best kids electric motorcycle to buy

The Best Electric Motorcycles For Kids

Are you a parent of an excited 8 years old or a teenager waiting anxiously for a perfect birthday gift? If yes, then you’ve come to the correct place.

Carry on reading to find out why an electric motorcycle is the best gift you can give to your child and what factors you must consider before selecting a model.

We all loved cycling or riding a bike from a very young age. The sense of freedom and adventure it gives is unparalleled. I still have fond memories of going to the beach with my cousins and racing our dirt bikes for hours.


Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

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When it comes to kids biking, Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike is the best choice. The dual suspension gives the rider comfort and ensures that they can maneuver in rough places. The outstanding McGrath graphics and designs are loved by the kids. While riding this bike in mad or marshy roads, the kids don’t need to worry about getting dirty since the bike has a dirt frame.

The variable-speed motor and variable speed controls allow the rider to ride at the best speeds. Due to high torque, kids with different body masses can ride this kid without impacting its speed. The top speed of this bike is 15 miles per hour when used continuously for 40 minutes. This speed is considerable, even for recklessly driving kids. This kid is recommended for kids who are 14 years and above.

A twisted throttle grip handle gives comfort to hands while holding them. Riser handlebars ensure that the kid sits at a right angle, and the pneumatic knobby tires provide the support required on bumpy roads. The rectangular kickstand minimizes missed kicks when igniting the bike. The steel frame is the reason for the excellent strength of this bike.  The three rechargeable lead-acid batteries last for forty minutes at a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

Key Specifications

  • Item weight reads 98 pounds
  • Package weight reads 113 pounds


  • Better battery life
  • Nice graphics and design


  • The chain is not enclosed


Street Racer 12V Battery Power Motorized Electric Kids Ride  

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Street Racer 12V Battery Power Motorized Electric Kids Ride is the perfect bike for luxury that any kid would love to have. This bike is powered by two 12v motors with selectable speeds that are high and low. Top speed is 4 miles per hour, which is the perfect option ride for kids. The status of switches is indicated by the light-emitting diodes.

The safety of the kids is well catered for on this bike. Soft Starting with Electric Braking ensures that acceleration is done gradually, and braking is reliably realized. The leather seat offers more comfort. Additionally, the springy shock suspension at the rear provides a safe ride on a bumpy and potholed road. The tires of this bike are soft foam rubber with zero maintenance and led strip around them.

Kids can play their favorite music while riding the bike because it has an integrated mp3 music player with Bluetooth FM radio, which can also be interfaced with external devices like android phones. The kids can hardly topple since the bike has training wheels. It is recommended for kids between the age of three and six.

Key Specifications

  • Shipping weight reads 38 pounds
  • Product dimension reads 40 inches by 18 inches by 25 inches


  • Integrated mp3 player
  • Comfortable leather seat
  • Smart charging technology


  • The ride speeds are considerably low


Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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Razor Electric Motocross Bike is among the top-rated bikes that any kid rider would love to ride. The top speed of the bike is 14 miles per hour for a continuous ridding period of 30 minutes. Strength is guaranteed by the steel frame, which is also durable. The twisted grip handle controls enable kids to navigate the bike comfortably.

Torque for this bike is excellent, heavy kids do not impact on the speed of the bike because the maximum weight it can load falls in the category of most kids. The kids do not have to worry about using the bike on off roads since it not only has large pneumatic knobby tires but also dirt rocket. With these features, the kids ride comfortably and remain clean at all times.

Kids can quickly decelerate using the hand-operated rear brakes. An adjustable riser handlebar ensures upright posture while ridding hence reduces chances of back pains. The retractable kickstand reduces the chances of injuring the kids. It is powered by 24 volts lead-acid accumulator battery

Key Specifications

  • Item weighs 55.1 pounds
  • Package weight reads 59.8 pounds
  • Product size reads 10 inches to 12 inches


  • Dirt rocket line for off-roads
  • Electrically powered
  • High torque


  • Low battery life compared to other bikes


Burromax Blue Flames TT350R

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Burromax Blue Flame TT350R beats all other bikes due to a high battery capacity of 10Ah at 24V. The lithium-ion battery provides excellent performance of about 3.5 hours at full charge, with coverage of 17 miles per hour. The 350 watts power is fantastic for this bike. The kids do not have to wait for a long recharge period since this bike has a shorter recharge period. Selectable speed mode enables 8 miles per hour ride and 17 miles per hour ride.

A variable throttle speed controller works fine and makes maneuverability easier. For a safe ride, the full-suspension dumps away oscillatory motions on bumpy and potholed roads. This bike is durable because it is made of hydro dipped carbon fiber and steel frame, which also explains why this bike is durable.

Riser handlebar can be adjusted to a position that is suitable to the rider. Braking of this bike is well enhanced with a mounted rear brake lever to control the rear disc brake on aluminum alloy wheels. This bike weighs less and can easily be carried along in the car boot.

