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5 Best Gun Safes

Are you considering picking up a gun safe to hold your weapon while not being used? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. Below, we breakdown some of the best gun safes you can buy (for both handguns and rifles). Be sure to check out some of the recommended gun safes below and see if any of them fit your needs!


5 Best Gun Safes

Best for Budget – AmazonBasics Security Safe Box

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The Amazon Basic Security Safe Box is an incredible choice for those who want to keep their guns and other valuable items safe from unwanted access without spending a lot of money. The Amazon Basics Safe Box is made for not guns only. You can keep your important documents, cash, jewelry, travel documents, and all other important items. The safe is available in several different sizes and specifications starting from 0.5 cubic feet to 1.2 cubic feet.

The construction of this safe is made from tampering resistant steel that is extremely hard to damage from the outside. However, the safe does not stop water and moisture from entering it and being damaged in case of a fire. To access the safe, you need to pass the authentication twice with a keypad and a key. The electronic access is easily programmable and the code can be left on the user’s preference. In addition to that, the safe also comes with 2 override keys that allow users to access the content within the safe without damaging it. The safe has two live bolts that are pry-proof and mounting options to keep the safe secured on the wall or anywhere you like.

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The SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe is a state-of-the-art option for people needing a futuristic and safe storage solution for their guns and small firearms. The safe is small enough to keep 1 gun along with bullets and has another option that allows 2 guns. The entire housing is made from high-quality steel that gives it enhanced durability and allows you to trust it without any worries.

To access the contents, you have 3 entry solutions. 1 through a biometric lock that stores 2 fingerprints so more adults can have access to a single safe. Similarly, you can also use keypad that can have 4 keys your you can set your combination. For emergencies where someone doesn’t remember the code and does not have biometric access, the gun safe also has the option of a key-access.

Guns are a requirement for your safety and its important for you to have faster access to your firearm when needed. That’s why the Sentry Safe comes with a compression gas strut that immediately opens up the safe for you to access your gun. The safe is just like a briefcase so you can take with yourself too without standing out in the crowd. However, if you wish to keep it on one accessible location for better safety, you can even bolt it down anywhere you want.

Editor’s Choice – GunVault MultiVault Quick Access Large Gun Safe

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The GunVault MultiVault is perhaps the most futuristic and ideal Gun Safe in this list that does the job perfectly and looks good while doing it. Designed for convenient access to 4 handheld guns, the Gun Safe comes with a ‘no eyes’ digital keypad. With this keypad, you don’t need to look for the fingerprint sensor, simply put your palm on the safe and it will automatically open. The Gun Safe has a sliding mechanism in the pop-out drawer that automatically brings the guns forward and gives you 20% faster access to your guns in emergencies

Inside the MultiVault Quick Access Gun safe, multiple LED lights immediately turn on when the safe is opened so you can see which gun you are grabbing. The guns are also kept in the active position inside the safe so they are ready to be used immediately after you take them out.

In addition to its state-of-the-art biometric security, the entire gun safe is made from heavy gauge steel which is free from any unwanted prying and can not be damaged from the outside. The gun safe also comes with mounting hardware that allows you to keep the safe securely at any place you want.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe

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Valuetek has been a famous name in the market for rugged and tamper-proof safes. The VT20i is another splendid addition in the manufacturer’s line of Gun Safes that improves the overall security of your home while minimizing the risks of an accident. Small and portable enough to be taken a briefcase anywhere, the safe can store one handheld gun along with a bullet pack safely.

The entire body of the VT20i Compact Gun Safe is made from heavy-duty 16-gauge steel that is virtually unbreakable and prevents anyone from accessing your gun without you knowing about it. The latches are also supplemented by the sturdy frame and body so the safe can resist very high impacts without breaking. The biometric finger scanner can store 20 different fingerprints in this system so you can easily give access to every single adult in your house without disclosing the backup key which may be used by someone underage to access the gun.

The integrated smart technology of this Gun Safe gives you complete control. You can view that battery status and the access history to see who accessed the gun at what time. Additionally, you will also be notified whenever someone tries to tamper with the same and will be able to manage the fingerprints stored to restrict access.

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Shotgun Safe

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This Gun safe is designed for larger weapons like shotguns and rifles. The V-line Quick Access Shotgun Safe is a state-of-the-art option for people wanting to store their large guns easily without worrying about any unauthorized access and any accidents.

The Safe comes with a keyless lock that allows instant access to anyone who knows the code. In emergencies where you don’t have the time or chance to look for the key, this system can be a blessing. The entire body of the V-line safe is made from a sturdy and durable steel alloy that can not be tampered from the outside. You can even keep the Security case secured in one space by using the pre-drilled holes at the bottom and hide the Shotgun case behind a closet to conceal it from others.

