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5 Best Handheld Carpet Cleaners Reviewed

If you have a carpeted floor at your place, a carpet cleaner is a necessity for you. Regular carpet cleaners are often large and inconvenient to take around the house. However, portable carpet cleaners are gaining popularity in the market because of their smaller frames and simple operations. In this case, big does not mean better! Modern portable carpet cleaners usually do a better job at cleaning stains than their larger counterparts.


Most Popular Handheld Portable Spot Carpet Cleaners


What’s the Difference Between a Vacuum Cleaner and a Carpet Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is designed to clean out dust and other solid particles from carpets and other surfaces. There is no mechanism in vacuum cleaners that can help you in cleaning out stains. Carpet cleaners, on the other hand, have the capability of cleaning out stains in a matter of minutes.

Why Spend the Money on a Carpet Cleaner?

Even after a thorough vacuuming, microbes remain unaffected and overtime, germs can cause several health problems. Research indicates that carpets are about 4000 times dirtier than toilet seats and 7 times dirtier than streets. Remember this the next time you eat something that fell on a carpet. It is recommended to periodically clean carpets with a good disinfectant to prevent germ growth. Carpet cleaners are designed with the option of adding soap and cleaning fluids to help you tackle this problem. You can add soap and disinfecting surface cleaner to give your carpet a refreshed look and remove germs from it.


Features to Thoroughly Consider in a Handheld Carpet Cleaner

As there are numerous options available in the market, it’s important to know the factors one must consider before selecting a model. Each machine comes with its own pros and cons and hopefully, this guide will help you in making this decision.

  1.     Portability: Since we are talking about a portable cleaner, the movability of the product would obviously be an important factor. There are several small models that are powerful enough to fulfill your requirements. The issue of weight may sometimes cause problems. There are models that are small in size but are quite heavy and they may cause inconvenience for the user.
  2.     Power cord: A large power cord would allow the users to conveniently cover a large area without spending time on changing switches. If it’s not a problem for you, you can easily buy multitudes of models easily.
  3.     Power: The suction power of the cleaner determines the performance of the device. The power level should be high enough to completely suck the water and don’t leave any stains behind.
  4.     Brush type: Brushes in carpet cleaner are either automatic or manual. Automatic brushes are better because they do a better job and do not need any external forces.
  5.     Additional features: Versatility is an extremely important factor that must be considered nowadays. An excellent portables carpet cleaner would allow you to easily clean other surfaces like sofas, car seats, etc. Similarly, some models come with specialized hose ends for tricky places like secluded corners and stairs.


Honorable Mentions

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean – Equipped with all high-end feature

The Bissell 3624 is a great choice if you want a cleaner with all the detailed features of a high-end model but at a reasonable price. The cleaner is quite versatile and can easily be maneuvered around the place. Apart from the regular brush, the machine comes with a powerful ‘tough stain tool’ that can clean anything. For storing cleaning formula, this model comes with a separate bottle to ensure your carpets are completely free from any stains or germs.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner – Designed for convenience

This compact and powerful carpet cleaner is designed to provide the most convenient experience for the users. It comes equipped with extremely powerful suction motor and separate compartments for clean and dirty water. The brushes work automatically and the machine is quite compact which makes it easier to carry around and store.

Bissell 1716B Spotlifter Deep Cleaner – The lightest cleaner

Another innovative model from Bissell, this powerful and handy cleaner comes with a small rotating brush that can easily handle any stain you can think of. The small size is both an advantage and disadvantage in the case of this cleaner. On one hand, its size and weight allow it to be used in cars, stairs, and many other places. On the other hand, the small size makes it impractical to be used to clean a large rug or a whole carpet. However, if you need something to immediately handle any spill, this is the best choice for you.

Hoover FH11300PC Spot Cleaner – Most versatile

This versatile model is light in terms of both its weight and its price. The economic model comes with an adequate motor and a 15-foot long hose to help you easily reach secluded places. This model also has a multi-purpose attachment that allows it to do several jobs easily. A feature that makes the Hoover Spot Cleaner unique is the ability to keep the hose automatically clean from dirt and bacteria. So far, no other manufacturer has added this feature to their cleaners.

No matter how careful you are with your carpet, accidents can happen. Stains from food, wine, and pets are quite hard to remove but with a powerful carpet cleaner, it’s a simple task. Similarly, it is important to keep your carpet clean from bacterial growth because spending your day on something that is home to countless bacteria is unsanitary. Using a carpet cleaner is a cheap and easy way of ensuring your carpet remains clean. 

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