KOZOPO iPhone Charger Cords Reviewed

KOZOPO IPhone cords (3 pack)

As with everything in life, things eventually begin to show wear and tear as time goes on. As our iPhone cords began to deteriorate and become less reliable, we decided we should pick up a pack of some. However, we wanted ones that were a little more durable than the ones that come shipped with the iPhone. After doing a quick google search, we found a popular seller of iPhone cords – KOZOPO 3-pack of 6ft cords. We decided to check out these cords and see if they were a good fit for us.


Previous Customer Reviews

One of the main reasons we stopped on this amazon product listing was due to its vast number of positive reviews and overall high rating. at a mere 4.5 out of 5 stars with hundreds of positive reviews, we felt inclined to see what the previous customer had to say. Everyone seemed to love these cords due to their nylon braiding and the durability that these cords were equipped with. As with any popular product, you’re not going to be able to please everyone and we were able to dig up a few negative reviews. However, the negative reviews did not seem recent and felt a little unrealistic. You’re iPhone, not a new car.


Shipping & Unboxing

After deciding to go with the 3-pack of 6ft cords, we quickly placed an order on amazon and had an email stating that the iPhone charging cords would arrive in 2 days. Sure enough, within 2 days we had the package on our doorstep. The package was small and discrete which I thoroughly liked. inside were the 3 cords we purchased and I was much more impressed with them in person than I was with the photos seen online (provided by both the seller and the previous customers).  You could really feel the thickness and durability with these cords in comparison to the traditional thin, white iPhone cords.


2 Weeks In

Its been a few weeks now and I’m really happy with these cords. Not only do they work as described, but they also seem more durable than what I was expecting. I’m happy with my purchase and feel like I received quite a bang for my buck (i spent under $10 and got three ~6ft iPhone cables!). Long story short, if you have an iPhone and are looking to buy a new iPhone charging or syncing cord, consider this really cheap 3-pack that is built for durability!


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