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Fuse Lenses is an innovative manufacturer of custom lenses for glasses. What makes them so special is that they produce lenses for practically every possible existing frame. Also, they have a range of 75 famous brands already on the website, so you simply go and find your frame.

Say, for example, you have Ray-Ban glasses and you need to replace your lenses. If you purchase new lenses from Ray-Ban, you will literally have to pay almost as much as for brand new glasses. With Fuse Lenses, you can simply search for your frame with the code on the inside of your glasses and get brand new high-quality lenses for a much cheaper price.

What makes it even cooler, you can choose from 20 colors. With this said, let’s take a look at the Fuse Lenses website, products, and services.


About the company and their technology

As already mentioned above, Fuse Lenses produce custom lenses for nearly every style of a frame on the market. Even if you have some really old glasses from decades ago, there is still a high chance that you will find compatible lenses with your model. If not, they will make custom ones only for you!

All lenses give 100% UV protection. You can expect that they last you longer than regular lenses because of the extra layer that is scratch-resistant. Furthermore, they also impact resistant. All lenses are produced with Optical Grade Material which gives them superior clarity. Finally, there are three tiers of lenses available for purchase. The details you will learn in the product section below.



The Fuse Lenses website is interactive and easy to use. As soon as you open the front page, you instantly see the search bar. From there you can directly look for your own frame or brand. If you want to take a look at all the brands and frames go to the “Shop Lenses” section on top.

Right next to it is a quick access button to the colors section. There, you can take a look at all 20 colors available. One more on the right you will see a button under the name “How does it work”. Although there is no real explanation, they give a brief insight into the characteristics of their three tiers of glasses.

Finally, you can see a “Shop More” button. From there, you can take a look at accessories, apparel, and other products by Fuse Lenses.



As already mentioned, there are lenses available for the majority of frames and brands in 20 different colors. Some are regular and popular colors but if you want to be extraordinary, there are great variants. Besides the three tiers of lenses, there are also accessories, brand apparel, pops, and virtual gift cards.

Standard Lenses (Non-polarized)

Although this is the cheapest and most basic variant of all the Fuse Lenses products, they are still of great quality. Of course, all lenses by this manufacturer block 100% UV light and are crystal clear. Also, they are impact-resistant. There is one last extra, which is active with all Fuse Lenses products. You are granted a 1-year warranty.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses definitely have extra advantages. You will no longer experience unpleasant glares and your eye strain will be reduced. Furthermore, polarized lenses increase the color contrast which affects your sight positively. Of course, besides that, the Polarized Lenses by Fuse Lenses have all characteristics of the basic tier and also the 1-year warranty.

Fuse + Plus Lenses

The Fuse + Plus Lenses tier has all the characteristics of the two cheaper variants but they wield some extra benefits. Polarization blocks all glares that could come from the front. The Fuse + Plus Lenses, however, have an extra anti-reflective coating which stops all glares that come from behind.

Furthermore, the Clear Guard Coating makes them deflect oil and dirt. Overall, they are easier to clean. Finally, they are 2.6 times more scratch-resistant due to the stronger coatings.

If this is not convincing enough, the +Plus Lenses come with a lifetime warranty for a single replacement. The company promises to send you a replacement no matter if you request it after six months or six years.

  • Strongest tier of Fuse Lenses
    • Anti-Reflective Coating
    • Clear Guard Coating
    • Lifetime warranty for a single replacement

Accessories & Apparel

While apparel by a manufacturer of lenses is hardly ever going to be a success, it is still a fresh addition to the brand. They actually have quite a variety of models, so if you are interested, take a look.

As for accessories, they are surely a necessity. Glasses and lenses, specifically, need to be maintained. Fuse Lenses have a wide range of cleaning equipment available on their website. Also, there are cases and screwdrivers, if you need any.


Other Services

Besides all that we already covered, Fuse Lenses have two more special services available. One of them is Prescription Lenses. However, they are not available on their official website. You can get redirected to the prescription lenses store from the bottom of the main page. Just at the bottom, there is a list of shortcuts under “Shop”. Click on “Prescription lenses” and you will be transferred to the other Fuse website.

The second service we have to mention before we end are Custom lenses. If you some really rare glasses with a frame you cannot find, just send Fuse Lenses a request. Upon accepting, you will have to mail them your pair of glasses. They will scan them, cut custom lenses just for you, and send them back to you with your original glasses.


Final thoughts

Fuse Lenses is a unique brand. Nowadays, the market is flooded with brands and products. With Fuse Lenses, however, you cannot go wrong. There is no other manufacturer in this market niche that is so innovative, qualitative, and yet so attractive.

Instead of purchasing branded lenses, you can simply trust Fuse Lenses and receive even better quality. Furthermore, you can choose from three tiers. No matter if you choose the Standard, Polarized, or +Plus lenses, the chances are that they will last much longer than regular lenses.



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