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5 Best Lawn Rollers

A Lawn Roller is a machine which makes your lawn look more attractive by leveling the soil and improving the overall look of the lawn. There are several types of rollers including the big rollers, small rollers, automatic rollers, etc. But the most common roller you might come across is the small rollers which you roll forward and backward by your hand in order to level the grass or the soil. Moreover, you can also use the roller in sowing of the seeds. Before sowing the seeds to level the soil, to remove the clod of soil. After sowing the seeds, roller makes sure that the seed is in contact with the ground which speeds up the germination process. Thus lawn roller is a machine which you need if you want to improve your lawn or the fields.


5 Best Lawn Rollers

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Lawn Roller Shopping Guide

Some common features of the Lawn Roller

Lawn roller is a machine made for both maintaining the lawn and to speed up the germination process. The roller component is made up of rustproof metal, plastic or steel. The roller can be opened to add water or other material to add to the weight of the roller. The roller might be manual or automatic depending upon the type of usage. The lawn roller is always used on moist soil rather than wet or heavy soil which decreases the aeration of the soil.

Things to look when buying a Lawn Roller

There are so many choices available when you are considering to buy a lawn roller. Which makes it a difficult choice to make. Following are some of the things to consider when you are buying a Lawn Roller:

  1. Size of the Lawn Roller: Lawn roller are available in different sizes. They are often characterized by the roller size. There are big rollers to cover a bigger area but are heavier than small rollers. While there are small rollers which cover a smaller area. They do not apply the same amount of pressure. Thus when you are going to buy a lawn roller, look for the amount of the aesthetic appeal you need and go for that size of the roller.
  2. Roller Material & Overall Design: Roller material is also one of the deciding factors when you are going to buy a lawn roller. Rollers are often made up of steel, metal or plastic. The material is decided according to the need. A steel roller applies the greatest pressure amongst all due to its weight but is difficult to transport. Whereas plastic roller applies lesser pressure and is easy to transport. But a plastic roller is not as durable as compared to steel or metal roller. Thus look for your usage and then decide which type of lawn roller you need to buy.
  3. Overall Price: Some lawn rollers are expensive than they are worth. They are made up of cheaper, low-quality parts as compared to their prices. Thus do look for the price of lawn roller when buying one.

Do remember that the type of lawn roller you are buying is going to decide the future look of your lawn or the crops. Thus first decide what type of aesthetic look you are looking for, then go for the particular type of lawn roller for your usage.


As stated above, there are many choices available when you are going to buy a lawn roller making it a difficult decision. Following are some common lawn rollers in the market with their brief features:

The Agri-Fab Poly Lawn Roller

Agri-Fab is one of the best lawn rollers if you want to restore your lawn back to original shape after some rain. The roller is made up of polythene which is dust and weather resistant. The roller just weighs about 49 pounds when empty and can store up to 250 pounds of water or other material to apply uniform pressure. Moreover, the roller can be towed to a tractor or can be used manually depending upon the type of usage.


  • The machine is lightweight when empty and can be transferred to places for usage
  • The roller is made up of dust and weather resistant polyethylene which makes it a durable product for the customers


  • The handle for manual usage is not rust proof
  • The instruction manual is difficult to read

The Brinly Combination Lawn Roller

This is a versatile product which can be pushed or towed to a tractor to maneuver in small tight places or open big places. The roller is made up of polythene which is dust and dent resistant. The roller can store up to 270 pounds of water in it to apply uniform pressure. If you are looking to erase the lawn damage due to snow or frost this durable product is the right choice for you.


  • The roller has large storage space thus can apply uniform pressure
  • The roller can be used to maneuver in smaller tighter places as well as big open places


  • The design of the roller is complex and is difficult to assemble and disassemble
  • Due to design constraints, rolling cannot be done against the borders or fence

The Toro Lawn Roller System

If you want quality stripes and patterns, the Toro Lawn Roller system is the product you are looking for. The roller is low weight and only requires about 20 pounds of sand or water to apply pressure. The product allows to mow and to make patterns at the same time. Moreover, the machine is easy to assemble and disassembled due to easy design.


  • The product can be easily used without the baggers attached
  • The product is lightweight and just requires 20 pounds of sand to apply pressure
  • The parts can be easily assembled and disassembled
  • The roller can mow and make patterns at the same time


  • The roller quality is low as compared to the price
  • There is no instruction manual available with the product thus usage for some customers is difficult


Final Thoughts

Having a lawn roller is extremely beneficial if you want to improve the aesthetics of your lawn. But do look for the type of usage and then go for buying the particular type of the lawn roller because it decides the future aesthetics of the lawn.



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