Kinguin Review

Kinguin Review

The best way to present Kinguin is as a secondary market for games. It gives the opportunity for players from around the world to trade and sell games. The CD Keys market has long been a subject of discussions regarding the legality and legitimacy of the different platforms.

We can safely say that Kinguin is absolutely legit for more than one reason. Before anything else, it is a completely legal company that was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. It has since become the largest secondary market for CD Keys in the world with millions of members. Needless to say, if the platform was fake, it wouldn’t have remained active until now.


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How Does Kinguin Work?

As already mentioned, Kinguin is not the actual seller. It is a marketplace where anyone can sell their CD keys to other people. It is not dedicated just to keys to games but any type of software or application that you can find.

All you need to do is go to their website and search the name of the game you are interested in. It is highly unlikely that you will not find it there. Once you click on the game, you will be transferred to the game page where you can see the different sellers. The cheapest offer will be displayed at the top but you can, of course, choose a different seller.

You may wonder why you would not choose the cheapest option but rather a different seller. One of the coolest additions to Kinguin is that you see the sellers’ ratings. Since Kinguin does not check the codes in advance, there have been rare cases when the CD Keys have already been used before the sale. Therefore, your safest option is to choose one of the sellers that have a large number of completed orders and a high rating.

For each game, you will also be able to check the system requirements, description, and activation details which are often useful to know.


Buyer Protection Policies

When it comes to CD keys in secondary markets, you can never be sure. If Kinguin was the real seller, then everything would have been checked. However, you should know that Kinguin does not check all the codes and keys in advance; therefore, there is a risk of fraud.

Like any other secondary marketplace, Kinguin has its own version of the usual buyer protection service. Of course, the sole purpose of this is to protect the customers from frauds, fakes, and cheats. If you happen to be a victim, the buyer protection should make the refund process easier.

Unfortunately, this service is not particularly useful when it comes to secondary markets. Since the company does not do any checking in advance, there is no way that it will protect you from fraud. On the contrary, the buyer protection program only helps with communication as your customer requests will be dealt with before others that are not coming from program participants. From then on, it is a 50/50 chance of whether you will get your money back or not. We have seen customer reviews for both outcomes and this does leave us unconvinced that there is a point in paying for this so-called buyer protection.

After all, you actually have to pay for this service per product and the fee is actually up to 10% which is kind of significant give or take that it only protects you on paper.


Kinguin Prices

The only reason why secondary markets exist is that gamers have always been looking for a way to buy games at a lower price. Even despite all the potential risks, these platforms continue to be extremely popular simply because the prices are often extremely low when you compare them to the original costs.

It is safe to say that no other secondary market can beat Kinguin when it comes to low prices. You will find amazing discounts here especially if you come back to the website daily. If you haven’t tried purchasing from a secondary market before, Kinguin is perhaps the best place to try it for the first time.


With Everything Considered, How Save is Kinguin?

Whether or not Kinguin is safe depends on the perspective. Before anything else, the company is entirely legal, therefore, not a scam. None of the important information you upload to the website while purchasing will go public or stolen.

There have been many negative reviews of customers but none mention any data breach. In terms of personal information leaks, you shouldn’t be worried as all the pages for sensitive data are very well secured. In addition, they do not store any credit card information after you finish your purchase which means that it cannot be tracked even if hackers breach the website defenses.

The only problem with the website is that you never know where the keys come from. Most are, of course, real and unused but nothing will protect you from stumbling on a fake one. The only thing you can in order to prevent this from happening to you is to choose sellers that have great reviews and a lot of completed sales.


Final Thoughts & Closing Remarks

Whether or not you should buy cheap games from Kinguin depends entirely on how ready you are to face the risks. This is one of the better secondary markets out there but you can never be sure where the CD keys originate from.

Unfortunately, sellers often put stolen codes for sale and although they usually work just fine, it is a rather unethical way of obtaining games. In addition, even if the keys work there is a chance that they get revoked in the future.

Nevertheless, Kinguin is one of the best places for cheap games. If frauds were consistent, this secondary market for CD Keys wouldn’t have become the largest in the world. In addition, you can also use it to put your own game keys for sale if you have any.



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