Best InkJet Printers for CD/DVD Printing

best inkjet printers for DVD CD Printing

Who says CDs and DVDs are dead? People still use them as sometimes these hard copies are more reliable than cloud storage. These are also the go-to option for someone who does not understand newer and advanced technology. And there is nothing to be ashamed about that. CDs and DVDs are still one of the main ways to store data and they can last up to 20 years.

As long as CDs are in the market, people will continue buying and customizing them. The easiest way to customize a CD/DVD is by using an Inkjet printer. An Inkjet printer does not print the whole CD but just print a label on the hardcopy.


Best Inkjet Printers for CD/DVD Printing

Best for Budget – Canon TS9020 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier

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Designed for those customers who want a powerful and functional printer for the cheapest price. You might think that since it is the cheapest printer on this list so it would not be too powerful but that’s far from the truth. The Canon TS9020 comes with all the necessary features you need. It’s an all-in-one device that has the capability of performing all functions of printing, copying, and scanning.

When it comes to connectivity options, the Canon TS9020 is one best option available. The printer can be connected via WiFi, cloud, NFC, and the regular wired port. The printer also supports a memory slot so you can store and access important data easily. To control the printer, the manufacturers have included a large touchscreen that makes it extremely easy to access every single command.

Conon has been a popular brand for a long time for its incredible quality. The printer comes with a proprietary six-ink system that gives all the prints a vibrant and incredible color. The incredible system allows you to print detailed grayscale pictures and colored prints of 9600 x 2400 dpi which is awesome for any CD or DVD label.

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Another amazing addition to the range of printers for your CD and DVD label by Canon. This printer is a versatile option that is ideal for many situations. From regular papers to vibrant pictures, this printer will give you everything with unmatched quality. If you are only buying the printer for printing CD and DVD labels then this, of course, would sound excessive and expensive but most people prefer to keep a single device with multiple capabilities to reduce the burden on their pockets and that’s why this printer Is listed as the most popular one among the selected devices. Unlike many other devices, the Canon Office is only a printer but it does an excellent job.

Many organizations are looking forward to creating completely paperless environments or reducing the number of pages they use. Dual-side printing is one of the many ways organizations tend to employ. With the Canon IP7220’s Auto Duplex Printing function, you can order the printer to print on both sides of the document without doing much manual work. For printing photos, the IP7220 comes with powerful state-of-the-art software that allows users to add filters and a unique ink system that prints out perfect colors and allows them to stay fresh for ages.

Editor’s Choice – Epson XP-830 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner

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The Epson XP 830 Wireless Color Photo Printer is an all-in-one device that is specially designed to make printing CD and DVD labels convenient for you. This inject printer is both fast, affordable and comes with various incredible features that justify its selection as the best choice in terms of both price and functionality.

The Epson 830 has several connectivity options to accommodate all types of users. It comes with both wireless connectivity and smart printing which allows it to print directly from computers, phones, and tablets. The printer also supports an SD card that allows users to store and access documents with convenience.

Inject printers historically are quite slow but the Epson XP 830 comes with the capability of printing at a speed of 11 ppm. The photo printer is also a great scanner, copier, and a fax machine as well so you can use this machine to carry out multiple tasks easily.

Epson Artisan 1430 Wireless Inkjet Printer

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The Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet Printer is a premium and industrial grade printer that professional artists and designers due to the high-quality results it gives. The premium printer is quite expensive to purchase and maintain but provides the highest-quality prints. The printer is quite ideal for any dedicated art studio that needs a printer to deliver exceptional results up to the size of A3.

The printer can produce extremely high-quality results by using 6 different inks. The operating costs are a bit high but the quality will be extremely high. The printed results are even free from any risks of damages from water, dust, scratches, etc. This is not an all-in-one printer and can only perform a single job.

The wireless printer uses the latest technology to transfer data with 2.5 times more speed than regular printers. It’s also extremely easy to connect to a secure network because you can do it in seconds. The incredible printer also comes with a 1-year international warranty that can be claimed from anywhere in the globe.

Canon Office and Business MX922 All-In-One Printer, Wireless and mobile printing

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This is another incredible addition by Canon which brings the number of times this brand gets featured in this article to 3. A with all Canon, products the printer comes with various features that are made to enhance your experience and make printing as convenient as possible. Its price tag is quite low as its cost is very close to our budget selection. The printer, like all Canon printer in this list, comes with wireless connectivity options and high-speed printing capabilities.

As for the unique features of the Canon MX922 All-in-one features, they are countless. The printer comes with an expandable output tray that allows users to print the labels directly on to the CD or DVD they have. Additionally, the printer features a large touchscreen that allows users to conveniently use the device to print, scan, and copy their documents.

The Canon MX922 also features a great Auto Document Feeder that allows faster printing. You can also use the duplex scanner easily to scan both sides of the document in one go to save your time. The printer can also act as a fax machine and supports popular cloud facilities like Google Cloud and Apple AirPrint.

