Best Gas Smoker Under 200 Dollars

5 Best Gas Smokers Under $200

Are you Interested in picking up an affordable yet effective gas smoker that won’t break the bank? The great news is that there are hundreds of gas smokers for sale online, and we’re confident one will match all your desires and interests. In this blog post, we’re narrowing the scope on the best gas smokers for under $200 (or around $200). Let’s get right into it!


Top 5 Best Selling Affordable Gas Smokers Under 200 Dollars

Best for Budget – Outsunny 48″ Steel Portable Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grill and Offset Smoker

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The Outsunny 48″ Steel Portable Backyard BBQ Grill is designed for customers who prefer not to spend a lot of money on a gas smoker. The low price does not mean that there is a compromise on the functionality and quality of the product. The Gas Smoker is uniquely designed to give you the best cooking experience possible.

The Smoker comes with a separate firebox and a side vent that maintains proper airflow required and gives your food a tempting smoky flavor. The Smoker also comes with two storage shelves to ensure that you have enough space to cook multiple items simultaneously and save time to enjoy.

New users often injure themselves because they are not accustomed to the elevated temperatures of a smoker/griller. That’s why this product comes with an insulated wooden handle that remains cool and safe for use. Finally, the Outsunny Steel Smoker also gives you enhanced portability. It comes with large caster wheels and handles to allow convenient maneuverability.

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Smoking meat is not easy, and you need to use the right tools to ensure you lock the multiple flavors without ruining it. With this smoke vault, you can ensure your cooking is tastier and properly made. The Smoker comes with smoking racks and damper valves that give you complete control over important things like airflow, heat, and time. With this Smoker, you don’t have to rely on outside gauges to check the temperature readings. It comes with a sensitive internal thermometer that shows all the reading on its door.

People usually have a hard time igniting their ovens and smokers because they are located in hard to reach places or don’t have the appropriate tools. The Camp Chef Smoker eliminates the problem as it comes with a convenient snap-ignition.

Not everyone is a natural chef, and Camp Chef understands that. That’s why this gas smoker comes with a guide book containing cooking tips, ideas, and recipes from famous chefs.

Editor’s Choice – Master-Built MB20052318 MPS 230S Propane Smoker

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The MB20052318 MPS Propane Smoker is an incredible product for fulfilling your cravings. This Smoker comes with multiple features that make your cooking convenient. The gas smoker feature four chrome-coated racks that allow you to simultaneously cook four different dishes without any cross-contamination. The Smoker also comes with a built-in temperature gauge that allows users to check the temperature inside without opening the cabinet and losing precious heat.

Anyone who owns a gas smoker will tell you that the real work starts after cooking when you clean your Smoker. Grease stains and wood chips in the burner cause huge problems, and overtime starts affecting Smoker’s operations as well. The Master-Built gas smoker’s burner comes with a porcelain coating that protects the burner from all impurities that cause problems. The burner has an energy rating of 15,400 BTU and a powerful convection system that ensures equal distribution of heat in all racks.

Smoke Hollow PS40B Propane Smoker

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Another incredible addition to the line of high-quality propane smokers by Master-Built, the Smoke Hollow comes with four chrome-coated sections for different items. Now you can smoke sausages, turkey asparagus, and bacon at the same time. The gas smoker is very easy to assemble and requires you to only connect the pipe with a propane cylinder by using a regulator. You can also start this gas smoker easily due to its push buttons that are very easy to operate.

The stainless-steel burner that comes with the Master-Built Smoke Hollow PS 40B can reach high energy levels that ensure adequate heat supply and allow you to enjoy the best smoked-dishes in your backyard. In the stock version, the manufacturers have also added adjustable legs that can elevate the Smoker from ground level to give you easier access and control. The Gas smoker also comes with an adjustable air damper that lets you control the amount of moisture and airflow within the Smoker so you may retain the smoky flavor while ensuring proper heat distribution in all racks.

Royal Gourmet SE2801 Electric Smoker

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Presenting the SE2801 Electric Smoker by Royal Gourmet that comes with a spacious cooking surface and three wide smoking racks for simultaneous smoking of different items. The Smoker operates by 1500 watts and allows users to adjust the heating levels according to the user’s needs. The digital controller inside ensures that heat is distributed evenly in each rack. You can also check the inside temperature by using the internal thermometer to know how much time you need to keep your food inside.

Cleaning this Smoker is extremely easy. It comes with an integrated system to manage stains due to grease, a removable pan, and a grease cup to make sure you don’t have to spend too much time and effort. The electric nature makes the Smoker versatile as you don’t have to carry the cylinder with you. You can easily use the Smoker to carry out tasks like smoking, barbecuing, grilling, steaming, and many more.

Heat loss through the walls is a huge problem that causes problems for your cooking, but in this Smoker, that’s not the case. This electric Smoker comes with insulated heat-retaining walls that maintain the temperatures inside. Overall, the Royal Gourmet Smoker is an extremely capable product that is easy to use and maintain. The state-of-the-art features it has are both reliable and hard to find in many other similar products. That’s why it is one of the best smokers in this price range.

