiting half an hour for take-off. With the FlyDubai business class, you will remain in the lounge until it is time to fly.


Final Thoughts

FlyDubai should not be neglected simply because of the tragic events in 2016. It is a world-class airline company with incredible services and flight options. You will not be wrong to book a ticket with them as there is no cheaper option to fly to and from Dubai, and no other low-cost airline provides such luxuries for this price point.



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