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5 Best Heated Cat Houses

As a cat owner, then you might have observed that your cat is looking for warm places to sleep or sit when the temperature is falling down. The optimum body temperature for a cat’s body is 38-degree centigrade which cannot be maintained by the fur alone sometimes. Thus to protect your cat from fever or cold, you should consider buying a heated cat house. A heated cat house is made up of material like fleece or polyester which can be used to provide warmth to your cats both indoor and outdoor.

Modern heated cat houses also feature a heating pad which can be used to maintain the temperature of the cat house electrically. Heated cat houses can be used both indoor and outdoor, but manufacturers usually recommend the usage for the indoor purpose only. Heated cat house can both be used for young kittens to provide the warmth and to relieve them for cold and for older cats to relieve them from any joint paint.


The material of the heated cat house not only provide warmth but also provides the shelter to the cats from water, dust and other unfavorable environmental conditions. Thus if you are worried about the cat’s shelter especially in winter, a heated cat house is a product made for your kittens.


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Common features of a Heated Cat House

A heated cat house is a small portable house which may be shaped like a hut, square or rectangle with removable flaps for the entry or exit of the cat. The house is made up of insulating material such as polyester, fleece, fur, etc. to protect the cat from cold. Moreover, the material provides the cat protection against direct sunlight, water or dust making this product suitable to be used indoor as well as outdoor.

Modern heated cat houses have heated pads which can be used to maintain warmth inside the cat’s house. Some heated cat houses also feature a thermostat which allows you to maintain the safe temperature inside the cat’s house with the usage of only 4-5W of electricity. The material of the heated house cat is designed so that it can easily be maintained and can be washed in a machine or by hand. Similarly, the padding is also removable and can be cleaned with soapy water and a sponge to maintain hygiene.

The capacity of the heated cat house varies in every model present in the market. Moreover, some heated cat houses are self-heated which are made up of a material having the ability to reflect the pet’s heat making them suitable to be used in mild temperature conditions. Most of the heated cat houses are certified and meet the safety standards.


Who (Or What) is this Product Best Suited For?

As the name suggests, this product is best suited for cats of all the ages. The owner can purchase this innovative product to keep his cat warm and comfortable in winter or snowy conditions. The heating pads can maintain the temperature inside the cat’s house even in extreme weather conditions. All the cat owners can purchase this product due to its affordable price and multiple features. A heated cat house can also be used for outdoor purposes.

This can be used to carry the cat outside when going on a walk or any vacation. The support under the heated cat house makes a cozy and comfortable environment for the kittens even if they are not in the house. If a heated cat house is bought for younger cats, they can get warmth from it and can get rid of cold. Similarly, the older cats can also get warmth which is the basic function of the heated cat house.

In addition to warmth, the older cats can also sit on the heated pads in order to get rid of any joint paint which they may face due to their age. Thus if you are a cat owner worried for the health of your cat in winters and looking for products to protect them from cold, do consider buying a heated cat house.


Things to look when buying a heated cat house

There are many choices available in the market when you are going to buy a heated cat house which makes it difficult to buy one. However, there are certain characteristics which can be helpful in making the selection of a heated cat house which is as follow:

Size and shape

Heated cat houses are available in different size and shapes. The choice of suitable size will depend upon the number of kittens you want to accommodate inside the heated cat house. If a single kitten is to be accommodated, a hut shaped small cat house will be enough for him to curl itself in. Similarly, if the number of cats is more than one, then you should prefer a rectangular or a square heated cat house so that the kittens can easily accommodate and enter/exit the house. Similarly, the shape and size of the house will also depend upon its usage, whether it is supposed to be used indoor or outdoor.


Heated cat houses also offer a number of features. Some heated cat houses are self-heated which just reflect the heat of the pet to keep it warm. Similarly, modern heated cat houses feature padding and thermostat which are controlled electrically and are safe. The choice of features will depend upon the temperature conditions for which you are buying a heated cat house. If temperature conditions are mild, self-heated cat house is the best option and vice versa.


Do look for the material of the heated cat house when buying one. Always go for the material which not only serves the purpose of warmth inside the house but also protect the kittens from water, sunlight and dust. Maintenance and hygiene of the cat house will also depend on the material whether it is washable or not.

The above-mentioned points will definitely make the choice for you relatively easier.


Final remarks

A heated cat house is a best-suited product for your cats and kittens if your cats are suffering from the cold weather conditions. But make sure to decide the correct shape, size, and features of the heated cat house before paying a handsome sum of money for this product.




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