Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

10 Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

When winters are just around the corner, nothing brings the warmth to our conversation like a fireplace does. Those long winter evenings, full of solitude demand special privileges from frost lovers. Unlike the conventional fireplaces, a freestanding electric fireplace can complement your taste and the distinctive winter silence.

If you are into furnishing and always try hard to come up with the best living lounge, a freestanding electric fireplace is a hit. It can instantly perk up the dull ambiance and above all, it has a preference over the others. You don’t have to pass through the agonizing process of installation and your walls will also thank you for this purchase.


The Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces You Can Buy

Budget Option – TURBRO Suburbs TS17 Compact Electric Fireplace Heater

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For centuries, fireplaces have been an integral part of households as they gave the much-needed heat and light to the occupants of the house. While modern technology has made fireplaces obsolete, people still like the look of a central fire in the middle of the room and that’s where you get electric fireplaces.

The TURBRO Suburbs TS17 is a perfect fireplace heater that can be purchased with a very reasonable amount. This fireplace heater will do its job perfectly with its incredible flame effect and the capability of heating the room according to your preference. You won’t need to invest in any convertor or special adapter to run this heater as it is compatible with any regular wall socket. The heater is perfect for a small home or apartment that can not have an actual fireplace. The heater only weighs 13 pounds so you can easily move it around anywhere you want without any issues.

The Turbo Suburbs Fireplace heater is also incredible for any other place indoor place like an office, reception, and waiting area because it enhances the elegance of your room. The entire body also remains at normal temperature due to the incredible safety feature of this model that comes with internal insulation. You can keep any sort of decoration pieces on top of the heater as well without worrying about them.

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In chilly winter nights, nothing beats the comfort of simply chilling in front of the heater and enjoying a hot snack. Space heaters are also a cost-effective method of heating single rooms when you don’t want to pay extra bills for central heating. The Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace is an incredible product that comes with the capability of maintaining the temperature of a large room. The heater has a power rating of 5200 BTU and has an internal humidity management system to keep the rooms from drying out. The Fireplace heater also weighs 28 pounds only so you can easily move it around across different rooms.

The Duraflame 3D Heater comes with the patented flame effect that emits infrared rays that can quickly provide the required level of heat and light to the room. The flames look extremely realistic and come with 5 different levels of adjustable brightness so you can keep it according to your preference. You also have the freedom to turn off the heat and only have the fire emulation in the summer months. When not in use, this fireplace heater can act as an awesome addition to your room’s décor.

Editor’s Choice – Maxhonor 40 Inches Electric Fireplace Insert Wall Mounted Freestanding Heater with Remote Control

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The Maxhonor 40-inch Electric Fireplace is the only option in this list that allows users to select between freestanding and wall-mount position. The fireplace is available in two sizes and gives users the option to select between white and black frames according to their preference. The fireplace can be conveniently controlled with remote control as well which is an impressive feature when we consider the overall price of this model.

When it comes to heating capabilities, the Maxhonor Electric Fireplace does not fall behind any premium model available in the market. The heater consumes the maximum power of 1500W when it is being operated at the highest capabilities. The flames displayed on this fireplace are beyond belief. Anyone looking at the fireplace for the first time can easily be misled to believe that the fires are real. You are also allowed to choose between burning logs with a read flame, burning coal with a blue flame, and several other colors like light green, purple, gray, etc.

Another incredible feature of this electric Fireplace is its set of automatic sensors that trip the heater off when the room temperature increases from your set temperature. Additionally, you can also turn off the heat completely and use the electric fireplace as a decoration piece that looks beautiful in any room you place it in.

e-Flame USA Telluride LED Electric Fireplace Stove with Faux Wood and Stone Mantel

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The e-flame LED Electronic Fireplace is an incredible Faux Wood model that comes with incredible capabilities and attractive design. The classically designed fireplace will look extremely incredible in any setting as it has a blending color that can enhance the aesthetic characteristics of any room it is placed in. The design is a bit bulky and hard to move by a single person so you have to carefully select the room you want to keep the heater in. This is not a portable heater in any way but can be moved around when required by 2 adults very easily.

The heating capabilities of this Electric Fireplace Heater are also great. The 1500W heater can heat a 400 sq. ft room in a matter of minutes. The internal draft fans also support the heating system and send the air to every single corner of your room. People have been using propane gas heater to implement zone heating and save money on their central heating bill. While propane heaters are cost-effective when compared with central heating, they are nowhere near the energy savings you can get from the e-Flame Electric heaters. The efficient heating system of this electric heater and its state-of-the-art thermostat can save up to 90% energy and save you a lot of money.

e-Flame USA Jackson Electric Fireplace Stove TV Stand – 60″x33″ – Warm Cherry Finish

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This is another superior product from e-Flame that is not solely a fireplace heater. This fireplace heater plus TV stand will completely revamp the look of your living room and turn it more exotic and attractive. The manufacturers do not slack off on either the Fireplace heater or the TV stand. Both products are designed with the utmost professionalism and have quality standards that many premium models fail to achieve.

The electric heater comes with all the bells and whistles you can expect from a premium quality product. You can control every aspect of the flame starting from its brightness to the intensity of your mobile phone. The mobile app also lets you control the temperature and heating level. You can also see the current room temperature on the app and decide what temperature you want to achieve while sitting on the couch.

