Homall Gaming Chair Review

For the past few years, I’ve been using a standard computer chair. It held up well but recently started giving me back pain. I’ve always been a fan of the gaming-style computer chairs and decided it was a good time to do some research. I ended up reading about the Homall gaming chair and decided to place an order after quite a few hours of research and analysis. I wanted a comfortable, reliable, and affordable chair, and that’s why I decided to give the Homall gaming chair a chance. The below describes my experiences with it and how its been holding up so far.



homall gaming chair wheelsI’ll be honest, when the box arrived, I was surprised the box was as large and heavy as it was. I believe the box was about ~45lbs and it was large enough to be difficult for a single person to carry (the box says to have two people take it).

Once I get the box into my apartment, giddy with joy, I decided to start opening my box of goodies. The packaging was done in a very efficient manner, and I noticed zero blemishes or dents/dings in the parts. The box included everything needed to build the chair (tools, screws, and all necessary components). I’d previously heard of people experiencing missing parts, but I did not experience it.

The box also included a pamphlet of detailed instructions on how to put the chair together. I’d read in other reviews around the internet that the instructions were confusing for some people. I did NOT experience this; the instructions seemed straightforward to me. Within about 30 minutes, I had the chair build and ready for use.

As I was building the chair, I was surprised with the durability of the materials that comprise the chair. The chair uses metal and durable plastic, which was an upgrade from my old chair. I don’t think the materials used were the best in the world, but given the price-point of this product, it was clear to me that this chair was going to withstand much more useful than my previous chair.




One of the best things about this chair is the appearance of high durability. It seems to be built with some high-quality materials, and I suspect it will withstand a long time. As I mentioned before, the chair uses some durable (and heavy metals) and dense plastic.

Comfort & Support

homall gaming chairI should start this section by stating that I do NOT have high standards for chairs. I’m a relatively average guy, 5’11” and around 200lbs.

Given that, I am comfortable in this chair. There is a considerable amount of padding throughout the seat, backrest, and pillows to allow for hours of sitting without discomfort. There is a pillow that helps with lumbar support, which I thoroughly enjoy. Of course, migrating to this type of chair from a traditional computer chair is an adjustment. The lumbar support is 100% customizable and can be moved up/down or even removed if the user chooses to do so. However, for proper sitting, I highly recommend using the chair (it’s pretty comfy). Additionally, the chair comes with a pillow near the top of the chair for your head/neck. I also recommend keeping this on the chair as it’s extremely comfy and allows for a relaxing sitting position without any discomfort on your back or rest of the body.

Before purchasing, I’d seen some people having issues with the width of the chair. I don’t have any problems with the chair, and it fits my body quite well actually. The chair itself is considered a “bucket seat” so it’s a little longer than a traditional computer chair.

The chair can also recline back about 150 degrees. This is perfect as you can customize this chair to your liking. Also, the chair can be raised or lowered to match the user’s preference.

The only disappointing thing I found so far was that the armrests are not adjustable. I’ve noticed that the armrests sometimes hit my desk if I’m not careful. I’ve adapted to a lower height of my chair to resolve this issue.

All and done, the chair is comfy and customizable.


Overall Rating

I’ve had a decent amount of time to use this chair now, and I’m happy I ended up purchasing the Homall gaming chair. This chair is a nice upgrade that I’m excited to use for a few years. The lumbar pillow is excellent and a perk that many people don’t mention, but I think it’s a considerable add-on.



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