groundlink black car service review

Groundlink Review

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GroundLink is the name of the most advanced black car service you can find worldwide. With over 460 markets, it is practically available in all the major cities in the world with a simple app and a few clicks. GroundLink takes the regular pick-up/drop-off service to a brand new professional level combining the latest technologies, impeccable customer service, and professional drivers in one.



The GroundLink services cover all the possible customer needs and requirements. You can book via phone call, their website, or their smartphone app. Their customer service is available 24/7 as the company covers major cities from around the globe.

There are three main ground services that customers can choose from. Point to point rides will take you to an exact location while you can also pay for hourly rides when you have no clear destination but want to travel. The round trip service will help you get to where you need to go and get back afterward.

The Ride Now option is not yet available worldwide but only in select cities. It allows you to book a ride immediately similar to the well-known Uber service. The booking option which is, of course, available everywhere is to schedule a ride in advance. You can do it for later in the day or for weeks and months in advance.

Needless to say, GroundLink did not save any funds or efforts into the creation of a perfectly working system. The app and website have a real-time GPS tracking function which ensures that you know every move of the driver and when to expect him.

You can also see the entire information about the driver including name and photo, as well as vehicle model. Of course, all the cars which GroundLink uses are the latest models and offer nothing but luxury. You also have the ability to contact the driver personally whenever you want or choose SMS updates.

One of their most impressive technologies is the flight synchronization which you can enable from the app by adding your flight information. This way, the app will automatically set the perfect pick-up time and will re-adjust based on the latest flight updates. For example, in the case of delays, the system will change the pick-up time so that neither you nor the driver has to wait. GroundLink drivers are famous for always being on time.


It is true that GroundLink rides are not on the cheap side of things. However, you are relieved of all the usual negative sides of the pick-up and drop-off practice. Simply said, you pay a higher price but you get transparency, reliability, and before anything else – safety. After all, all GroundLink drivers are professionals and the cars they use are the latest models.

When you take all of this into account, the price does not seem that high. You must realize that when you use taxis, for example, you never know the real final price until you reach your destination. In addition, you have no information about the driver or the car, and you have no guarantee of a safe and peaceful ride. Last but not least, the taxi driver has the authority to change routes and choose the path which often happens to be a much longer one.

With GroundLink, you know the exact price you will have to pay in advance and it also includes the tips.  There is no excuse not to try the service, if you are not satisfied with the price you will have to pay, you can simply choose not to take the ride as the price will be given before the actual booking.


Remember when we mentioned that GroundLink drivers are on time every time? This is not simply a saying that the company uses as an advertisement act. On the contrary, they have made an unparalleled promise that each driver will be on-site within 5 minutes of the scheduled hour. If the driver fails, your next ride will be free of charge as long as it does not cost more than $75.

In other words, the company truly stands behind their words.


The Booking Process

As already mentioned above, transparency and clarity are among the things which make this service stand out. GroundLink gives you the opportunity to choose absolutely everything regarding your ride. You will no longer have to wait until there is a free taxi driver close to you unsure whether you will reach your destination on time or not.

In fact, with GroundLink, you can choose everything from the car to the exact time and location. You can choose between a wide range of car types and sizes starting from the smallest but equally luxurious models to the largest busses that are suitable for large groups of people.

In addition, you can stay connected to your driver and contact him whenever you want. With the GPS tracker, you will know exactly where the car is and the exact time of arrival which should, of course, be at the scheduled hour or you will receive a $75 free ride.

Last but not least, nobody says you have to pay a fortune for this service. In fact, prices are just a tiny bit higher than the regular black car service out there with the small difference that no other competitor offers such a professional hi-tech experience.

Unfortunately, GroundLink is not yet as popular outside of the United States. This means that while every larger city in America has available drivers, citizens of only a few cities outside the capitals in Europe can take advantage of this service. Such is the case in the remaining continents of the world. Some countries like China have more city markets already but others do not.

The company is working hard towards adding new cities and markets to their family and if by chance you haven’t got GroundLink available in your country at the given moment, this might change in the near future.



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