The 5 Best Golf Games for PS4

best golf games for ps4

Golf is an exciting game to play, but usually, older men tend to attract to it than youngsters. However, the golf game is way more fun when you play it on PS4 in the comfort of your own room without going to a golf course. Playing golf on consoles takes amusement to another level, no worrying about lost balls in ponds or sandpits. All you need is a good golf game DVD and controller to enjoy real-life golf match on LCD screens. Hit the ball with a joystick to make your perfect goal. Good news for all golf lovers is that there are many different kinds of exciting golf games available on the market for Ps4.


The Best Golf Games for PS4

Best for Beginners – Everybody’s Golf – PlayStation 4

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Designed for players who don’t know much about golf and haven’t played it either virtually or in real life. The game comes with simple control and game modes to familiarize you with the basic rules and regulations of Golf and creating an engaging experience for you. When it comes to realism, the game is far from the mark but for the demographic this game targets, realism is not as important as simplicity and gameplay.

Since the game is not focused on realism, it gives you the most freedom to choose your character and decide between the terrain. Before playing, you select every single aspect of your avatar and then start from the basics. Unlike other games, making the shot is also quite easy on Everybody’s Golf. The system works simply and has a three-click approach. You initiate the shot with the first button and then proceed to select the power and accuracy separately to start playing this awesome game.

As the majority of games on the PS4 platform, Everybody’s Golf supports both offline and online multiplayer modes. You can play online with another player from around the world and in your circle. Similarly, the game supports up to 3 offline players at the same time so you and your friends can have a great session even without the internet.

Most Realistic – EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR – PlayStation 4

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EA is a globally recognized gaming brand when it comes to realistic videography and gameplay. Especially for sports games, the brand produces ‘top-quality’ incredible games that are considered the best in the industry. For golf games of any platform, the Rory McIlroy PGA Tour is indeed a premium game liked and played by the ‘pros’ of the gaming world.

The internal physics this game has is hard to beat by any other golf game in the market. Additionally, its graphics and gameplay will let you assume you are playing the game on a world-class golf court. You will not be playing on any ‘made up’ golf courses when you play this game. Each course will be a replica of an actual course that is used in international competitions. We can even bet that every single detail of the actual golf course will also be available in the virtual copy you play. Even the time you are playing according to the game clock will affect the weather and wind pattern, so you can get a truly immersive and realistic gaming experience.

Best Gameplay – The Golf Club 2: Day 1 Edition – PlayStation 4

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While EA focuses on realism, The Golf Club focuses on giving you the best gameplay you can think of. The game is reviewed as the provider of one of the best overall experiences on the PS4 platform. If you want to play on a single-player mode or online multiplayer mode to compete with other players, you are free to do so.

You can even modify or create your courses and develop them unlimited hours of gameplay. In the graphics department, this game is also an industry leader. You will see that the game allows you to experience lush green grass courts that will look like the real deal from any angle. To control your shots with precision and convenience, the game allows you to use the joystick on your controller and give accuracy and power to your shots.

You can also make use of the various options available to you when it comes to golf clubs. Each one comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses that you can use to enhance your game.

The Golf Club: Collector’s Edition – PlayStation 4

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Another listing by The Golf Club combines everything great about the series and combines it into a single game. The Collector’s Edition is a great game for expert players who know how to design their courses and play with other players in a highly competitive environment. The game comes with the Greg Norman Course Designer is great for designing a cross-platform game and playing with a player from other gaming consoles easily by using the cross-play feature.

The Collector’s Edition of The Golf Club is a perfect game for setting up tournaments among players because it gives users the complete freedom to select the rules and handicaps for the people involved. Additionally, the cross-platform support described before also means that no one gets left out of the plan even if they are playing the game on a different platform like PC, and X Box.

If you don’t want to play competitively and simply want to relieve some stress or practice to improve your skills. You can opt for the Open Course Play option that allows you to do anything you want on the court without any restriction on the direction and the number of shots you take. Overall, the Gold Club: Collector’s Edition is a great golf game for PS4 that is designed for more experienced players who want more freedom to organize and maintain competition among friends.

The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour – PlayStation 4

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Out final selection for the list of best golf games for PS4 is another Edition of the Golf Club series that is both dynamic and engaging for experienced players who want every single detail. The game is designed to replicate all the major competitions and cups held throughout the golf world with incredible details and give you the freedom to complete tours and collect trophies like an actual golf player.

Since the target audience of this game is specifically the more experienced players that are not satisfied with the current level of available golf games for PS4. The controls are a bit harder to master and require some time to get used to. Just like a professional player, you’ll have to adjust your aim, direction, and power by taking external factors like wind direction into account. Additionally, the graphics in this game are also very realistic so you’ll also have fun while playing it.