The wooden TV stand is also incredible on its own. It is made from premium wood veneer and has a cherry finish that is universal and can easily blend with any furniture theme. The side shelves are also quite adjustable and come with a sturdy finish that remains durable all the time. The e-Flame Jackson Electric Fireplace comes with a 1-year replacement warranty and a lifetime of excellent customer service so you can purchase this product in confidence.

Other Great Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

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What’s SO Special About a Freestanding Electric Fireplace?

The most special aspect of a freestanding electric fireplace is that they are a perfect amalgamation of convenience and vintage outlook. You can install them in a matter of minutes. This doesn’t mean that they lag in terms of performance. They provide the familiar warmth just like the conventional ones and also depict a vintage silhouette.

Another undeniable benefit is that you don’t have to sit in one place during the freezing days anymore. You can easily shift it from one room to another and this would be a piece of cake. The portability is what makes these fireplaces so distinctive and worth falling for. You have greater liberty to discover every room of your house in the winter season.

The specialty that you can relate to if you are a parent is that it is safe for kids. Unlike traditional fireplaces, they don’t have an actual fire but just imitate this concept with LED lights. It’s just an electric heater that gives you a fireplace vibes. So, there’s no aspect of the fire incident and your children can play in the room safely. Moreover, you get to do away with the tacky matchboxes, isn’t this amazing?


Is a Freestanding Electric Fireplace Essential?

This is something that we have to discuss for all the maintenance freaks and strict budget followers. Let’s be honest, no one wants to indulge in monthly maintenance of fireplaces especially in such an age of hustle and bustle. The traditional fireplaces require you to go with a more careful maintenance schedule which can be quite heavy on you and your pocket as well.

On contrary to this, you can upgrade your game with a freestanding electric fireplace. You don’t have to maintain them so carefully and this casual behavior also gives you peace of mind. You can turn it on and off after your heart and this won’t affect any surrounding furniture as well.

By this “effect” we mean that when it’s an outdated fireplace, the fire is real so is the ash and the blackness. This ash goes towards the chimney and produces soot. Consequently, you have a blackened chimney and also damaged furniture in the surrounding. As we mentioned above, the LED lights and portability of a freestanding electric fireplace saves your day all the way.


Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a freestanding Electric Fireplace:

We have been praising this godsend up till now but this is the time to introduce some aspects to you:


While shopping for the trending fireplaces, we seem to ignore this feature. First, let us do away with a major stereotype. The heavier freestanding electric fireplaces don’t signify a better quality. You would be just burdening yourself by carrying extra weight from room to room. We have to understand that the heavier element shouldn’t even be the last one on the list.

The light-weight freestanding electric fireplaces can let you carry them to different places without any back pain. Furthermore, manufacturers provide you with a handle on the top. In this way, instead of carrying, you can also drag them which takes lesser force. We would suggest you go with “the lighter the better” scheme to have a more enjoyable time.

Variable Sizes

Most of the time, people don’t go for the freestanding electric fireplaces because they don’t work with gigantic rooms. This is understandable because you have to keep in view the spaciousness of your room while going for this sort of fireplace. If you have the mini size and you put it in a living lounge, of course, this won’t work. This is why often companies like touchstone and Dimplex, give you the fireplace size measurements as well.

Our recommendation is to go with the size instruction, this is the best way to get the maximum out of these fireplaces. Once your room complements it, you won’t need any other source of warmth.

A plethora of designs

We all have that one corner in our home that we want to fill up with something that goes with the theme. In case you can relate to it, you may keep in mind that the plethora of designs makes this fireplace a complete deal. You can go with any model, different shape or otherworldly silhouette to cope with that one spot.

Here, we are sharing all these ideas with you because a freestanding electric fireplace isn’t only a winter essential. In the summer season, you can use it as a vintage piece of furniture that shows the elite taste. The crux is that before making a random choice, we suggest you follow a greater number of designs to find your perfect one.


Benefits of a freestanding electric fireplace

Zero fumes

A freestanding electric fireplace doesn’t produce a single fume. It has nothing to do with fire, matchsticks, and soot. Your chimneys look shinier and cleaner, and you don’t have to witness the black smoke anymore. Thus we can say that when it comes to no fume production, it’s a win-win situation.


If you are a fireplace lover, you would know how it costs hundreds and thousands of dollars to install a traditional fireplace. This can ruin your budget and you may suffer. We are here to end this suffering because freestanding electric fireplace lets you enjoy the old recollections at a lesser cost.

They are cheaper, more economic, and budget-friendly. You don’t have to disturb your plan to get your hands on the best freestanding electric fireplace.

Energy Efficiency

If you live in colder regions, your house-heating system can give you a tough time. We know how agonizing it feels to look at those heavy figures in the electricity bills. The freestanding electric fireplace follows a method that we call “supplemental” heating. Simply put, this is the cheapest method to save energy and yet still enjoy a high-end heating system.



Lastly, the freestanding electric fireplace is a must-have that can spice up your furniture while keeping you warm. Considering the shared pieces of thought, you can make your way to your favorite electric fireplace.

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