Best Golf Ball Shaggers to Buy

best golf ball shagger bag

Whether you are a beginner golfer or a pro, but spending a lot of energy and time on rounding up golf balls is always a tiresome activity. Having to bend over and collecting golf balls is a petty job but costs you so much energy but fortunately, there are golf shag bags to save the day and especially your back. A shag bag is a portal bag that helps you retrieve golf balls instantly. It creates great ease on days of long practice. Moreover, it helps you focus on the golfing much more than collecting golf balls.


Top Golf Ball Shaggers

Madewell Bag Shag

Original Bag Shag Practice and Range Golf Ball Shagger Made in the USA, Red
STRONG CANVAS BAG – Holds up to 80 golf balls and will not stretch; FORMED...

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This is the original bag shag golf ball retriever and you can also use it as a storage bag. It’s good, awesome, and does the job with efficacy. This is indeed a must-have for all those who consider themselves to be golfers. It really spruces up your practice and has been made from metal that is durable and long-lasting. Its body comes with a heavy canvas that gives it its said durability and resilience. Also, it contains a heavy-duty zipper that is full length in size. This allows for easier and more effective unloading of golf balls. Its storage space is pretty spacious too as it can hold up to 80 balls at a time. The retrieval mechanism that this product evinces is durable and strong. Yet, it is still safe to use it on the greens as it won’t cause any harm or damage to the latter.

This Ball shagger is great because of the following reasons:

  • Is available in four attractive colors
  • Is made from a durable and long-lasting material
  • Contains a large capacity for holding balls (holds up to 80 balls at one time)
  • Is effective at reducing strain on the back


ProActive Sports Practice Stick

The Practice Stick Ball Shagger / Retriever by ProActive Sports
Lightweight and durable; Holds up to 23 golf balls; Simple and easy to use...

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This is another excellent product and will be loved by almost all golfers. This product is especially attractive since it appeals to the players who are conscious of their budget. The ProActive Sports Practice Stick will deliver the services that are excellent but at a very affordable price. This product is able to hold about 23 balls with ease which is great from a capacity-based point of view.

Also, it is convenient and compact enough that it can be fitted away easily in your golf bag along with your clubs. We said that it is lightweight and that is true. But don’t let that worry you about its durability and strength as it doesn’t lack in this stratum either. It has been made from immensely durable and reliable plastic that can easily weather all tests that are thrown towards its way. What’s more, you can also use this excellent product to pick up wiffle balls as well.

This product contains that following nifty features:

  • It comes with an exceptional and easily releasable mechanism
  • This product ensures protection against unexpected falling out of balls
  • This is a much more compact and less bulky option when you compare it to its contemporaries


Callaway Pro Caddie

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This is the ultimate Golf ball shagger and will really imbue effectiveness and ease in your golf practice. This is an excellent golf ball shagger and embodies many attractive features. This product is exceptional in as such that It operates in a unique manner. It acts as a feeder and ejects a single ball at a time. All you have to do is tap the required level with your club and voila, the ball will be let out without a problem.

This is very much facilitating for the player as it allows him or her to focus completely on each of their swings. This product also increases the facilitation factor by doubling as a ball picker as well. Once you are done with your practice, you can then use this shagger to pick up the balls. You can then store these balls for future use. The space that this shagger contains for ball storage is huge as well. that is because it can hold up to 35 balls with ease.

The Callaway Pro Caddie contains the following features:

  • It is made from sturdy and long-lasting plastic
  • You can wash it easily with the assistance of a garden hose
  • You can prevent any unwanted expulsion of balls as they can’t all be released at the same time


Finger Ten Retriever

Golf Ball Retriever Shag Bags Golf Ball Picker Upper Golf Ball Shagger Tube,...
Durably strong canvas bag won't stretch and holds up to 60-70 golf balls;; Heavy...

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The Finger Ten Retriever is one of the best golf ball shaggers available on the market at the moment. You can bet that it will provide you with an unforgettable experience and really allow you to step up your game. This product does all that is required of it but with a prominence that is impressive, to say the least. It is lightweight and immensely durable. Moreover, its material can easily bear the weathering effect of time and impact as well.

It is pretty portable too and you can carry it anywhere without any hassle. Still, this retriever dials up the convenience factor as it is capable of splitting into two pieces. You can do it by unscrewing the tube from the bag. This makes it even easier to store this product away at anyplace you want. The overall finishing of this retriever is qualitatively appealing and looks well-made.