The V-line shotgun case has one of the best security features in its category. Its strong body prevents any tampering from the outside while additional tubular locks can also be added by the users to ensure additional security. The combination lock is very easy to program and has the possibility of 1081 different codes so you can be at peace because your gun will remain safe from any unauthorized use.

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Gun Safe Buying Guide

Once you own a gun, the next step to take is how to keep it safe in order to avoid falling into the wrong hands or place. A gun safe is very important to have because it secures the gun and if you have kids in your house, then keeping the gun away in a place that is well secured should be arranged for.

Some people might see owning a gun safe is not necessary but if they get to understand the risk involved when you don’t own one, I am sure you will agree with me on the importance of owning one.

A gun safe comes with its peace of mind that your gun is nicely tucked away and your investment is secured.

However, shopping for a gun safe can be quite tedious with the increasing numbers of manufacturers and a lot of options to choose from, leaving the whole process tiring.

With that, we have provided this shopping guide to help you choose a gun safe to buy and the features to look out for before buying one.

Features to Look Out for When Shopping for A Gun Safe

Shopping for this kind of product can be so confusing and it will be important to consider the below features before getting one. There are a lot of manufacturers out there releasing new products on a regular basis, it will be quite a herculean task to narrow down and chose one product

Lock Quality

Gun safes do come in high-quality locks but they are not the same quality. The quality varies from one maker to another. If you are going for the biometric type of lock or the traditional manual lock, it is important to decide before you shop for your gun safe.


Gun safes come in different sizes and shapes. The size of your gun also determines the size of the safe you would be going for. The high-end gun safe owners have the advantage of having a custom-made safe that fits the shape and size of your gun perfectly. Always make sure you get the right size of safe for your gun.

Long Gun Safes

For people that love going out for hunting, competitions or practices, the long gun like a rifle is their ideal gun. For this type of firearm, keeping them in a very safe place should be a priority in order to keep your family out of harm’s way and keep it away from elements that might damage it.

Long gun safes should be large to contain it. Always make out space in your home for this type of gun before shopping for the gun safe.

Note: If you’re considering picking up a safe for a larger gun, consider this short list of recommended rifle safes:

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Bolting Options

Some gun safes come with the option of bolting it to either the wall or the ground. Bolting the gun safe provides maximum stability and bolt in order to get it well secured and difficult to get whisked away from its place. However, this option is not ideal for people that want their safe mobile, if you would be moving your safe, then the option is not for you.

Steel Quality

A very good advantage of having a gun safe is that other people won’t be able to gain access to your safe easily. Most safes have a pry, punch and drill-resistant plate that is there to protect the locking mechanism. Also, safes are always built thick enough to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access. The lower gauge steel construction feature can be found in top-rated gun safes, keep that in mind.

Guns are not really safe if not kept in good quality steel safe. The thick steel and the better quality makes it difficult for burglars to get into your safe. It will take a whole lot of time to get into the safe. Look for steel with multiple layers, they are more secure.


The weight of your gun safe is an important feature to look at. You can buy a gun safe that is light-weight and yet offers maximum security. It all depends on your choice and what you want.


The designs of gun safes are well created to bring out that statement of the owner. Just like most furniture in the house, a safe should also complement the look of the house with a touch of class.

Custom made

For the high-end type of safe, the buyer has the option of going for a custom-made gun safe. You can discuss the type of color, shape, and size of the safe that you want. You also have the option of adding other designs just to meet up with your taste.


Check for the technology a product offers before buying. Manufacturers have been able to use technology to offer maximum security for your gun. It also allows easy use.


Gun safes always come with a warranty just to assure customers of getting satisfaction from their products. However, the warranty varies; it can last from a year till a lifetime.

Most gun safes come with a lifetime warranty because they are specially made with high-quality materials and technology that gives that confidence to the manufacturers. What is the essence of having a gun safe that is not safe enough? Manufacturers have put this into consideration and always make sure to deliver top-notch quality safes.

The warranty is defined in different ways depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers provide a free replacement if there is a future fault with the safe while others offer this in limited time. Always get good quality for your investment.


In conclusion, with the availability of gun safes that comes in a different process in the market, settling for one safe is quite difficult. Sometimes, buyers can get scared off because of the outrageous prices of gun safes. However, it is important to know that safes are made from high-quality materials, hence the reason for the high cost.

The benefits of owning a gun safe far outweigh the thought of the high cost. High-quality safes offer durability and maximum protection, and assurance that you are getting all the value for your money.

We do hope this guide will help narrow down your search and help you choose the right gun safe for you.

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