Best Ginger Tea Brands

best ginger tea brands

Ginger tea is a popular drink for many, with a considerable amount of potential health benefits. If you’re looking to purchase ginger tea online but not sure which brand to purchase, we’re here to help. Continue reading to learn about the best ginger tea brands to purchase!


Best Ginger Tea Brands

Best for Budget – Bigelow Lemon Ginger with Probiotics

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Packed with the goodness of lemon and ginger, the Bigelow tea enjoys a loyal customer base due to its incredible taste and affordable price. The lemon ginger tea is supplemented by natural probiotics that support digestion and increases metabolism to help in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The Bigelow brand has been around since 1945 and comes in multiple flavors and types to complete your tea collection. From English breakfast tea to any flavored green tea, Bigelow has it all!

Even if you have some dietary restrictions, the Bigelow is a great choice for you. This lemon ginger tea is free from gluten, caffeine, and artificial preservatives. On top of it all, the tea is also Kosher certified so everyone can enjoy it.

The Bigelow brand takes great pride in maintaining the same level of high standards since its inception. Among all the major tea brands, the company claims to provide the most ultimate and unmatched experience that hasn’t changed one bit over the years.

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The Republic of Tea is another famous brand that deals with organic and gourmet tea blends that are hard to find in other brands. The ginger tea comes with a hint of turmeric that further enhances the overall taste of the drink. The tea blend is certified 100% organic and free from any artificial flavorings. For people with dietary restrictions, the drink comes with organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture, Non-GMO verification, and Gluten-free certification. Additionally, ginger turmeric tea is also free from sugar and has a minimal quantity of caffeine when compared with a regular cup of British tea or coffee.

Almost all types of tea leaves lose their potency and taste after being exposed to air. This loss is further accelerated when no artificial flavoring is added, which can somewhat preserve the taste of the tea. The Republic of Tea Organic Tea comes in a specially designed air-tight tin that prevents the tea bags inside from any exposure to air.

Making organic turmeric ginger tea is extremely easy. Simply boil the required amount of water and pour it in the cup along with the teabag. Afterward, wait for a few minutes, and then your excellent cup of tea is ready.

Editor’s Choice – Yogi Tea – Ginger (6 Pack)

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From its name to the awesome ‘gingery’ taste, every single aspect of the Yogi Ginger Tea screams uniqueness and perfection. The comes with a combination of different herbs and spices and an added boost of ginger to make an incredible brew that can refresh you anytime. Ginger has always been an incredible natural remedy for improving digestion, metabolism, acid reflux, and other stomach related problems.

The Yogi Ginger Tea is guaranteed to be completely organic and free from GMOs. It has certifications from the concerned government authorities like the US Department of Agriculture and B Corporation. People with dietary restrictions can also select this tea without any issues. It is free from caffeine, gluten, artificial flavoring, and is Kosher. The box comes with 96 individual tea bags that properly seal in the flavor and is convenient to use. The teabags are also compostable so you can save time and directly throw them away in a compost bin.

The yogi tea brand has been operating with a consistent and ideal quality assurance setup for more than 30 years. Every single ingredient is carefully procured from the most elegant source and preserved to deliver the highest standard in your cup. The company also realizes the importance of sustainability and has implemented the best mechanisms to reduce their carbon footprint. Each recipe of Yogi Tea is focused on providing the utmost benefits of the herb to you while ensuring that it tastes as delicious as possible.

Solimo Ginger Herbal Tea Bags

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The Solimo Ginger Herbal Tea Brand is an ideal choice for users who want to enjoy a natural and delicious tea blend of your choice. The tea is quite natural and comes without any artificial colors and flavors to send you to get to enjoy the nature in your cup. The brand sells exclusively on Amazon and comes in different sizes and flavors. From black chai to earl grey tea, the Solimo brand has an extremely versatile list of flavors available at extremely reasonable prices.

The tea used by the Solimo Brand is sourced from India, China, and Kenya. The entire supply chain process is efficient, and the products are handles extremely carefully to maintain the integrity and taste of the product. All teabags are individually packed, so you only access the ones you need without affecting the freshness of the other tea bags. The manufacturers have a lot of confidence in their product and offer a free refund if you don’t like this tea.

Ginger Tea with Honey Crystals 30 Bags by Prince of Peace

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The final product in our list is the instant Ginger Tea with Honey Crystals from Prince of Peace. This tea is made from natural and organic ginger extract coupled with honey and sugarcane to give you an extremely delicious beverage. The tea can be added to water to make an awesome ginger tea, and it can also be added in any other beverage to give it an extra ginger flavor.

A unique feature of this tea brand is its ability to mix in both hot and cold water. This ability of the prince of peace ginger tea is extremely awesome and potent. You can enjoy it however you like it because it comes in 30 individual packings that are extremely easy to carry around everywhere. The tea is completely free from any harmful additions like caffeine and GMOs. The ginger flavor in this tea is quite strong, so some people might no like it. Similarly, people might also have some mixed feelings about the large honey and sugarcane crystals. However, most reviews show that it is extremely delicious and easy to make. The reviews show that the Prince of Peace is indeed one of the best ginger tea brands available in the market.

Other Great Ginger Tea Brands to Consider

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Ginger Tea

For almost a century, ginger has been used as a potent ingredient for many different recipes because of its several health benefits. It is also characterized as a medicinal and therapeutic herb, especially in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. However, nearly every dish prepared in an Asian household has a tint of ginger in it. Tea is no exception!

