5 Best Husband Pillows

If you are looking to comfort yourself while watching a television show or reading a book, do consider buying a husband pillow. A husband pillow may also be called as a reading pillow or a bed rest pillow.

It will not provide you with comfort but is a good item to increase the overall aesthetics of the room. A husband pillow is a high backed soft pillow which has two arms around it and is used to support your back.

This incredible product is not just restricted to be used on the bed but also can be used on the floor, sofa or while driving. Thus when you are using your phone, playing a videogame, watching a movie, a husband pillow will function as a chair providing support for both your back and arms.


5 Best Husband Pillows to Buy

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Some Common Features of a Husband Pillow

A husband pillow is used for the comfort and support of a person. The pillow is a backrest product with arms around it. It is used by elders, infants or even young people to take some rest and perform their activities as well.

As it is designed for your comfort when you are not sleeping so it should be made up of some solid material and padding for support. Some husband pillows provide you with a headrest which can be adjusted according to your need. The size and features of the pillow depending upon the type of usage.

If you are buying a headrest for an elder person, the pillow must offer some luxurious options such as an adjustable headrest, a cup holder or a back massager. If the husband pillow is supposed to be used for supporting an infant, the size must be small but it must be cozy enough so that the toddler must not hurt himself.

Similarly, if a husband pillow is designed for a pregnant lady, it will provide extra comfort to her back and sides. A husband pillow designed for reading purposes will have a reading lamp attached to its side to aid you in reading in dark.

Some luxury pillows are available in the market which will offer all features in a single husband pillow such as adjustable armrests, headrests, side pockets, and adjustable headlamps. These are the main features which should be kept in mind when you are buying a husband pillow.

Husband Pillows are Best Suited For:

A husband pillow is an innovative product which is best suited for the people who find difficulty in finding comfort while using the common pillows. The pillow was initially designed for pregnant women for their back comfort. But with changes in the shape, paddings, and features, a husband pillow can also be used by older people who spend most of the time in their bed performing their most of the activities such as reading, writing and eating in bed.

The added comfort and support will help older people to get rid of their neck and back problems. This product can also be used by the parents to provide support to their toddlers who are just learning to sit on their own. But the usage of husband pillow is not limited and can also be used by young people who want to experience chair-like comfort while reading, writing or performing other tasks.

This product is not just designed to be used on the bed but can be used on a couch, floor or any other chair to provide support to your back and arms.


Things to Look For When Buying a Husband Pillow

There are so many choices available in the market when you are going to buy a husband pillow which makes the choice difficult. Following are some things which should be considered when buying a husband pillow:


Husband pillows are available in different sizes depending upon the type of usage. For infants, a pillow will be smaller in size. Similarly, for adults and pregnant women, the backrest will be larger as compared to standard husband pillow to provide extra comfort. A reading pillow will be of an average size which will be used by a person when reading a book, playing a video game or using a laptop, etc. Thus do consider your usage when you are going to buy a husband pillow.


Husband pillows are available in different designs and different colors. The design and color will add to the aesthetics of your room, so they are definitely important. Coming to the slipcovers, some husband pillows have slipcovers which cannot be removed. Cleaning such pillows is a huge problem. But nowadays there are many husband pillows being introduced which comes with removable slipcovers. These covers can be removed, can be washed externally and can be replaced. Some brands offer replacement slipcovers which can be bought separately. The color of the slipcovers should also be selected such that it adds to the aesthetics of your room.


There are many add-on features being offered by the husband pillow brands. The add-on features will depend upon the type of usage of the pillow. Luxury husband pillows nowadays offer adjustable armrests, adjustable headrests, side pockets, cup holders, adjustable lamps and an extra padded back. Only consider these add-on features if they are of any use to you. Else these features will just increase the price of the husband pillow and will be of no use.


Price is also a main feature when buying a husband pillow. There are some substandard husband pillows available in the market which are not worth their price due to their low-quality padding material or cover clothing.

Considering the above-discussed factors will help you in making a suitable choice when buying a husband pillow.


Final Remarks

So if you or any of your family member is suffering from back or neck problem, or gets tired due to their sitting posture. Do give a try to this innovative product which is available in different size, shape, and design offering different features which not only provides extra comfort to you and your family members but also adds to the aesthetics of your living room or bedroom.

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