The Finger ten golf ball retriever contains the following features:

  • It comes with an effective cleaning towel
  • It possesses a large storage capacity and can hold up to 60 balls
  • The pickup mechanism allows for convenient and easy picking up of balls


JP Lann

JP Lann Golf Ball Retrievers (Orange Pressure Cup, 15 Foot)
Available in metal hinge or orange pressure cup styles

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The JP Lann is an adept and efficient golf ball shagger and will perform its required task nicely. It is of good quality and comfortable to hold. It is of resilient and very much durable aluminum material. This protects it against any form of damage from rust or impact and can easily bear the test of time as well. It is also pretty lightweight and weighs just a little over a pound which allows for easier handling and carrying by the user. It also means that you can pay more attention to improving your game rather than straining yourself out while picking up balls.

Additionally, it is pretty spacious and ensures that you have ample balls available at all times. That is because it evinces a ball storage capacity of about 75 balls. The bag that this product comes with is of nylon and is very much resistant to tearing and ripping.

The JP Lann comes with the following attractive features:

  • This product offers amazing value for your price
  • The handle of this product has a good construction that it provides maximum comfort to the user
  • The zipper and nylon bag are terrific and the latter features a tear-resistant capability


Other Golf Ball Shaggers to Consider

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Why you need a golf shag

A gold shag bag is such a handy tool to carry around while golfing. It saves you a lot of time and relieves from stressing about such a petty activity such as collecting or retrieving golf balls. You can store a great number of golf balls, depending on the bag you choose as they all offer different numbers of balls. Most good quality shag bags offer an ergonomic design that keeps you from tiring your arms out. It also really helps you make and feel very organized.

A shag bag is most significant when a player has to run around after a ball they have just chipped to pick it up. Most players make the use of shag bags on the practice green days and keep around 15 to 20 balls with them. This helps them practice well as some golf shags can dispense multiple balls at a time, which makes it easier for the player to be familiar with the golf ball’s movement.


What you should look for in a golf shag

A golf shag is a very convenient tool to have on your practice or game day. However, you should be mindful of certain things and features that a golf shag needs to perform to its full potential and give a player maximum comfort and uses. Following are some of the features that you should look for while buying a golf shag:


It is obvious that a golf shag should feature durable parts and mechanism to last your good time and give you your money’s worth. Many golf shags have aluminum details that make the product reliable and durable. Moreover, the bag should be made of good material cloth such as nylon, which proves as a tear-resistant or canvas which also has a firm hold as sometimes poor quality bags can stretch out. Many players often struggle with the zipper failing so go for a solid and stern brass zipper.

Dual Function

Look for a golf shag that has dual functions. Some lower-budget shag bags can only be used for collecting and some only for retrieving out golf balls. However, there are many golf shags on the market that perform both the functions. This way, you can use the golf shag as both, a feeder and a collector. This will save you maximum time and effort.

Easy Pickup

Players should always look for an ergonomic design that will allow them comfort while using the tool. Some golf shags don’t have a handle made on top which can make it very hard for the player to collect golf balls. If it has a handle and the pick-up mechanism is quick and easy, the product should be on your list.

Portable Design

It is important to look for a portable and compact style for a shag bag as the whole purpose of the product is reducing your work but if you have to carry a massive tool, it would do more harm than good. Some golf shags even come as a simple tube. It is a tube, usually made of aluminum, therefore its design and built are very sleek. Some golf shags even contain detachable pieces so they are easier to store away. If you just a sort of holder for your golf balls, go for a tubing design that is also light in weight. This way your shag can easily be stored in your golf bag along with other equipment without adding a lot of extra weight.

Maximum Capacity

Different golf shags have different capacity to hold a number of balls. It really just depends upon your use and requirements. There are some golf shags on the market that can incorporate 10 to 20 golf balls while some have a maximum capacity of 100 balls. If you like practicing for a long time, you should pick a higher number of holding capacity.

Relevant Accessories

Many golf shags come with multiple other accessories such as a shag bag, a rain cover, a swing trainer, a cleaning towel and a carrying bag. If the product is good enough and fits your requirements, these accessories are a bonus for you.

Budget Factor

Considering the budget is an important factor. Make sure to pick a product that best fits your budget. There are some really reliable and useful golf shags on the market that have amazing functions and features but sometimes can cost up to thousands of dollars. This usually happens when you look at specific high-end brands. If you are on a reasonable budget, you might have to compromise on some advanced features. However, as long the product does what it claims, it’s worth your money.



A golf shag is a very useful and convenient tool for many golf players. If you are a beginner, a golf shag will prove as a great time saver during all your practicing and allow you more time for learning the game. It also helps to lift a mental and physical burden of having to pick up your golf balls after every time you chip it. In this way, it allows better focus and back and arm strain at the end of the day. It also adds to your look by making you appear organized and well-composed. It will save quite a lot of time that you might end up spending chasing golf balls otherwise. Therefore, it is wise to invest in such a product.