Jabra Promo Codes

Jabra Promo Codes

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Jabra is an audio equipment brand that has been part of the GN Group since 2000. They specialize in all types of headphones, as well as speakerphones, and their patented video conferencing equipment. Although it is not one of the most common brands in their niche, they have received almost nothing but positive reviews.


History of Jabra

Jabra was founded in 1983 but it changed its ownership many times until it was acquired by GN Group in 2000. It is good to know that Jabra developed the first in-ear microphone and speaker in the world. They also developed different echo and noise cancellation technologies and were the brand that created the mobile headsets market segment category.

In 1996 Jabra was one of the first companies to take part in the newly introduced Bluetooth technology. Nevertheless, their true success came when they became part of the GN Group family. It is a company with experience in communications which started over a century ago.

They started marketing their headset division under the name Jabra in 2006. Since then, Jabra has been nothing but successful in receiving many product and design awards.



Unlike many other websites, the Jabra front page is very clean of advertisements and flashy sections. They have decided to leave everything to the respective product section and simply give their most popular products and their details in short.

If you decide to scroll to the bottom of the page, however, there are six very important sections and informational guides. Through the first given link, you can enter a section with all the necessary information regarding customer support, frequently asked questions, and tutorials.

The second section is the one that most customers will be interested in. It is dedicated to the compatibility of their products. Once you click it, you will have the option to see which models are compatible with different devices. You can search for desk phones, softphones, and mobiles/tablets. If you cannot find your device, you can simply contact their customer support for questions.

The third section is dedicated to Bluetooth pairing and there is an easy to understand guide on how to connect wireless equipment with smartphones and tablets.

The remaining three sections are the following:
• Shop for your Business
• Public Sector
• Follow Us

To reach the product sections, you have to use the quick access bar on the top of the front page and simply choose the category you are looking for.



Jabra specializes in four separate audio services. They are mostly famous for their wireless headphones and according to professionals stand among the brands with the highest quality products on the market.

Although some of their best products come costly, they give back with functionality and endurance. In addition, they also have much more affordable models which are equally great for their price point.

In fact, the sound quality which Jabra headphones give can hardly be matched by the majority of other brands in that price range. Each of their models is light and easy to carry, and thus perfect for active people. It is not surprising that they even have a separate category on their website dedicated to business solutions.


Their headsets category has been divided into six sub-categories that make it really easy to find the most suitable type of headset for you. They are the following:

  • Office Headsets
    • Call Centre Headsets
    • Sports Headphones
    • Calls & Music Headsets
    • Bluetooth Mono Headsets
    • True Wireless Earbuds

As you can see, Jabra covers almost all the possible types of headphones and headsets. We will not cover the different models simply because there is an in-depth description of each one available on the website. They have made it really interactive and informational, so you will have no problem when choosing one of the models.


Their speakerphones category was divided into two types of products – Office speakerphones and in-car speakerphones. Although these were not particularly designed for music, they are among the best options for taking calls while on speaker. In other words, specifically for conference calls or taking calls while on the road.

Each sub-category here offers more than three different speakers. Of course, there is an in-depth description of each one and even if you cannot choose by yourself, you can use their comparison tool to see the specifications next to each other which will make it far easier.

Video Conferencing

According to Jabra, their PanaCast plug-and-play video solution was the first of its kind on the market. It takes conference video calls to a whole new level with its 180° Panoramic-4K video. It is extremely easy to use as all it needs is a USB port. It could be plugged to a computer or any screen. In addition, it is certified for use with Microsoft Teams and practically any other equipment or software.

Business Solutions

Jabra is extremely proud of its business solutions and there truly is a lot to be proud of. Besides the obvious business headsets that can be found on the website, they also offer software and services that will give you many opportunities.

You can use Jabra Xpress to control, inspect, and update all of the connected headsets at the same time. With Jabra Direct, you can customize your headset for your computer and create the perfect settings to match your work. Since Jabra offers call center headsets, this gives the agent the opportunity to customize their personal headset and also take calls and control their work directly through their headset.


Shipping & Return Policies

Jabra offers free shipping on all orders that surpass €49. Practically, this means that almost every order receives free shipping with their headsets usually costing quite more.

Each of the Jabra products has a warranty period. For consumer products, the warranty is 12 months while for business products it depends on the product.

As for their return policies, you can return the products for refund in the first 30 days after you receive them. Besides that, you can return products for replacement during the warranty period as long as the items were not damaged by you.



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