Other Excellent InkJet Printers (For DVD/CD Printing)

Recommendation No. 1
Canon GI-290 CMY Ink Bottle Value Pack
  • Product Type:Inkjet Printer Ink
  • Item Package Dimension:4.572 cm L X12.954 cm W X17.272 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.376 kg
Recommendation No. 2
Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer with Mobile and...
23,876 Reviews
Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer with Mobile and...
  • Wireless 3-in-1 (print | copy | scan)
  • Easily print and scan photos and documents directly from your mobile devices.
  • 9.9 / 5.7 ipm print speed
Recommendation No. 3
Canon PIXMA TR8620a - All-in-One Printer Home Office|Copier|Scanner|Fax|Auto...
  • Never run out of ink. Connect your printer to Alexa and receive notifications when...
  • Enrolling in Smart Reorders with Alexa ensures that you never have too much or too...
  • Wireless 4-in-1 (Print | Copy | Scan | Fax)
SaleRecommendation No. 4
Canon PIXMA G6020 All-in-One Supertank Wireless (Megatank) Printer, Copier and...
2,765 Reviews
Canon PIXMA G6020 All-in-One Supertank Wireless (Megatank) Printer, Copier and...
  • Wireless 3-in-1 (print | copy | scan).
  • The PIXMA G6020 MegaTank All-In-One Printer gives you an exceptional value with an...
  • Tired of replacing ink cartridges? With Canon MegaTank Ink Bottles get over 30 times...

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Benefits of Using a CD/DVD Printer

A CD/DVD printer is a useful device if you want to create CD/DVD labels at home. The following are a few of the main benefits of an Inkjet printer.

  • The first benefit is an obvious one. How many times have you wanted to print a label on your CD but decided not to? Was it because printing is too expensive or you could not find a print shop? Well, with a printer at home you can do as many labels as you want. This device has made the printing not only economical and easier but also accessible.
  • A small musician or editor who runs their business locally might not get bulk orders. Also, it should be noted that ordering printed CDs in hurt quantity can be a risk to the business if they do not sell. Small businesses do not get orders consistently so, a printer at the studio can make business easier for them.
  • It is common for people to save videos of memorable moments. Some like to save them online but others like having a hardcopy. A device at home that can label those hardcopies, makes CDs distinguishable. No more going through every DVD/CD to search for your wedding video anymore.
  • The printers that are used for printing on CD/DVD can also print on paper. So, it is like 2 devices at the cost of one. You can print whatever you want without the need of switching between different machines.


How Do You Print on CD/DVD?

The process might seem confusing and almost intimidating for someone who has never printed on a hardcopy before. But in fact printing on a CD is as easier as doing it on paper. All you have to do is follow these steps and your labeled CD at home will be ready.

First, you have to get a printable CD, these are easy to find online and does not cost much. Then the second step is creating a label for your CD. If you are not comfortable with creating a new label, there are royalty-free images online. All you have to do is edit them in a CD template. Then insert the printable CD in the Inkjet printer for CD/DV. Choose the medium CD and print it. Take it out, let it dry, and your customized CD is ready.


What Features to Consider?

Finding the printer that is perfect for you is not that difficult. Just look for the following features and hopefully, you will get a good unit.

Easy to Connect:

The main issue users face is their printer does not connect with other devices. For instance, a printer that connects via Bluetooth will be amazing. As it can connect to phone, camera, and tablet, etc. The printer should also have USB connectivity which makes it easier for PC users.

Printing Speed (PPM):

This feature is not that important for people who use printer occasionally. But for the regular users or small business owners, the speed should be at least 20 to 25 PPM. Which means the device is capable of printing 20-25 copies a minute.

The main and only job of the printer is to print. To make sure that you get the best printer in the market, check out the resolution it can offer. The machine with the best resolution makes sure the label looks amazing and not pixelated. A good printer for CD/DVD labels will have around 9600 x 2400 dpi.


Inkjet Printer: This feature is not a “must-have”. But a lot of the printer in the market are multi-purpose. What that means is that the same printer you use for labeling the CD/DVD can also scan, fax, and sometimes even copy. So, if you have a good budget and think a multi-purpose machine is for you then get those all-in-one units.

Price of the Product:

For people who do not have a huge budget, do not worry. Yes, the best of the best printers are quite expensive. But you do not have to get the best if you will use it only once in a while. There are amazing printers at just $200. Just do your research before investing your money.

Manufacturer Warranty:

No matter what you are buying, always get the product with a free warranty. Yes, any product can be faulty either it has not any warranty. But the one with a written guarantee will be much easier to return it exchange.


Is it Possible to Print CD/DVD with Conventional Printer?

Yes, it is possible. Create the art but this time you will need to use a proper layout. Then all you need is printable CD/DVD stickers. Insert the sticker in your normal printer, and print it. Let the sticker dry. When it is ready, stick it on the CD.

Printing on CD/DVD with a normal printer is something which “you can, but this shouldn’t”. First, it is time-consuming and more effort goes into it. Other than that the result is nowhere near what a dedicated Inkjet printer can offer.



Inkjet printers are for people who would love to customize their CD/DVD at home. These devices also offer to print the hard copies at a very cheap. Meanwhile printing with a regular printer if possible it gives an unprofessional look. And if you are a business owner, this beginner’s look can be harmful to the brand identity.