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The Best Golf Towels To Use

Golf is a highly professional sport, and the types of equipment required need to be quintessential. A golf kit consists of different clubs and balls. Among many of its gadgets, golf towels are a necessity. Dry golf towels are used by the golfers to clean off any wet particles from the club or the ball. A clean and dried ball shoots for a perfect score. Individual golf towels have microfiber material fabric; thus, they can clean better and absorb more. Golf towels need to be under an arm’s length; therefore, most golfers keep them tucked behind their backs.

Most golf towels are made up of low-quality material, hence they do not prove to be functioning correctly. They fade and do not clean the dirt and moisture off properly. A golf towel made of microfiber absorbs more but still weighs light. As much as the club and ball are necessary to play golf, a golf towel also plays an essential role in the performance of the game. But only the professionals know the real importance of a golf towel.


The 10 Best Golf Towels to Own & Use While On The Course

Most Versatile – Fireball Golf Towel Gifts and Accessories Set

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Golf is not just blindly swinging the club and hoping for the best result. The game requires awareness, finesse, and unparalleled attention to details. Players also have to take care of their equipment and the first and foremost requirement is taking care of the clubs. For cleaning your club, ball, and equipment, the Fireball Golf Accessories Set is an ideal choice because it comes with everything you need and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the product.

The Golf kit comes with 3 bright microfiber towels along with a deep cleaning brush for your Golf clubs. The ultra-sized cleaning brush also comes with a groove cleaning attachment for getting a complete clean. You also get a carabiner clip with your accessories so you can easily attach them with your bags for convenient access and cleaning.

Another unique aspect of the Fireball Golf Towel and Accessories Set is its price. You get so many accessories including 3 towels and a push open divot tool for only $19 which is equal to the average of a regular golf towel. Overall, the golf tool is an incredible product with all the

Best for Customization – Personalized Custom Golf Towel

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Printualists bring you a perfect opportunity to add a unique flavor to your golf equipment at a very reasonable price. The customizable towel allows you to write your name, team membership, affiliation, or any other phrase you might relate to. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay any additional cost for getting the text printed on the towel. The overall price of the golf towel with text is very close to the average price of golf towels made up of similar materials.

The 15” by 24” towel is available in 12 different colors and allows the users to choose between a microfiber cloth or a cotton one. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so you can select one according to your need and preferences.

Having a golf towel is of no use if you can’t access it with convenience. That’s why the towel comes with an attached carbine clip so you can keep the towel securely in an accessible place. Overall, this golf towel is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a customized golf towel or want something with your name printed to prevent it from getting mixed up with someone else’s towel. You’ll like the choice in a cloth type and color you get with this product and are likely to keep using it for a long time after purchase.

For the Star Wars Fan – Giggle Golf “May the Course Be with You” Golf Towel

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Star Wars and Golf, what can go wrong with this combo? The answer is absolutely nothing! The Giggle golf towel is a perfect gift for someone who’s in love with the Star Wars franchise and goes for golfing occasionally or regularly. The iconic phrase ‘May the force be with you’ holds a special place in the Star Wars community and has inspired a lot of spin-off phrases that are suitable for different situations. In this case, the manufacturers have cheekily changed the phrase to relate with golfers and give them a chuckle whenever they take a look at someone with this towel.

The nostalgia and Star Wars association are not the only things that make this a great choice for you. The towel itself is also great. The dark-colored towel is made from 100% natural cotton and has a grommet hook to allow easier access and storage of the towel. There is no point of buying a towel with such a cool phrase if no one reads it, that’s why the golf towel can wrap itself properly to the bag so everyone can easily read the text. With the towel, you also get a couple of awesome accessories like a poker chip and ball cleaning pouch for free.

Club Throw Golf Microfiber Golf Towel Ultra-Light Waffle Design

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Things go sideways more than often when you play golf and the manufacturers at Club Throw understand that there are times when you just want to let go of everything and rage quit. The entire brand targets player who hate the game but can’t seem to spend too much time away from the course. If you are one of those players, have accessories from Club Throw Golf is necessary for you.

The microfiber towel is exceptionally large when compared with other alternatives available in the market. The 161’ x 36” towel comes with premium moisture absorbing capabilities and has a textured fabric to facilitate in properly cleaning your golf clubs. The lightweight cloth is machine washable as well and has no problem with whatever type of detergent you use. With every wash, you’ll see that the towel becomes as good as new so you won’t have to buy another for a long time. The towel also features a high-quality embroidered monogram that perfectly describes how we feel when things don’t go as expected during the game.

