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GLD Shop Review

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The GLD Shop has been around for less than five years and has already achieved greater success than most brands in the same market niche. It has become a very well-known men’s accessory brand that focuses on hand-crafting customized high-end jewelry. They are a very popular brand among the famous hip-hop and rap artists and many have already purchased their own special golden items.


About the company

The GLD Shop was founded in late 2014 by two entrepreneurs – Dan Folger and Christian Johnson. It is exceptional what they managed to achieve in just a couple of years. Today, they are possibly the largest brand in their market niche and better known than all their competitors.

The company strives for perfection. They put extreme effort in detail and every item is either gold plated or made from pure gold. They also offer perks like worldwide free shipping and a lifetime guarantee.

Some of their most notable clients include Snoop Dogg, Future, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, and Ty Dolla $ign.


About their website

The GLD Shop website is extremely simple and direct. It has been made with a lot of thought as the first thing you see are not products, but actually, the reasons why their products are worth buying. In addition, they have used other smart marketing techniques such as using pictures of their most famous customers. After all, a lot of people get excited when they see their favorite artists wearing the brand they consider buying.

Now, after we have appraised their marketing skills, we can continue with the rest of their front page. As soon as you scroll down, you will see a few different listings. Firstly, there are four quick access buttons to different types of items sold by the brand.

Then, you can take a quick look at their top products. Usually, websites will have a summarized top products section on the front page, then a button in the quick access bar on top that leads to the full section. The GLD Shop have decided to keep it only on the main page. Of course, you can see the best selling products of each category separately in their corresponding product pages.

What follows is a section for the newest products and those that have been re-stocked. Once again you can see this only on the front page which ends with a video explanation by the founders regarding their story, and again a number of pictures of their most famous clients.

We will cover their products in detail in the next section of our review. Beforehand, we have to mention that on the very top of the website in a small yellow bar you can see the currently available discounts. What we noted is that there is constantly a discount for new customers. Although there is a clock which is counting time backward until the end of the offer, we found out that after the time runs up, it shows a brand new offer for newcomers. Therefore, it is simply another one of the basic marketing techniques that we so commonly see. However, 30% off is still a very generous discount.



Before we dive in the variety of products, there are a couple of services regarding products that we will separate and review later in our Services section. With this said, here are the different available items by The GLD Shop.


Currently, there are about 70 available chains all together with a variety of karats and color options. Naturally, there are not many cold colors, therefore you can normally choose between regular gold, white gold, and rose gold. In terms of karats, options vary from 10k solid gold through 14k solid gold to 18k gold plated. Of course, the gold plated option is the budget one ranging from as low as $49 to a couple of hundred dollars. If you take the solid gold options, however, prices grow to tenths of thousands.


The case with Cubans is basically identical and we will not focus a lot on them. There are around 40 different options to choose from. The difference is that there are a lot of bracelets in the Cuban style.


This is possibly the most interesting product category by The GLD Shop. There are over 100 unique designs. If you take a simple look, there is no way that you will not find something to fall in love with.

The buying process with pendants is a little bit different. All prices that you will see are for the pendant only, but as soon as you open the corresponding product page, you will be given the choices to choose the material (solid or plated) and a chain. Of course, you can always purchase only a pendant but if you are in need of a chain, each product has a variety of different chains.

Bracelets and rings

Choosing a bracelet and a ring is pretty identical. There are not so many options currently, with 25 bracelets and 13 rings available only. As soon as you open a specific product page, you can once again choose the material. In addition, here you will have to choose a size that fits your hand and finger.



We mentioned before that The GLD Shop offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products. This means that they will repair anything no matter if it is after a few months or a few years. Besides that, they ship worldwide free of charge. Now, we will take a closer look at some of their other services that are available on the website.

Make a Set

This is an amazing option for people who are really there to spend some money and equip themselves with quality jewelry. This option gives you the chance to choose four items and get them at a great price. Basically, you will have to choose two pendants and two chains from all the variants.

Customized Jewelry

This service allows you to customize your own piece of jewelry and make your own statement and unique look. Currently, they offer three different fonts and styles to choose from. As soon as you choose your font, you can choose the text and then customize the final look.

In addition, you can purchase your own handcrafted 3D photo pendant with a picture of your choosing. What they will do is crop the photo and place it in a jewel of your choice. This is a one of a kind service which might seem odd at first glance but it is innovative and interactive.


Final Thoughts

To be fair, The GLD Shop does not have the variety of products that some other brands have but they give you the chance to personalize and customize every item in a way that it is one of a kind. Furthermore, they are determined to deliver nothing but satisfaction to their customers. In fact, how many brands out there offer lifetime guarantees?

To be fair, if they have achieved such success in such a short time, there really is something special. Their products are top quality and have been chosen by a large number of stars. Actually, you do not need to spend crazy amounts of money as their gold plated items are absolutely affordable. Not only that, they continuously offer 30% off for new customers.

I think there is enough evidence that this company has a great flair for style, marketing, and customer satisfaction. If you have always wanted a unique one of a kind jewel hand-crafted for you only, The GLD Shop is your go-to place. You will not be disappointed.



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