Top 10 Best Hand Trucks

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10 Best Hand Trucks

Budget Pick – Harper Trucks 300 lb Capacity Steel Hand Truck

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If you are looking for an affordable hand truck with the best capabilities, then look no further. The incredible 300 lb Steel Hand Truck by Harper Trucks is the ultimate choice for you. Whether you want it for your garage or your office, this product is perfect for handling different loads without sustaining any damage. The entire boy uses durable steel construction and other high-quality parts that make this hand truck last for a long time. The 8″ casters are also made from solid rubber and can smoothly roll over any surface without causing any damage.

The Harper Trucks 300 lb Hand Truck comes with a continuous handle that makes it easier for you to grab the truck when it is full. The handle does not have a rubber grip, which could have been a drawback. However, since the maximum weight of this tool is 300 lb, rubber grips become a non-essential feature for this specific product. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to corrosion, but sometimes it deteriorates under particular conditions. The Harper Trucks product comes with a powder coat paint that protects the steel and makes it suitable for all environments. Even after constant exposure to UV radiation, the paint remains unaffected and continues to protect the stainless steel frame inside.

This hand truck requires no assembly and comes ready to use from the package. If you need an affordable and reliable product that can last a long time, there is nothing better than the Stainless Steel Hand Truck by Harper.

Most Versatile – Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck

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The Cosco Shifter Heavy Duty Hand Truck is famous in the market due to the sheer versatility it offers. The heavy-duty hand truck can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds and is made from a durable steel alloy.

Unlike other hand trucks, the Cosco Shifter gives you the complete freedom to choose between a two-wheel or four-wheel position depending on the volume and nature of the package. You can quickly transform the shape of this hand truck according to your need without needing any cumbersome tools.

The product can even fold to facilitate storage and transportation. You can also keep this incredible hand truck at the trunk of any regular sedan without causing any storage issues. This hand truck is among the most portable options currently available in the market under any price bracket.

Like the previous model, the hand truck by Cosco Products comes with a continuous handle that facilitates movement and allows you to push/pull the hand truck with both of your hands. This product even comes with a rubber grip on the handle, which reduces the strain on your hands and enhances the user’s comfort. The Cosco hand truck enjoys tremendous popularity, with almost six thousand ratings on Amazon alone. You can also become one of the satisfied customers by ordering this incredible product now.

Best of Convenience – Harper Trucks Lightweight Convertible Hand Truck

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This incredible Hand Truck is another product by Harper Trucks getting featured on our list. The 400 lb Convertible Hand Truck personifies the word convenience with its lightweight design and incredible feature.

Featuring a composite plastic frame with I-Beam glass, the Hand Truck weighs 30% less than traditional models without any reduction in the speed. The Aluminum structure also eliminates any chances of corrosion or material deterioration since plastics last for extended periods without needing any maintenance or paints.

The Hand Truck also comes with the ability to turn into a 4-wheeler dolly without needing any tools. Users are free to choose how they want to use this product. The cart position allows a maximum weight of 400 lb while the dolly position reduces that number to 300 lb. The product comes with solid casters that work perfectly on multiple surfaces. Moreover, it has swivel casters, making it easier for users to move the hand truck around without any worries.

Milwaukee 47109 600-Pound Capacity Flow Back Handle Hand Truck

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Going back to the basics, the Hand Truck by Milwaukee focuses on increasing the load-carrying capacity of the Hand Truck while maintaining the same convenience level for the end-users. The Hand Truck comes with the ability to sustain about 600 pounds in one go. It comes with an 8″ by 14″ toe plate and 5/8 bearings to keep the entire operation smooth and allow users to stack multiple items on the cart easily.

The entire body is made up of sturdy and durable composite with a red inert paint coating to ensure long-lasting operations. The setup itself weighs only 23 pounds due to the hollow pipe design, which reduces the overall weight of the hand trick while maintaining the same weight level. The hand truck is among the most demanded products available in its category on multiple eCommerce platforms due to its unmatched durability and a reasonable price when you consider its load rating.

KingSo 330-lb Folding Hand Truck Heavy Duty Capacity

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If you have limited space in your home, office, or workshop, this folding Hand Truck by KingSo is your perfect choice. The heavy-duty tool has a load sustaining capacity of 330 lb and comes with internal stabilizers to keep the operation comfortable for the users. The original length of this incredible hand truck is about 30 inches. The handle can be elongated with the push of a button to a maximum height of 43 inches. You will never be restricted by the volume of packages with this customizable hand truck!

The Hand Truck features an Aluminum frame along with durable PVC casters that allow the cart to operate on any surface. The aluminum body is corrosion resistant and is a perfect choice for areas where the chances of coming across moisture are quite high.

Initially designed for courier workers, the KingSo folding cart has the capability of folding/unfolding in seconds. The hand truck can easily fit in cars, closets, and small storage spaces with needing an elaborate setup or complicated tools.

Additional Hand Trucks Worth Investigating

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