Key Specifications

  • Item weighs 47 pounds


  • Greater battery capacity
  • Good quality
  • Greater torque


  • It is blue in color


Harley-Davison Rocker

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Harley-Davison Rocker bike surpasses others when it comes to guiding wheels. The kids can ride alone without close supervision. It is best suited for kids’ learning how to bike because they rarely topple down due to the guiding wheels. This is a plus to this bike in terms of safety. The top forward and reverse speed are 4 miles per hour.

The rechargeable 6V battery provides power for the bike for 2.5 miles per hour. This distance is considerably large for such battery capacity. A smaller battery capacity implies smaller mass therefore this bike is portable. Battery and charger come with this kid’s electric motorcycle. The bike has a broader base, which improves the stability of it, hence making the bike safe. Wide wheels give some allowance for yawing. Footrests are very comforting, and kids do not get tired while riding.

It is easy to operate this kind of bike since stop and go pedals are foot controlled. Three wheels riding covers most of the riding surface making the bike stable and thus gives the kids confidence to ride.

Key Specifications

  • Product dimensions read 25.4 inches by 14.1 inches by 28 inches
  • Shipping weight reads 23.4 pounds


  • Power lock system
  • Three-wheel ride


  • Low battery capacity


Lil’ Rider Black Harley Style Motorcycle

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This motorcycle is designed for kids from 2 to 4 years. This electric colorful dirt bike in a Harley style will offer your kids a unique and fun experience, of riding a motorcycle on their own. Best of all is its amazing and attractive custom wheels. The 3-wheel chopper is smooth and easy to ride. It doesn’t require any additional efforts. You just need to charge the battery, turn the bike on, let your kid press the pedal and that’s how the journey starts.

The motorcycle has furnished with buttons for sound effects, and a headlight for security reasons. It can also go reverse to ensure the maximum fun for your kid. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor rides, just make sure the surface is smooth and flat, although it can be made of wood or cement. The bike passed safety tests, it is free of banned phthalates, and it provides your kid with healthy exercise. The motorcycle is completely washable and easy to clean. Kids should use the bike under the direct supervision of an adult.


  • The battery lasts for a long time
  • Perfect size for small kids
  • Very stable and looks great


  • The charger is not in good condition


Motorcycle 6V Toy Battery Powered Electric 3 Wheel Power Bicycle

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This is for sure a top performance electric dirt bike for kids. The motorcycle is equipped with a 15-watt motor, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 2 miles per hour.

What makes this kid’s motorcycle ideal is its eco-friendly construction. This 3-wheel bike is composed of a non-toxic plastic body and meets all the safety requirements. It comes with a 6V rechargeable battery and charger, and also includes gear shift switch and foot pedal control for added safety. The battery holds a charge for a fairly long time. Bright front headlights, colorful design, horn sounds, and built-in music is ideal for kids between 1-5 and 6 years.

The storage compartment in the trunk also allows your kids to bring toys and all the necessary supplies for their adventures. Plus there are five different colors available for the young riders: red, pink, orange, blue, and black. Kids should use the bike under the direct supervision of an adult.


  • Great present gift for both boys and girls
  • Very entertaining and fun
  • Ideal for kids, who learn how to ride
  • Easy to put together and simple to ride
  • Affordable price
  • Works well and smoothly on the flat surface


  • The music is too loud


12V Police Motorcycle

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This powerful and seriously looking motorcycle for kids produced by the National Products. It can be a great present for mini officers of 5-years and older. This kids’ patrolling motorcycle gives a real-life feel. It has two forward speeds (2.5 and 5 mph) and one reverse (2.5 mph). It also includes a hand accelerator, headlight, and signal lights, which make a ride around the neighborhood hard to forget.

This bike also has side-view mirrors, which help to see oncoming objects. This motorcycle has three different generic sirens, which make it look even more serious and realistic. It’s very easy to put together and it looks cool. A 12V rechargeable battery can guarantee a 50-60-minute adventure for your little inspector. The charger is also included.

The 12V Police Motorcycle has a weight capacity of 110 pounds and storage at the back. So, your little officers can bring their favorite toys and supplies with them. The motorcycle goes well with the police uniform. For over 20 years National Products Limited has provided the highest quality ride-on vehicles that are fun, safe, and exciting for children.


  • Great gift for your kids
  • Two modes of speed
  • Very powerful and well made
  • Great sound effects


  • A little bit unstable


BMW Officially Licensed Electric Ride-On Motorbike for Kids

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The kid’s electric bike from BMW is perfect for young riders between 3 and 6 years old. The stylish motorcycle reaches speeds of up to 4 km/hour with the foot-operated pedal control, which has three forward speeds and even reverse. Your kids can start the engine with the real key and engine sounds. And, kids’ can also honk the horn as they drive around the neighborhood.