When it comes to herbal teas that offer a refreshing and soothing feeling, ginger tea definitely takes a top place in the list. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, sharp aroma, and warm spicy taste. Starting your day with a cup of ginger tea not only boosts energy but also offers antioxidants, health benefits, and even the essential nutrients when consumed regularly. This natural tea is available in different types that include loose-leaf tea, tea bags, powdered form, or a blend with additional herbal ingredients.

So, you should better start drinking ginger tea for healthy well-being. Read it yourself to know about abundant health benefits and what to look when you purchase ginger tea.


Ginger: Hidden Benefits

Yes, ginger is a superfood. Part of the Zingiberaceae family, it is among the most beneficial and vibrant flavors o earth. Ginger is fully packed with nutrients and bioactive compounds like gingerol, paradol, and shadows that provide great advantages for the brain and body. Ginger’s exceptional flavor and aroma originate from its natural oils, the most significant of which is gingerol. Since it’s the primary bioactive compound in ginger, gingerol has lots of restorative properties.

It also contains other phenol and terpene compounds that include zingerone and quercetin. In addition to being a good source of magnesium, manganese, Vitamin B6, and copper, it is also a really good source of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties.


Why Drink Ginger Tea?

There many reasons to start drinking ginger tea because of numerous medical advantages that are upheld by logical, authentic research.

It Can Treat Nausea

The powerful ingredient in ginger tea can alleviate many forms of nausea, including morning sickness. Every ginger tea available in the market is exceptionally powerful in treating nausea. People tend to drink ginger tea before travel to avoid motion sickness. Patients after chemotherapy and other medical procedures prefer ginger tea to calm queasiness and vomiting. According to many evaluations, pregnant women who incorporated ginger tea in their regular diet were able to reduce nausea significantly. Notably, 1 to 1.5 grams of ginger lessens nausea’s symptoms. As a bonus, gingerol in tea blocks prostaglandins from creating headaches.

It Can Reduce Muscle Soreness & Pain

Drinking ginger tea daily reduces pain associated with muscle soreness and arthritis. It has been proven by research that it treats instigated muscle torment after a workout, sports, or other activity. Plus, it also prevents muscle and menstrual cramping.

Two grams of ginger consumption each day for a week will make your achy stiff muscle soreness go away. Now you know the remedy, just drink a hot cup of ginger tea if you suffer muscle pain in the future. Easy way to soothe and relax stiff muscles!

It Can Improve The Digestive System

You need ginger tea to settle your upset stomach. The main ingredient, ginger, has the property to stimulate saliva, hydrochloric acid, and other gastric juices to aid in digestion. Ginger tea is very effective in treating dyspepsia or chronic indigestion that causes pain and discomfort in the stomach.

It Could Improve Circulation

Drinking ginger tea has a great impact on your blood circulation. When warm ginger tea enters your stomach, the blood circulation increases and enhances more nutrient absorption. Gingerols in ginger tea increase your core body temperature to make your blood circulation better. This means more oxygen is delivered to your muscles, lungs, and heart.

It Can Hydrate

Keeping your body well, hydrated is the key to healthy living. As all types of teas are to be brewed or mixed with water, drinking ginger tea will provide the hydration your body needs to stay active.

It Can Improve Your Overall Health

It has been proven time and time again that ginger tea consumption boosts your immune system. Ginger has antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antibiotic properties that can prevent infections like the common cold, flu, sinus from occurring. Plus, drinking ginger tea regularly reduces the risk of cancer and helps with cholesterol.

It Could Be Used As Alternative Medicine

Many studies have shown that consumption of ginger tea is as successful against health problems as prescription medicine. It acts as a great pain reliever to reduce pain and inflammation by blocking the Cyclooxygenase enzyme that causes pain sensation. So why load your body with tons of pills that are hard to swallow when you a naturally effective solution.


Which is better: Ground ginger or tea bags?

Using tea bags to make ginger tea is easy and convenient if you plan to drink daily. All you have to do it steep tea bag for about 10 minutes in warm or boiled water for delectable tea. A small pack usually includes 15-20 tea bags of pure ginger tea from organic brands.

Another form available is the dried loose-leaf tea that allows you to manage tea’s amount according to your taste. Though brewing such tea is time-consuming and a bit messy, it generally comes with blended ingredients like lemon, mint leaves, honey, and cinnamon to enhance taste, flavor, and therapeutic effect.

The third form is ground ginger powder products in the market to make instant tea. If you want the fastest and easy way to make ginger tea, ginger powder is the answer.


How to select a ginger tea brand?

Before you buy ginger tea, keep in mind the following things to get the best quality one.

100% natural

Herbal ginger tea means it should be totally free from additives and chemicals. Choose the brand that offers 100% natural, pure ginger tea, and is organically certified. If considering buying tea bags, make sure that bags are non-GMO, organic, and free from pesticides and chemicals to enjoy a worry-free cup of tea.


If you like that sharp peppery aroma of ginger, look for teas that have the highest ginger content to enjoy the scent. On the other hand, some are irritated by ginger’s bold aroma but want to gain health benefits. So choose the ginger tea brand that has a lesser ginger scent.


Ingredients play a great role in tea’s taste. Those who prefer drinking strong taste ginger tea, it is better to get the one that has ginger content only. For mild flavor, blended ginger tea with lemon and honey is a good option. Some ginger loose leaf teas also contain dried hibiscus flowers for better taste. Avoid ingredients that you are allergic to.



Whether you want to make ginger tea from freshly cut ginger, tea bag, loose leaves, or powder, you’ll experience great health benefits this superfood has to offer.

Enjoy your cup of delicious ginger tea every day!