HipHopBling Review

Hip-Hop Bling Review

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Hip Hop Bling is a fine jewelry manufacturer and seller that has been around for almost 20 years. It is a company widely known for its wide range of high-quality jewels listed at extremely low prices compared to other competitive brands. By any means, this does not put them on top of the market niche, but it shows that focusing on quality and customer satisfaction rather than higher-income is possible.


About the company

The company was founded in the 90s and was one of the pioneers of jewelry in the hip hop culture. They have set numerous trends over the years and have successfully grown to be one of the largest and most loved stores worldwide. Their mission is to be active in the latest trends while delivering high-end jewelry at the lowest possible price.

Needless to say, customer service is at the highest level with Hip Hop Bling. Their support is available 24/7 through email and you get extra perks if you decide to purchase. You can return any item in the first month after purchase for a full refund or an exchange. They even cover your shipping charges. In addition, Hip Hop Bling is very proud of its fast deliveries. Besides that, shipping costs are lifted for every customer in the USA for orders over $75.


Website Experience

The Hip Hop Bling website is relatively simple. It does not strike with anything particularly rare. The front page focuses almost entirely on product advertisements. In addition, you can take a look at their Instagram tag, as well as celebrities that have worked with the company. The most notable section is the one that gives out all the positive sides of the company. You can see all that we mentioned above – fast shipping, 30-day guarantee, and free shipping.

All products are divided based on the jewelry types. You can access the separated items from the main access bar on top. We will go more in-depth with the variety of products below. Lastly, you can choose between a number of the most widespread currencies.

Overall, improvements are not a necessity but would definitely make the website shine. After all, even the basic appearance is important for an online seller. Initially, if I was a customer, I wouldn’t feel secure to purchase jewelry from a low-quality website that doesn’t bring me positive vibes. This is a general example which is not directed to Hip Hop Bling specifically.


Hip-Hop Bling’s Products

To begin with, before we go to the actual types of jewelry we have to mention that Hip Hop Bling offers chains and bracelets made with 10k gold. Even more, their newest product line shows how much they have grown as a brand.

Quite recently, they released their brand new diamond jewelry line. The interesting factor is that prices are a few times lower than what you will see in other jewelry websites for the same amount of gold and diamonds. I will not go in-depth with the different items simply because there are hundreds to choose from.


Starting with a variety of chain types, there is surely something for everyone. By saying this I mean both in terms of price and the catalog size. For people that have a tighter budget but want to be a part of the Hip Hop Bling family, there is jewelry made from stainless steel and .925 silver. Although these items are far cheaper than the ones made from 10k gold, they look as shiny and real and would catch everyone’s eye.

In addition, there are several interesting types of chains. Such are the Gold Cuban Chains, as well as the Rosary chains which are an exceptional product line for religious people.


There are around one thousand pendants available on the website. When you start from simple stainless steel pendants, through gold and diamonds, there are also specific categories such as Jesus pendants, Angel pendants, and Emoji pendants. Initials are also currently available, as well as custom texts with a variety of fonts and styles.

Earrings, Rings & Bracelets

The earrings catalog is just as vast as anything else in the Hip Hop Bling online store. You can search for earrings using the different categories, either by material, style, or color.

Rings are the most recent addition to the website when you do not consider the newly added diamond line. Even with this, there are now around 500 different rings that you can choose from. Available from basic stainless steel to gold with diamonds, there is once again something for every wallet and style.

My personal favorite type of jewelry is bracelets. The only problem with a store like Hip Hop Bling is that there are far too many amazing items to choose from. This corresponds to all products that we went through, of course.

Watches & Grillz

The rarest products are left for the end. It is interesting that watches have been a part of the Hip Hop Bling product catalog since the very beginning. In fact, they consider themselves to be among the leaders with this particular type of product. The difference compared to the other products mentioned above is that there are watches by other brands as well. For example, you can get a G Shock watch from Hip Hop Bling.

Other than that, there are Smart and Touch Screen watches. If luxury is your priority, there are a couple of categories exactly for you – Luxury and Diamond Watches.

Grillz have become popular jewelry in the hip hop world. Surprising enough, Hip Hop Bling has possibly the widest range of grillz in the world. Currently, there are over 200 items. You can choose between top or bottom grillz, sets, or 1-2 tooth grillz. There are four available colors as well as two materials – gold and silver.

It is important to mention that grillz are not exchangeable nor returnable. It is the only item from the vast catalog of products that you will have to keep even if you dislike. And that is normal, after all, you put it in your mouth.


Final Thoughts

Although usually, I am not the jewelry type of person, if I need to buy a shiny gift Hip Hop Bling will always remain as one of my go-to places. You will not find a jewelry store that will deliver such quality and value for such low prices. If you do not believe me, simply compare them to other brands. Besides that, how many stores will allow you to return or exchange your purchase? Top-notch customer service is one of the ways to succeed and Hip Hop Bling definitely stand out in this category. Your only issue might be that there is such a vast amount of items that you will not be able to choose what to buy.



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