It comes with a lot of remarkably engaging features. The dashboard adds to the realistic motorbike experience ensuring that your kids would have lots of fun. You can be sure that the young drivers are safe, and easily visible, thanks to the working headlights. The bike is equipped with sturdy stabilizers that add balance and prevent accidents.

The motorcycle also has the built-in music system with eight songs and engine noises for extra fun – like a real BMW bike for grown-ups. 12V battery is included. The bike is not suitable for children under 3 years and it can be used only under the direct supervision of an adult.


  • Quite easy to put together and ride
  • Training wheels are included
  • Looks like a real BMW bike for adults
  • Very stable
  • Safe and fast


  • Quite pricy


Other Bikes to Consider

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Why should I buy an electric bike for my child?

Children perform better and show more analytical prowess when they are left on their own and are trusted from an early age. As they learn predominantly from observation and trying things on their own, parents must provide them the adequate opportunities within safe confines according to their age.

By giving your toddlers a small electric bike from an early age, you instill a love for the outdoors and adventure in their hearts. In this age where children spend most of their time in front of a computer or a mobile screen due to which child obesity has become an epidemic. Instilling the love of the outdoors will definitely have a positive impact on your child’s phycology and physical fitness.


Are Electric Bikes Safe For Children?

The short answer is yes, electric motorcycles are completely safe for your child. If the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed completely, the risk would be the same as playing baseball or football.

All models of electric motorcycles come with an age rating. Depending on the age rating, the electric motorcycle has some added safety features like training wheels. Mostly, bikes made for toddlers are extremely balanced and have a maximum speed of about 3 mph. At this speed, even if your child crashes the electric motorcycle on the wall. The chances of injury would be minimum.

Some models that are made for teenagers are a bit advanced. Although they do not have any training wheels, they are extremely balanced which makes it easier to drive them. There is also an upper cap on the maximum speed which keeps the experience safe without hindering the overall experience.

Even the most advanced electric motorcycles that are used by 16–18-year old are not made for main roads and boulevards. In a restricted environment, riding these bikes is an extremely safe and enjoyable activity for a very wide age range.


Safety Considerations

As a parent, you’ll obviously be concerned about your child’s safety and would want to leave no stones unturned. For this, there are several other add-ons you can buy that will ensure your child doesn’t even get any small bruises in any case.

The primary and most necessary accessory you can buy is the helmet. Most injuries that happen even when adults are involved are related to the head. Similarly, an impact to the head can cause very serious health problems so it must be protected under all circumstances. To buy a helmet, always try that the helmet has enough padding and fits snugly because a loose helmet provides no protection at all.

Other accessories you may add are the elbow and knee plates. In cases of falls, these two parts sustain most bruises. Although they can heal in a short while it’s definitely better to have no bruises at all.

Important Features To Consider

There is an abundance of different types of electric motorcycles in the market and before buying them you must know which factors are the most important. In this way, you can ensure that you get the best value for your price and the child gets a safe and pleasant experience.


While it’s true that you can’t put a price on a child’s happiness and safety. However, it doesn’t mean that you go and get an ordinary product at an unreasonable price. Many models will come with several bells and whistles that are not too necessary for the motorcycle. That’s we recommend you decide the features you’ll need before going to the market. Even if you find something that you absolutely loved, make sure that it does not exceed the budget you decided.


Since a child will be using the electric motorcycle. It’s better to pay a little extra for the warranty. Be sure to check the reviews of the bike you want; they’ll give you an idea of how long you’d want to extend your motorcycle’s warranty.

Availability of parts

Finding replicable parts can either be a blessing or a curse depending on the motorcycle you have. As long as you have the warranty, you won’t have to worry. However, after the warranty period is over, you’ll have to pay for the part. Make sure that the parts of the motorcycle you select are easily and cheaply available, otherwise, it will be another headache for you.

As discussed before, manufacturers put a lot of thought into ensuring the safety of their users. They usually put several age-appropriate safety features and limitations on the bike. For example, most electric motorcycles for the age group of 4-8 can’t go faster than 3 mph and have a three-wheeled design.

Shape and other salient features

The shape plays an important role in determining the aesthetics and stability of the motorcycle. Generally, three-wheelers are more stable than two-wheelers. However, they are only available for toddlers and pre-teens. For teenagers, two-wheelers are mostly developed because teenagers are usually more concerned with something looking ‘cool’. Many electric motorcycles also come with other salient features like a police horn, musical horn, etc.

Battery timing

The battery timing is another important factor that must be considered. On average, the batteries last for 90 to 120 minutes of continuous play. These batteries are also easily replaceable so you won’t have to worry too much.



Electric motorcycles may seem like a very dangerous and risky thing to buy for a child. But the reality is quite the opposite. These motorcycles are engineered splendidly to ensure the safety of your child and everyone involved.


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