securely dispose of your personal documents with a reliable paper shredder.

7 Best Inexpensive Paper Shredders


We all have personal documents. We all want to protect our personal assets. Paper shredders are a great way to securely dispose of your personal documents. However, there are better shredders than others, and different products offer different features. While searching for your next inexpensive paper shredder, it might become overwhelming. We’ve got you covered – We’ve spent dozens of hours doing the market research and provide our recommendations below.


Best Inexpensive Paper Shredders

AmazonBasics 6-Sheet Paper Shredder

If you’re looking for an affordable paper shredder that has thousands of reviews(in fact, over 15,000 positive reviews as of writing this) and has proven itself in the marketplace, you should seriously consider this paper shredder. This shredder uses your typical cross-cut shredding technique and has a 6-sheet capacity. The device itself is extremely easy to use and works effortlessly.


AmazonBasics 8-Sheet

If you need a paper shredder that’s affordable and more powerful than the previous recommendation, consider looking at this AmazonBasics 8-sheet paper-shredder. Consider this a step-up from the 6-sheet paper shredder. Its also extremely easy to use and contains a large 4.1-gallon bin size. The paper shredder also uses your typical cross-cut shredding style, which is one of the best means of destroying sensitive data.

This video does a great job outlining the benefits of the 8-sheet paper shredder!


More Paper Shredders to Consider



Shopping Guide for Relatively Cheap Paper Shredders

Paper shredders are a must in the office and at home. Although their functionality seems simple, their goal goes much further, because they are ideal for erasing confidential information that is already classified as obsolete or that simply must be destroyed to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Within companies, it is common for all important information to be stored in physical documents to support digital files… but the fact is that many of these papers have a shelf life; once they are no longer needed, they must be destroyed to maintain their confidentiality.

Why do I need a paper shredder?

If any sensitive material ends up in the wrong hands, it could have disastrous consequences. From customer details to staff salaries, companies that fail to destroy this detailed documentation run the risk of being a victim to criminals.

But it is not only employers who have to worry about the risks of leaving sensitive material undestroyed: anyone can see how their personal data is stolen.

If it has your name on it, it’s worth destroying once you no longer need the information.

All right, you convinced me… What’s the best paper shredder for me?

From home shredders to heavy-duty shredders, you may be surprised at how many different types of paper shredders exist! You have to consider speed, capacity, and cost before buying a paper shredder, as the characteristics of each machine can vary. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right one for your particular needs.

The best paper shredder for home and office:

For a single person or family, the most useful paper shredder will be a small model. Therefore, it would be best to buy a fairly inexpensive shredder. However, if you start to increase the number of documents you want to get rid of, you’ll have to empty the wastebasket a lot. If you have an idea of how much you’re going to shred, you can make a decision about the right paper shredder to use at home.

  1. Compact paper shredder: These personal shredders can destroy about 50 sheets a day. The best shredder is one you can store when you’re not using it. The only disadvantage of these shredders is their removable cover, which means that emptying it can be a bit cumbersome.
  2. Paper shredder next to the table: Your best bet is to get a paper shredder that can shred about 100 sheets a day (and 10 sheets at a time!). They usually have a handy door for emptying the pieces of paper, rather than a detachable lid.

The best paper shredder for companies:

If you’re shredding large volumes of a company’s documents at a high rate, you’ll need a bigger machine. We’ve sorted these machines to help you decide which one suits your business needs:

  1. Small office paper shredder: Perfect for a small business of up to six people. Shreds about 250 sheets per day, with the option of inserting 10-20 sheets at a time. Depending on the model, you may also destroy CDs, DVDs, clips and bank cards.
  2. Medium office paper shredder: They are capable of easily shredding 500 sheets a day. Busy offices will benefit from this type of paper shredder.
  3. Large office shredder: The best models for large offices can shred up to 1000 sheets. You can shred 30 sheets at a time, plus CDs and floppy disks.
  4. Department paper shredder: If your company needs to shred about 50 sheets at a time, this type of shredder is right for you. They are capable of shredding entire paper files (including cardboard covers), accepting 50 sheets at a time. In addition, wider paper formats such as A3 also fit on these machines!
  5. Special shredders: They are designed for the destruction of media other than paper, such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and ZIP disks. There are also shredders available that can destroy cardboard, and digital shredders to remove the contents of hard disks.
  6. Industrial Shredders: These heavy-duty shredders are suitable for complete office blocks. They take waste from individual compartments and destroy it centrally, supporting loads of between 100 and 2100 kilos of paper or other materials per hour.

Cutting types:

In addition to speed and capacity, the other feature you should consider when buying your paper shredder is the type of cut. These are the four main types of paper shredders, depending on the level of security you need:

  1. Straight cut paper shredders: Cut documents into strips, providing basic security.
  2. Crosscut shredders: They are best for use at home and in an office, as they cut documents in two directions to make them harder to recompose and read.
  3. Microcut paper shredders: These are similar to cross cut paper shredders, but with a more thorough shredding. As their name suggests, they cut into tiny diamond-shaped pieces that look like confetti.
  4. Cryptographically cut paper shredders: If you have to shred incredibly sensitive documents, these machines will turn the paper almost to dust.

What safety features should my paper shredder have?

In addition to the performance and safety level of your paper shredder, you’ll also want to make sure you buy a safe model. These are some of the key features to look for when buying a paper shredder:

  1. Automatic on/off: This feature allows the shredder to start doing its job as soon as you insert paper. In the case of an automatic stop, the shredder will stop trying to shred more paper as soon as it detects a jam.
  2. Reverse: Allows the shredder blades to move upside down, which is especially useful if you’re trying to unlock a jam.
  3. Safety flap for wastepaper basket: This is an ingenious extra for any paper shredder; the safety flap stops the shredder when the wastepaper basket is too full.
  4. Trash Lid Adjustment: This feature will only let the shredder operate when the trash is properly snapped into place.
  5. Overheating shutdown: As soon as the crusher gets too hot, the feed will be cut off.
  6. Pin lock: When using a password, you will need to type in a pin code to use the shredder or access its bin. This is a good security measure to keep your paper trimmings out of the reach of the wrong hands.

Shredding documentation should be a protective measure against anything that includes a signature, account numbers, or other confidential information. For this reason, paper shredders fulfill the implicit function of protecting the security of your business or home, ensuring that sensitive information will not be used for Machiavellian purposes.

For this reason, for office or even personal use, it is important to have a paper shredder that does the job of destroying those confidential files before they are thrown away.

Once you’ve considered all the different factors and weighed them against your own needs, choosing the perfect shredder for your home or business should be easy.

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