Other Affordable Gas Smokers to Check Out

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Affordable Gas Smoker (Under $200) Shopping Guide

If you love making delicious smoked barbecue ribs, briskets and turkeys but don’t want to stay up all night checking the fire, we have three words for you:

Making delicious barbecue ribs and turkeys without stressing through the hours to check on the fire, can be achieved with a gas smoker.

The gas smoker is just as easy as that of an electric and is very affordable. With this Smoker, you get the benefit of having a smoker that produces clean heat and that fine smoke flavor coming from the wood chips or pellets.

Since we know it always proves difficult to choose a product out of hundreds of options, we have put together this shopping guide.

The below guide would be discussing what to consider and the features to look out for when buying a gas smoker.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Gas Smoker

If you have decided to buy a gas smoker, the next step to take is to get one that would suit your needs best. Since gas smokers come at different features and prices, it becomes difficult to settle for one.

The surprising thing is that you can find a feature that will be beneficial to you in a cheap gas smoker that you wouldn’t get in an expensive one, and vice versa. This brings us to the reason you have to consider the below points before choosing your gas smoker.


One of the most important things you will need from your gas smoker is consistency. You should be able to work with a gas smoker that wouldn’t get your food burnt just because you forgot to check back. A timer should be included so that it can go off when your food is well cooked.


The number of people and the type of food you will be cooking for should determine the capacity of gas smoker you should buy. If you are one that will be cooking a few hamburgers and filets, then you wouldn’t be needed the grilling area. However, if you will be cooking a large quantity of food and bringing in chickens, then you should go for one that is spacious and also with adjustable racks.


Gas smokers come at different prices, and they all have one primary function: to cook your food. This guide is not focusing on either the cheap or expensive gas smokers, but the ones the gas smokers that are helpful to you.

Smokers can come in as little as $50 and as much as $1000, always get one that suits your needs by looking at the features and what they offer instead of just going along with the price tag.

Under $200 Gas Smokers

The gas smokers are usually cheaper than the charcoal and pellet smokers, so getting a good one that is less than 200 dollars isn’t difficult. Some of these gas smokers are effectively used in the restaurants since the heat they produce is clean and doesn’t create a mess like that of the charcoal. Also, no much maintenance is required.

The Masterbuilt manufacturers have gas smokers that are less than $200 and produce super high-quality food with the authentic flavor and taste amazing. Despite the price, they are good smokers to invest in.


Checking for the materials used in making the gas smoker is very important to avoid a cut back on smoke and grease leakage. The Smoker cabinet should always hold and maintain the smoke, heat, and liquid since you would be dealing with these three things as you cook.

Easy to Clean

With everyone’s busy schedule and the stress of cleaning, you likely go for a gas smoker that wouldn’t give you a headache just to get it cleaned. Always check for features like a greased pan and removable pans that are easy to wash. Also, some smokers have grilling racks that are dishwasher safe.

The Burner

Check the burner’s size, if it will fit the gas smoker’s cabinet to enable even heating. Also, check to be sure the burner is not exposed to outside forces. Choose the type of fuel you will be making use of for your gas smoker before you buy one.


A lot of companies that produce high-quality products always have a good reputation they wouldn’t want to jeopardize. You might not know the names that are stamped on the gas smokers but always check for the name of the company that produced it. Once you see a smoker that you are cool with, look into the manufacturer and read through the review of users to get a better judgment.

Gas Smokers by Fuel Type

Gas smokers are mainly fueled by hardwood, charcoal, wood pellets, propane, and electricity. All these do have their pros and cons.

The electric Smoker is more convenient to cook with than the others, but it does not give the flavor needed to the food. The computer-controlled electric smokers provide you with a timer that allows you to set it up and go off when the food is ready.

The charcoal and wood smokers are more of the traditional type of smokers that gives the needed flavor to the food. They are also cheap compared to others, but some expensive smokers also make use of charcoal.

The pellet smokers are powered electrically but make use of wood pellets to give it heat and smoke. They are very convenient to use and also give you the flavor needed.

Propane smokers are very easy to use and heat up very fast.

Features to Look for in a Propane Vertical Smoker


Check the size of the gas smoker before purchasing to avoid cutting your racks of ribs just to make them fit. Also, check for smokers with wide shelves, that is big enough to contain the ribs.

2-Door Access

Having two doors is always more beneficial than one door. The 2-door Access allows you to cook with the upper chamber stay locked and closed with the smoke and heat while you access the wood and water with the other door.


Like we have discussed earlier, you should get a product that you can easily depend on without a fault. Always check for a smoker that has splayed legs for added stability.

Temperature ranges

The temperature settings ranges in different products. Check the product to see how the low and high-temperature cooks todo not overcook or undercook your food.

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves are needed, especially if you would be cooking a whole chicken or turkey on the gas smoker. Always check for this.


In conclusion, cooking is always not an easy task to do, but with the right products at your disposal, your cooking stress can be greatly eased. A gas smoker will go a long way in helping you through all the tedious grilling work. We hope that this guide will help you when shopping for a gas smoker that suits your needs best.

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