Apart from realistic graphics and actual golf tours, the game also allows you to create your golf society and do many other things that make it a premium choice in the market. You can purchase the game with a CD as well as from the online store of PS4 using the digital code. Similarly, to unlock the entire PGA Tour, you’ll have to unlock it externally. Nevertheless, the incredible graphics and gaming experience this game offer trumps this nuisance and justifies its status as one of the top golf games for PS4 in 2020.

Other Golf Games for PS4

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Features of PS4 golf games

Most of the golf games aim for realism with excellent 3D graphics and realistic physics engine while some focus more on arcade, abstract, and fun play with cartoonish characters. They offer you to play on many famous courses all over the world that ranges from 4-25 golf courses including the most well-known Kungsangen Kings Course of Sweden, Le Fontainbleau of Canada, and Augusta National. However, you can also customize the golf course according to your preference or download extra courses.

To give a more realistic approach to the golf game, the characters in these games are highly detailed, live game commentary, and some have real-time passing of time on course during play. Even if you want to play alone or with friends, there are multi-player modes for about 2-8 persons. Also, it offers a single-mode. These golf games include different modes like match play, stroke play, championship, and party game.

Besides, a career mode is where you can your own societies, recruit players to challenge others online, and dominate the competition. This allows you to grow bankroll via winning the tournament to upgrade to bigger clubhouses.

Depending on your golf playing ability, there are 3 standard difficulty levels:

  • Amateur
  • Pro
  • Tour pro level

The beginner’s mode is very forgiving to allow you to play good shots even with bad swings, whereas pro mode requires more controlled shots. Moreover, there are options to select a club or buy a membership in bigger clubs while some games are there where you have to buy players as well. All you have to do is adjust your swing and hit the draw. Games like John Daly Prostroke Golf and Tiger Woods PGA Tour that fully integrate PS4 Move motion controller, track your swing path, swing power, and wrist rotation on impact.


What can you learn for the real golf out of playing golf games on PS4?

These games give you full-time real-world golf experience without leaving the comfort of your room. No need to buy expensive golf gear or club members, nor there’s a need to walk so many miles to the golf course. Just sit back and play golf at home. Since most golf games have practice mode, all amateurs who wish to learn golf can improve their game by improving swing, grip, and stance with a real-life golf feel. So those who haven’t played golf before can enjoy it too. Using the motion controller of PS4, you can actually feel the swing, practice it, and experience true sports interaction.


Best realistic golf games

Some Ps4 golf games give the most realistic golf experience. These are the best ones available:

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour 

The PGA tour adds realism to playing golf on PS4 and offers 3 different ways to play with a classic 3-click swing timer for all old-school lovers along with 2 thumbstick-based modes to feel real-life swing action. For casual players, there are one-shot assists augmented mode. While the other mode is unforgiving for people who prefer challenging golf game. Also, you get the option to mix elements from these setups to customize the mode that best suits your playing skills. To keep the game moving at a good pace, load times between holes are eliminated. Another thing that adds to the game’s realism is that the open-world courses nature allows for the poorly placed shots can be played from out of bounds.

For more immersive and real golf feel for gamers, it uses original golf courses. Rich Lerner and Frank Nobilo commentary with crowd cheering sounds and ambient effects. In addition to career mode, it has a new mode called nightclub challenge that offers arcade trills like nitrous boosts. Thanks to the custom-controls, the Rory Mcllroy PGA tour is great for all golf fans.

Golf Club 2 

The Golf Club 2 is another realistic stimulation-style golf game for PS4 for the best playing experience that offers potentially endless golf gaming hours via its course customization and season modes. You create your own players and customize using points and money you earn during play. It uses a joystick for aiming and swinging the golf club. With a couple of modes to play, there’s also an individual single-mode course training or career mode. However, this game doesn’t have professional PGA courses, golfers, and no online play; it’s still a good realistic game for all golf game enthusiasts because of its customizable courses, physics system, and visual graphics.

Other realistic golf games include:

  • Tiger Woods PGA tour
  • ProStroke Golf
  • The Golf Club 2019


Arcade-style golf games for PS4

Everybody’s Golf

This arcade-style fun golf game starts with creating your own character. You get many customizable options and you can unlock or buy more with game points. It features single-player offline play, local offline multiplayer, and online multiplayer to enjoy tournament-style play or turf war with friends. The game has a main golf island with 5 different courses to play on depending on your character rank. Besides golfing, there are side activities like fishing, swimming, or carting around.

Other arcade-style golf games include:

  • Wii Golf
  • Mario Golf
  • SimGolf
  • hot shots golf
  • Party golf
  • Infinite Minigolf


Wrap up

Playing golf games on PS4 is always a fun yet good golf practice experience whether you choose an arcade-style or realistic game. People of all age groups with great or no golf skills at all can play and enjoy golfing at the comfort of their home.