Clothlete Greenside Microfiber Golf Towel

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The Clothlete greenside microfiber towel is an ideal choice for regular golfers who are looking for a convenient and easy to wash option for their games. The microfiber cloth is the easiest to attach with a golf bag or cart with the products Snap-On attachment feature. The microfiber cloth comes with super absorbing capabilities that allow you to achieve a deeper and more effective clean. The moisture-absorbing capabilities will also help you in getting your ball ready for the shot even after it falls in a lake or any other water body. Keeping the ball dry and clean is important for golfers because even the smallest difference in the aerodynamic profile of the ball can affect your accuracy and range.

People often keep different towels for cleaning their golf equipment and another one for cleaning their hands and face. You get 3 ultra-light golf towels for the price of one so you can also do that. Additionally, the Snap-On feature also allows you to snap two towels together and make a lager towel where one side can be used for the equipment and the other side for your hands. Overall, the Clothlete Greenside is a great option for people who are looking for a convenient and reasonably priced option for their regular golf games.

Other Great Golf Towels You Should Check Out

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What are the benefits of buying a golf towel?

As golf is a world-famous sport; therefore, a golfer needs to have the best tools for it. In the list of expensive and high-quality clubs and balls, a golf towel is an essential item that also needs to be of good quality. One can know the importance of a golf towel because a good shot depends on it. If either the ball or the club is dirty or having any moisture over it, it will end in delivering a lousy shot even if the golfer is a well-known player.

Getting a good golf towel can save one from the embarrassment of a dodgy chance. Any wetness is necessary to remove before making a hit, and for that purpose, one needs to buy a golf towel.

Not just to pair a quality product with your golf kit, but a good golf towel can save you from a sun hit and exhaustion. Golf towels are usually light in weight and sufficient to soak up more water and keep it cool so that you don’t have to soak it more often. These are specific types of towels that come alongside bags of pins or something to hold it up and carry conveniently.

Most golf towels can maintain moisture and keep you fresh for over an hour. If the weather turns out unexpectedly hot, golf towels work as a neck insulator and help to make the temperature bearable.


What features make a golf towel distinguishable from a standard towel?

Golf towels are high-quality products that are typically paired with a luxury golf kit to make the golf experience pleasant even in unbearably hot weather. Golf towels have a high soaking capability alongside a fabric that retains the water for a longer time. Regular towels usually have thicker and denser hair with a thick material that gets heavy to carry if it gets wet. Solving this problem, Golf towels are well-engineered to fir their purpose.

  • Firstly, the golf towels are made in an easy to carry design. It usually has a hook design or a buckle design to hook it up with a bag or waist belt. As per the modern design, many golf towels have an edge locking technology with tighter edge stitching, non-threading material, and durable quality to pair with the lifestyle requirements.
  • Secondly, the golf towels are mostly made of soft and comfortable fabrics to soothe them and help them retain their energies for a more extended period.
  • Thirdly, golf towels are mostly made of hygroscopic or breathable material to allow more air in the fabric through permeability to allow more water absorption, which gives a cooling feel.


Is it suitable for regular usage?

Numerous persons prefer buying golf towels because they are light and more comfortable to carry, even if it isn’t to play golf. Golf towels are used in all kinds of sports and for regular daily life use as well. These towels have the adaptability to soak in more water and stay fresh for longer, working as an insulator.

Furthermore, people use these towels to sponge in fever. These towels have high mesh microfibre fabric that retains the insulation. These towels stay hydrated for long but also allow more permeability for air to cool that water down. The water application with this towel is wet, yet you don’t feel drenched during the soaking up phase.

It also has other household usages as people use it for washing their cars more efficiently. It is quite useful to carry around in summers as most of the towels come along bags that are used to keep the towels hydrated for prolonged usage.


How available are these towels as per need?

These towels are quite easy to carry along with their hooks, buckles, and bags. These towels work as human insulators when the temperature becomes unbearably hot. When you need something like a significant wet tissue to hydrate your skin to feel fresh, it serves the purpose.

Its moisture maintenance capability allows it to save the water inside without dripping, and this is easier to bring along than a standard wet towel. Besides, this towel can make you unstoppable in any summer phase as you can go for any outdoor activity and stay cool and fresh.



Golf towels suffice for both professional and casual usages. With their efficiency to cool down the neck or any area applied to the design, convenience, and adaption, it serves as a piece of sound equipment needed at the moment. Likewise, the advancement in technology is adding more to the feasibility and absorption of these towels, and individuals are integrating these in their regular use. So, these towels are also gradually replacing ordinary towels.

People tend to prefer more durability and comfort that these towels best give. Moreover, golf towels are not just an essential part of a golf kit, and it is used in almost every sport now to serve the precisely same purpose and soothe people more effectively.

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